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Margaret M
1 bidrag
nov. 2021 • Familie
Like the previous comments I encountered the same thing today I received another final fine for £100 and I also gave the details to reception re parking
It’s is a sham and to think people will actually pay these fines, this is and must be illegal for this establishment to enforce these!
Not to mention it needs a deep clean!
Will never return!
Skrevet 8. januar 2022
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Swed OBrien
1 bidrag
sep. 2021 • Familie
Staff are nice enough
Prices are extortionate
Cheese toasty with small side salad £5.50
I’m not tight at all but this is easily allowing them to make £5 profit. Was pretty empty, no wonder
Skrevet 5. september 2021
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Moira G
50 bidrag
nov. 2019 • Familie
I visited here today with my 5 year old daughter and her friend, to find out there was a Halloween party. I thought it was fairly priced and the staff had made a super effort with the party. The girls loved the glitter tattoos. The lady dressed in the 80s costume is superb with all the visitors especially the kids. The soft play itself is fantastic. The disco and party games were well organised and everyone looked like they were having fun. The girls had dinner which was lovely as far as kids food goes. We enjoyed a coffee and cake. I really liked it here a warm friendly environment and the place was immaculate they are always cleaning and hoovering.
Skrevet 1. november 2019
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1 bidrag
jun. 2019 • Familie
Hi, I took my little boy to this soft play in June and I was given a parking ticket after putting my car details into the iPad at the reception. I was advised to send the fine to Tracy which I did, but now it’s August I’ve been given a final demand. Tracy is not available until Wednesday this is Saturday and no other management will be in. This is unacceptable and means I would never use this soft play again. I urge others using the car park to be careful as it’s a £100 fine for a visit to a not so great soft play! The staff are very unhelpful.
I will update on Wednesday once I’ve spoken to Tracy....
Skrevet 10. august 2019
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15 bidrag
jun. 2019 • Familie
The place is very dirty!!
dusty!! and sticky. absolutely disgusting
We wont be back.
That place need a good scrub
I am very surprised
Skrevet 6. juni 2019
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Colleen F
2 bidrag
mar. 2019 • Familie

So today Erin was out with her uncle Tony to the rainforest cafe in Motherwell, the soft play area... whilst Erin was in she was pushed down and physically held down by the throat by 4 year old boy in a blue T-shirt, a worker in there witnessed it and took the boy off Erin. Erin then went to Tony, upset and shaken telling Tony someone pushed her and jumped on her. Tony then went to find out what else happened and spoke to the manager at the main entrance, who hadn’t even heard of this incident. After my brother demanding to know what happened as Erin was so upset. Tony asked to see cameras to see what happened. They said the cameras couldn’t see into the trampolines. The manager then sent someone in to see what was happening. Tony said to no point as it’s already happened!! He was then told when the girl who witnessed it came back, the boy had left... well I got the call 30 mins later to inform me and I went over the rainforest cafe... I asked to speak to a manager... the same manager came out NO INCIDENT REPORT WAS LOGGED. I asked what was done, nothing was done, this boy was allowed to continue playing he was in with a party of other kids, his father was there. They never left like Tony was told. The parent of the party was told one of the kids (not told which one) pushed another child and that was it! The party event co-ordinator came out, she only hear of a child being pushed, she was outraged that it wasn’t brought to managers attention as soon as it happened, not when my brother had to approach them! Also outraged at no incident report, nothing recorded... I asked if the cameras covered the area and I was told no. I then asked if they could look and see if they could see the little boy on the cameras to pin point which one (I didn’t want to see who it was I needed to inform the parent of this boy the severity of this incident) I was then told they don’t have access to the cameras (the manager doesn’t have access to the cameras) only the director in his office.

Before people say it says adult supervision at all times, my brother was supervising her, it is when she went on the trampoline he stood up to see her and she was so quick she was beside him.

The fact my brother was lied to telling him the child has left is out of order! The manager only wanted to apologise and tried to appease him by saying “you can Have a refund” a refund!!! He wanted this sorted! We wanted this dealt with! The parent needed to know what his child is capable of!

