Chalk Bluff Park-Paddle Boat Rentals

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Chalk Bluff Park-Paddle Boat Rentals

Chalk Bluff Park-Paddle Boat Rentals
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A lot of TLC is needed here.
jul. 2014
Vår familie og venner tilbrakte dagen på kritt bløff, stoler blindt på nettsiden og telekommunikasjon. Trail karusellene var ikke blitt tilbudt under vårt besøk, og svært lite andre aktiviteter var nevnt under vårt kjøp av alle dager. Kjøre mot Båtplass området og severdighetene i hytter og andre bygninger ikke ser godt vedlikeholdt. Elven området var vakker, hvor familier setter opp sitt skygge sengehimmel, og familier nyter den rene og klare vann. Det var ingen piknikbord for besøkende til å bruke nyte mat ut, eller spise ved elva. De fleste familier førte sitt eget utendørs møbler, og bærbar grill. Kajakk utleie var $18 for hele dagen, og slange koster $8 for alle dags leie. Mange familier benyttet til å bringe sitt eget vann leker, (som jeg vil anbefale). På toalettene i midten av parken var mørkt og skittent. boder var mangler toalettpapir, og låser på stall dører, og én var i ustand. Ikke invitere, bare tolerert. Etter en hel dag på elven, vi fant, og forsørget dyrene som var hjerteskjærende. Hestene så tynne, og var det er vanskelig å kjempe mot en mye av fluer. I miniatyr hestene så ut som de faired firkantpuls bedre, men slåss mot hverandre for å få mer mat enn de andre. gjetene, og andre dyr ble oppdaget, men vi gjorde ikke tid til å se dem på nært hold. Familien vår venn med oss er en dude rancher, og var skuffet over synet av hester. Det er åpenbart at kritt Bluff Park ligger i et flott beliggenhet, med potensiale til å bli et fantastisk reisemål. Vedlikehold, og jeg leide tid til å ta vare på de viktige ting ville gjøre underverker for dette området. Ansatte vi møtte var vennlige, og elvene svømmeområde er fantastisk. Dyrene, og bygningene var skuffende.

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cristina y
Oklahoma1 bidrag
jun. 2020 • Familie
It’s a beautiful place .. AT TIMES...
This year the water was super low..
and being there you wouldn’t think there was a problem a major pandemic going on.. These people could care less about a visitors health. It was WAY WAY over crowded you could barely float down the river let alone find a spot to walk out the River because there were people posted litteraly side by side and behind each other. 6 feet apart went to move your tent over Plz your smothering me. The bathrooms are filthy no toilet paper and the showers of plz where your flip flops to rinse off. It’s was really bad this year, so bad that I’m looking for a new spot for my family’ to actually be able to enjoy. And to top it off Jennifer the office lady super super rude for as much as we paid for to stay ther 3 days you would think she would appreciate he customers bettter and with some respect cause if it weren’t for people like us good back to visit every year she be struggling to get visitors... She had the nerve to tell me oh I’m sorry but our rules have changed due to becoming so popular (I guess that meant in price wise and lack of respect). We as visitors helped spread the word SO YOUR WELCOME ungrateful JENNIFER!!!!
All in all I don’t plan on returning I’ll be finding a new cleaner and better spot for my family to camp at Thank you
Skrevet 15. juni 2020
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Irene M
Oklahoma City, OK5 bidrag
aug. 2018
Chalf Bluff was amazing. I will make it a point to go there again. The cabins were great. The only downturn was that the area was in a drought and I was unable to fish; but there is other things that kept me busy.
Skrevet 27. august 2018
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Stephenville, TX21 bidrag
jun. 2017 • Familie
We had a fantastic time during our stay. You want the true story? Here you go.....

We stayed in Bogie & Bacall. It is the standard cinder block cabin that was probably built in the 50's. It is not state of the art or luxurious, but come on - you're technically camping here people - there's just walls, roof, a bathroom and a/c. Once you go in with that mindset and understand what you are getting in to - the rest - you will be fine.

No the beds were not good in our cabins, but it was better than sleeping on the floor or on a cot. The window unit was something to get used to but after being in the river all day you hope to be tired enough to just pass out.

