The Showboat Drive-In

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The Showboat Drive-In

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Magnolia, TX7 bidrag
aug. 2021 • Par
The drive in is run down and in need of extensive repair. Water pooled up outside bathrooms. Bathrooms in poor condition. Not sure if leak or septic. Lot full of weeds. Screen 1 is the only working screen. Condition of screen is bad. Film hard to see. No real food just snacks and drinks. Save your money. Very disappointing and sad to see.
Skrevet 28. august 2021
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Calondra B.
Houston, TX558 bidrag
sep. 2020 • Familie
First visit to the drive in. Word of Caution- Get there Early due to long lines. There’s no traffic light at entrance of two lane road. So one direction of traffic has cars driving fast along the shoulder of the road. And we encountered 3 cars of teens that refused to let us merge when we turned in entrance. The teen passengers laughed and looked back as their cohorts sped up on friends’ bumpers. I had no weapon and I was not about to get into any altercations with them.
There definitely needs to be some crew there with flashlights or petition for a traffic signal. It’s really that much congestion.

There are potholes along the dirt driveways in the grassy and muddy lots of two large movie screens. Each screen is coordinated with a posted signs: 2 radio stations which amplify the movie sound in vehicles. Trucks are asked to park in backwards and view from tailgate. No idling of cars and all vehicle lights should be off.
Parking is not pretty but is orderly with ample aisles for cars to leave early. We chose to drive in space normally.

Although we saw folk walking towards the movie concession building, we never got out to see the inside.
We had a cast of wise guys directly behind us who kept turning on their bright lights disturbing us. So, I setup our sun visor over our truck rear window. It does get pretty dark, yet the screen manages to illuminate the area. I cracked the windows enough but still kept my eyes out for any danger. It was a cool night when we visited. I didn’t have any issues. People wore their masks when walking about. This was located off of Hwy290 just pass Fairfield and the Houston Premium Outlets on a very long road with both farms and subdivisions in the area.

I’ll be better prepared on next visit.
Skrevet 22. september 2020
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Houston, TX66 bidrag
aug. 2020
We had a really terrible experience at this place on Saturday.

This place needs to invest in some traffic cones. The way things are, they are NOT customer friendly AT ALL.

Before we arrived, the web site said you had to receive a printed email confirmation so they would let you in. 3 days later we are still waiting for that email to arrive (and yes we checked spam). Problem #1.

The traffic to get in was heavy, and quite a few people were trying to cut the line by turning left (across oncoming traffic). The venue was doing absolutely nothing to control this, which was causing issues on the public roadway. Problem #2.

They also were not paying any attention to bad driving behavior on their private road, which should have been divided into 2 lanes - 1 for each screen. Not listing this as a problem, although resolving that with some signage would alleviate the public road traffic issues mentioned above.

They did let us in based on the printed receipt (so mostly scratch Problem #1). Nobody was directing people where to park, and there were no markers anywhere, so people just parked wherever they wanted. We were TOLD people had to park 6' apart but nobody seemed to be enforcing that. So we thought all was well ... we sat and waited for 45 minutes trying to figure out which station was for which screen.

Then, after dark, about 1 minute before the movie was about to start, we get a knock on the window telling us we have to move because we are not 6' apart. So now, instead of a decent spot we will be relegated to the far edges. NOT GOOD. We protest - a manager comes over and tells us if we don't move he will call the police. We point out that there were at least 5 things they could have done to prevent this problem, and he says "please tell the owner - he does nothing to fix this stuff and leaves it to us 2 guys here." So we ask for a refund, and he says we should email the owner. (They have a no refund policy). Problem #3