Rain forest cafe were not taking responsibility for not logging this... “only accidents get recorded” the young girl didn’t even approach the manager until my brother brought this issue to light!

Kids are not taught to do these nasty malicious things...
The manager out right admitted that they neglected this situation and only until I went over did they realise the severity of it! They have a duty of care to the children! My brother done done everything an adult could have..


Any parents in today between 10.30-12 o’clock if you witnessed or heard anything feel free to get in touch!

My daughter is bruised and left shaken because of this
Skrevet 17. mars 2019
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Hamilton, UK219 bidrag
mar. 2019 • Familie
Usually go to other soft plays nearer me however my daughter had been at a party and my granddaughter enjoyed it so as o was babysitting 2 of my other grandchildren we went here . It was after 3 on a Saturday so not the busiest time however we waited around 10 minutes getting in with the reception guy being so slow . They take your registration ( no idea why ) . Hopefully fir sAfety reasons as I have no idea why anyone would want to park here if they were not at the soft play. And this does not help the long queue . No meal deals on a Saturday so it’s quite expensive . The kids love it as you can imagine however as we had planned to have food there I joined the food queue ( twice as long as the entry queue ). Don’t get me wrong the girl serving was going as fast as she could however one person is just not enough .
Get some staff hired . And offer meal deals at the weekend or people ( us) will go elsewhere
Skrevet 10. mars 2019
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3 bidrag
feb. 2019 • Familie
I was at a party yesterday with my 2 kids and my 3 little girl managed to get access to the slide that is designed for bigger children and has been locked off every other time I have been so had no worries of my little girl going up the other slide! But yesterday somehow the slide was accessible. my little girl fell down it and smacked her face. I approached 2 members of staff straight away one In the go karts and the party organiser thinking the managed would come up and speak to me but waited till just before I was leaving and I approached the manager which I think is also owner . regarding what had happened he said to me you should have came for a ice pack for her face or that bruise wouldn’t have happened well I did approach your staff and nothing was offered second of all he then went on to give my little girl a party bag I said no there’s no need his words ( I’m not trying to please you) well I felt my blood boil and had to walk away before I made a show of myself. never once did they mention doing a accident report on her falling and what had happened . Nore did they apologise and take blame for that slide not being checked . I have been here a number of times and never once wrote a bad review but if the staff and management had handled things better I would have wrote a positive review even tho my little girls fave was marked and could have been a lot worse!!!!
Skrevet 3. februar 2019
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1 bidrag
feb. 2019 • Familie
Had a party booked today staff were very helpful but manager was rude and ignorant! The huge slide for 4/5 year olds that is supposed to be padlocked at all times somehow was open and left unsupervised when my little 3 year old cousin fell down the slide which is the biggest in the place very steep, she came of slide with a huge bruise on her cheek! Her mum had to approach the manager for him to offer the we one a party back her mum said no it’s ok and he said ‘it’s not to please you’ how bloody cheeky and ignorant and unprofessional! We one could have broke a bone ! This place do not care about your children’s well-being they care about money only I’m a regular customer for this place but the ignorance of the manager/owner has made me think twice ! Won’t be booking a party here again that’s for sure !!
Skrevet 2. februar 2019
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Marie L
1 bidrag
jul. 2018 • Familie
Asked for two children’s meal deal entry just before half past three and the chap at the door (who it turned out to be was the owner) had a conversation with me about how he would “likely remain open beyond the advertised 5pm closing time on the door because the weather wasn’t as nice as it had been which meant the facility wasn’t as quiet as it had been of late in the sunnier warmer weather”. My grandchildren decided what food and drink they each wanted and I went to the counter and asked for the two kids meal deals only to be told “they don’t do that during the holidays”. When I asked the owner why he hadn’t told me that wasn’t available when I requested that on our entry, he said he had and that I’d “misunderstood”. Given that I’ve just recounted the whole conversation we DID have, I politely advised him that it’s impossible to “misunderstand” a conversation which didn’t take place which was the one where st no point did he say the meal deal entry is requested wasn’t available ! Certainly won’t be back here and will ensure we go back only to rainforest in East Kilbride
Skrevet 23. juli 2018
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