Breaktime Billiards II
Breaktime Billiards II
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Steven S
4 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
nov. 2016 • Familie
We were in town for a funeral and the night after the viewing just wanted something to do. Found this place and played a few games of pool.
Skrevet 14. november 2016
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Front Royal14 bidrag
1,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2016 • Familie
If you're looking for a good experience playing pool, any other pool hall is better.
Breaktime Billiards in Front Royal has very damaged and run down tables. The cushions are akin to an old lumpy mattress. If you want to do a bank shot don't count on having remotely predictable results. Aside from the shoddy condition of the tables they are very closely placed so on a league night or during a tournament you will be withing a foot of the next table while taking a shot, making it quite cramped and not suitable for serious matches when other nearby tables are being used.

The beer selection is limited and priced slightly higher than competing businesses in the area. The food is cheap, prepackaged, frozen then fried or microwaved. Nothing is actually cooked or grilled, and tastes rather repulsive yet the food prices are extremely steep even compared to a sit down restaurant. In fact even the water is gross.

The core of the issue with this place is the underhanded, sheisty practices of the staff. They make it common practice to spring surprise charges on you when you are headed out the door, even if you did not intend to start a tab at all. When I walked in and got balls for a pool table during a time when it was free for APA Players (such as myself), I made sure to ask specifically at the beginning before I started "Pool time is free right?". I was told yes. As I was leaving they stopped me and asked me to pay a $10.75 tab. I had not opened a tab.

At this point they pull an excuse out of their bum in an attempt to pretend that they did not blatantly lie to me at the beginning. They tell me "It's free for you but not your 8 year old daughter". Had they said this at the beginning and not simply said "yes it's free" I might have accepted it, but this change of story was a con and pure thievery.
If you go here, know that it's not enough to be safe and make sure you specify all that you will be charged beforehand because they will just come up with more to charge you with when you try to leave.

You need to expect the con and spell it out for them: "I will not start a tab. I will not pay anything extra that I don't agree upon now." It's really sad that you would need to say this but if you do decide to go here and deal with criminals that is what is necessary to not get shafted.
Skrevet 17. januar 2016
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Breaktime Billiards II (Front Royal, VA) - Anmeldelser - Tripadvisor

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