The kitchen was a counter, cabinets, sink, stove/oven that we couldn't figure out how to get the oven lit but used the cook top, full size fridge and that was about it. We were roughing it and it was fine.

The bathroom was a one stall shower, one sink and a toilet. It's not fancy, but it works just fine.

The area around the cabins, well, you are under hundred year old oaks so there is tons of shade, which means no grass, which means there is dirt. You will want to bring a broom, always wear shoes in and outside the cabin and sweep it out daily. There are picnic tables and grills. We enjoyed time outside playing games at the table and eating.

The river. Now this is what you are really here for! I have never in my life ever seen the Nueces river like this. Upstream there are a few natural springs that provide cold water and on a hot day, it's perfect. We took our sun canopy in to the river (don't judge - it was awesome even though it was a little redneck) put our chairs in and enjoyed time in the river. The kids were in eyesight and able to swim around in life jackets - it's not deep (mid calf on an adult), the water is unbelievably clear and the bottom of the river is rocks - wear shoes!!!! The bluff on the other side of the river is quite impressive and provides a great view against the landscape. We took kayaks and were able to go up and down the river in them - now that's fun! There are catfish and bass in the river that will swim right by you. There are giant boulders the kids can jump off's just a good family time playing out in nature like God intended for us to. :-) No electronics were needed or asked for, no was great!

If you are looking for a place out of the ordinary, not fancy, dirt between your toes, family place to hang out for a few days, this part of the river is great! Until next year - we will continue the family annual tradition. :-)
Skrevet 20. mars 2018
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Greg S
San Antonio, TX134 bidrag
jun. 2017 • Par
WOW the views at Park Chalk Bluff are amazing! From the crystal clear water to the huge wall of rock right across the river this place is awesome!!! Best time we have had in a long time! We set up camp as soon as we got there then got a ring of rocks for the fire. Collected branches from around our campsite and had a huge fire. The best part was seeing all the stars at night. Beautiful moment with my wife. I'm sure we will not be forgetting any time soon! The staff is friendly and very informative and they showed us where everything was on the map of the park! We will definitely be back soon. Thank you guys for a great time!!!!
Skrevet 26. juni 2017
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Linthicum Heights, MD28 bidrag
okt. 2016 • Venner
Okay. Reading through the other reviews and I have to say they are a little bit harsh on Chalk Bluff Park. First of all, you are going camping...not to the Wynn in Las Vegas. Expectations for a camping cabin can't be through the roof. Really you should throw down a tent and actually camp, but cabins are available and they are a nice place to relax after a long day of hiking the bluff or playing in the water.

I have been going to Chalk Bluff for over 15 years now and I wouldn't go to any other park in the area for one simple reason - it's privately owned. Unlike the state parks in the area, you can have a lot more fun and not worry about the super strict rules. Yes, Chalk Bluff has rules...but they are lenient and as long as you are clean and respectful, you shouldn't have any problems.

They have a large cabin selection, tons of electrical and water camping sites, and lots of primitive camping sites. We always choose the primitives to get as far away from the crowd as possible. When the nearest campsite is a quarter mile away, you don't have as much concern about following the quiet hours rules as no one will be able to hear you to complain.

The water is absolutely amazing, the bluff is beautiful and the staff as Chalk Bluff is ALWAYS frienldy and accomodating. I personally would highly recommend Chalk Bluff Park over any others parks in the area.
Skrevet 15. mars 2017
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Angleton, TX40 bidrag
sep. 2016 • Par
Oh my gosh! First, let me say the river was nice. That out of the way, I will continue. When I made my reservation I asked if we needed to bring linens and was told no. Thank goodness I Always take my pillows. When we went into our cabin after swimming in the river, the office was closed. There was a plastic bag on one of the beds (3 beds, only one of which we needed). Inside the bag there were 3 filthy fitted sheets and a new roll of tp. The best sheet either had congealed blood or grape jelly on it. It also had a lot of suspicious white spots on it. I spread my towels over the Bed and slept on them. In the meantime, I had placed my open bag of my favorite candy on the table. After dealing with the Bed situation, I went to get a twizzler out of the bag, and some roaches had made themselves at home in candy. I had brought a coffee pot, just in case, thankfully, because the cabin coffee pot was dirty. Then my husband asked me if I had read the notice on the door..nope..The long typewritten note was full of rules about housekeeping, to wit, we were to sweep AND mop that gross, filthy cabin and leave it in as pristine condition as we found it or be charged a cleaning fee in addition to our $140.00 a night we had already paid. I woke my husband up at 2 a.m. and told him I wanted to leave. He agreed. Do not stay in one of those cabins. Tent, sleep on the ground or in your car, BUT STAY OUT OF THE CABINS
Skrevet 1. oktober 2016
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San Antonio, Texas, Usa33 bidrag
aug. 2016 • Familie
First the positives. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful. River is clear and views are beautiful. Plays ape is new. These are the only reasons this isn't a 1 star review.