We will not return to this theater. Ever. 1 more staff member per screen, actually controlling incoming vehicles; traffic cones, some kind of demarcation lines - any of these would have mitigated the situation. But the owner has chosen to do nothing. So we will choose not to go there again.
Skrevet 1. september 2020
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Mariana Proctor
Alvin, TX1 bidrag
aug. 2020 • Par
In all honesty this place should not be open. We went for the Metallica showing and when we first arrived a black male worker was walking around telling people to put their mask on. Then someone mentioned to him that 'we're outside' and the worker was like "i'm just walking around, i don't mind, its my boss". Towards the end of the show I was jogging to the restroom (so i wouldn't miss anything) and a short asian lady worker was like apparently yelling at me where is my mask?!.. I had forgotten it cause i was in a hurry and she PUT HER ARM OUT AND BLOCKED THE TOILET STALL. I told her that i had forgotten my mask and i apologized and said i just needed to go real fast. Well nope she continued to block the restroom. I came back with a mask and this lady was yelling at people to STAY ON THE GRASS (btw what freakin grass) & DO YOU HAVE A MASK SIR?!?! I felt like she was so cold hearted. I asked her twice for her name and If she worked there (obviously she did) and she told me she didn't have to tell me. I said ok that's fine. My whole point is that this is an outside venue. Masks are not needed, especially since yall were distancing. Which is also BS cause cars were so close to each other. Where was the 6 foot pole?!?! lol. Pleasure pier does not require mask... why is this place? your in your own car! The restrooms are basically outside. I UNDERSTAND we are in covid times - mask are required - but this asian lady worker was going about it wrong and being ugly with a lot of CUSTOMERS. I see these poor ladies on the news when people harass them for not wearing a mask and i truly felt their pain when this lady blocked my stall. WE ARE HUMANS LADY!! Have a heart instead of letting your small power of being a MASK POLICE get to your head. This lady ruined our night and our experience as 1st time customers - driving over an hour to come see Metallica. I'll probably get backlash for this but I could care less. We won't be returning. Ps. They deleted my comment off google.
Skrevet 31. august 2020
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2 bidrag
sep. 2019
This is a great place for a fun, family evening. We took lawn chairs, blankets, and a cooler full of food. Great price for a double feature and an evening with the family. One price per car. Highly recommend it.
Skrevet 2. januar 2020
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Cathy S
Houston, TX37 bidrag
jun. 2019 • Par
First off I want to say that this is a fun place, it brings back memories of my childhood of going to a drive in. The movies are usually pretty much up to date with the releases in the walk in theaters and the pricing is pretty reasonable.

The reason for only 3 stars is for numerous reasons. #1 The parking lot is terrible, needs to be graded, full of potholes, mud and weeds. I happen to have an all wheel drive vehicle that has 18" tires, but if you have a lower profile car navigating the parking lot would be a challenge. #2. The FM radio channel that you are supposed to use to get the sound is very weak, took me about 10 minutes and some very careful tuning to finally find it and even then there was another channel that was having some bleed through. At the intermission between the 2 movies we had a couple move next to us that had been on the perimiter during the first movie, they said they could barely get the audio on the outskirts of the movie parking lot. We were close to the middle in the 2nd row from the screen. #3. The concession stand was pretty bad the night we were there. We waited in line over a half hour, I saw 4 employees doing most of the work at the counters and as we continued to wait in line others were coming out of the "back room" drinking sodas, looking around and generally not doing a whole lot. They totally looked disinterested, and disengaged, and did not help the 4 working at the counter. 1 of them made some popcorn, another came and filled his soda cup and dissapeared, another looked mad when she was finally told to help with the counter sales. They were out of everything, even butter for the popcorn, large tubs for popcorn, hot dogs, nachos, the list of products was extensive. people that were parked around us came back to their vehicles complaining. #4. The buildings themselves are old and rundown and are in need of some renovation and upkeep. With some maintainence and updating this could really be a great place.
Skrevet 28. juni 2019
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Kenneth U
College Station, TX20 bidrag
jun. 2019 • Familie
We Love Showboat Drive In, I bring the family over once a month from College Station. The kids LOVE IT. They have a good snack bar, some of the grounds could be better taken care of but overall its not bad at all. $8 for adults and $6 for kids and you get two movies. Great Way To Enjoy Time As A Family.
Skrevet 28. juni 2019
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Katy, TX2 806 bidrag
jun. 2019 • Familie
This is about 35 minutes from Katy, TX. We went with my 2 granddaughters- one is 10 and the other is 14. They are open everyday during the summer. We went on a Tuesday and gates opened at 7:30pm. We got our place and then picked up food at the concession. First movie started at 9:00 pm. We left after the first movie as it ended around 11:17 and girls were tired. There are 2 screens with 2 feature films. You can only go to one. You hear the movie through your car radio or a better suggestion is to bring a radio if you have one. Adults are $8 and children are $5. We had a great time. Bring mosquito spray just in case.
Skrevet 17. juni 2019
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bryan d
Hockley, TX6 bidrag
nov. 2018 • Par
Had an enjoyable time watching the double feature. Nice snack bar and relaxing atmosphere.Like it alot better when the weather is cool out.
Skrevet 15. januar 2019
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Brenda S
Cypress, TX824 bidrag
mar. 2018 • Par
Enjoyable evening at a unique gem in Houston, but overall the experience could be so much better.

- Great family atmosphere
- Kids can run and play in the grassy area at the front near the screen until the movie starts (get there early if you want to park near the front)
- Only costs $8 per adult to see a double feature
- Food is reasonably priced compared to other movie theaters. To support the drive-in, we did buy two hamburger combo baskets (fries were good, burgers not so much) and candy ($2.50 per box). After you order, you go wait in another line for your number to be called.
- Weather was wonderful — felt good to be outside visiting before the movie started (we were there with a car club)
- It was fun to sit in the car snuggled up with our blankets and pillows
- For better view, you can sit outside with lawn chairs. Looks like most trucks/SUVs park backwards to facilitate this. There is a berm to park on which raises up your car for a better view as well.

Negative -
- Line for food before the movie was long. Turns out that one line was moving really slow (one by the entrance / women’s rest room, and the other two were fast; be sure to monitor the lines and switch if necessary — we should have switched earlier)
- Hamburgers were just OK (after having them once, you probably won’t order them in a future visit)
- Line for the women’s restroom is super long at intermission. There was even an announcement to tell the women to move their line to the back wall as it was snaking around and blocking the lines to order food. The women’s restroom line got even longer when they ran out of toilet paper and one toilet was clogged. They need to check it before intermission and make sure it is overstocked with TP. Heard men’s restroom was even worse — but at least the line was not too long. Tip — hightail it to the women’s restroom as soon as the first movie completes. Either way, be prepared that the restrooms get dirtier as the evening progresses ... so go early!
- Hard to hear the movie with our car radio and distinguish what was being said. When we turned up the volumn we got hissing. This could have been the quality of the car radio (although my car is only 1 year old and is a high end model) but not sure.
- Sitting in the car, the screens were really dark. I open my window and stuck my head out to do a comparison and while the screens were not quite as dark that way, they were still pretty dark. We watched A Wrinkle in Time and Black Panther. Due to the poor sound quality and dark screens, it was hard to follow the movies — and I fell asleep during both of them. I think I prefer the reserved recliner at Cinemark Katy (I never fall asleep there).
- Their website said that gates open at 5pm on Saturday (this was before the time change). However, they did not actually open until 5:30 or so. We arrived at 5:37 and since the gate had already opened, we didn’t have to wait too long to get in (the line splits into 2 and it does not matter which line you are in regarding the two screens) and had no problems getting a parking space near our group. We were concerned that since they do not take reservations that this would be a problem — but no concerns there.
- They took credit cards to get in the gate, but while we were waiting in line to buy food, there was an announcement that they could NOT take credit cards for food due to technical difficulties and could only take cash. Several people got out of line when that was said. So you may want to bring cash just in case. Also, please note that the concession closes after intermission.
- Both times they had to make announcements (for the credit card issue and to tell the women to move), it was not done kindly. It was more of a demand and “too bad” kind of thing. You did not get the feel that they valued their customers.
- Depending on the weather, you may need mosquito spray (we did not see any mosquitos in mid-March). I would definitely not go when it is hot — seems like it would be a really miserable evening.
Skrevet 4. april 2018
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