Now to the cabins. What a disaster. Place was just plain dirty. Check out the curtain pic! It was hot and muggy upon arrival. We turned the window unit on and it became bearable in a couple hours. However the window unit only cooled the main room. The bedroom never cooled off. We moved our mattresses to the kitchen floor. The beds were nasty anyway so it was just as well. Floors weren't cleaned very well anywhere. The shower head faces the curtain. This means you'll basically flood the bathroom every time you shower, even if your curtain rod stays up (ours did not). Be careful because the tile becomes slick as ice (both kids slipped). Also, since the walls are just painted plywood and there is no baseboard, I assure you there's tons of mold in the walls. After paying $150/nt for this pleasure, I was informed that we were responsible for removing sheets, sweeping, mopping, wiping counters, removing trash, etc. No wonder the place is filthy! A broom that's full of dust and bugs moving around dust and bugs only to be mopped by a wet nasty mop with water only. This all being carried out by guests that showed up to a dirty cabin and can't wait to get the heck out! Yikes!

If you're dead set on Chalk Bluff, just rent a tent spot, spend a bunch of money on outdoor comfort gear, and rough it the old fashioned way. You'll be much less disappointed. Heck, you might even enjoy yourself.
Skrevet 28. august 2016
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Wesley L
Santa Fe, TX2 bidrag
jul. 2016 • Familie
July 2016. We have gone there many times in the past but not in the last three years since the ownership change and Wow! has it really gone down hill. They do not enforce any of their rules such as no glass bottles and trash is all over the banks. In the past park personnel would drive around and observe but there is no longer a noticeable presence. We observed people drinking in the river and sinking the beer cans. They allow people to set up shade shelters in the river and leave them overnight. If you go down river in the park area there are dozens of the frames and covers crumpled up in a pile in the river. There are many intoxicated people by mid afternoon and lots of inappropriate language. They allow a few to blast their music over the entire area, overall its no longer very enjoyable. The first thing you notice is the deplorable condition of the road into the park. If you have issues with your cabin like we did (refrigerator not working, Water Heater not working, A/C making a loud noise etc.) good luck trying to call the desk as they told us later "we are just to busy to answer phones". What a shame it has gone down so much. We were there July 5th to the 8th and if it wasn't for the no refund policy we would have left the first day.
Skrevet 9. juli 2016
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Pleasanton, TX286 bidrag
aug. 2015 • Familie
Place has such potential but is far and away the dumpiest most disgusting place I have ever stayed. Cabins should be condemned. I keep my lawnmower in a better building. Rotting wood falling off in some places, no curtains or blinds in some windows, electricity goes out regularly for no apparent reason in a sunny day, just a large hole in the floor of the shower that a kids foot will fit down. Room as a stove but it doesn't work.

They might consider buying a lawn mower or tractor as well, since the grass is knee high everywhere we are supposed to walk. They should also consider a truck load of ant killer as you can't take 2 steps without kicking over a fire ant hill.

It's really unfortunate. I could go on and on but you get the point. River is beautiful, views are nice. Facilities are atrocious.
Skrevet 1. august 2015
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5 bidrag
jul. 2014 • Familie
Went there because all my friends have gone their with their families and enjoyed themselves we had a great time but they need security on the property while in the river some guys threw a bottle into the river and of course it broke the next morning there was a kid inside the office getting his foot looked at because he cut it in the river my daughter had her hand bitten by one of the donkeys and at night the music never stops and there was a fight
Skrevet 21. juni 2015
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