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Spooling Around

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NY, NY86 bidrag
My husband and I were in Virginia Beach for the holidays and was trying to find a nice indoor mall. Everyone suggested Mc Arthur, so drove there with our grandson, and was very happy to see that it was a nice indoor mall. It was 3 stories and had a lot of stores which I'm used to shopping in. As we started browsing the mall, we came upon Santa Land. It looked beautiful, so we decided to have our grandson take a picture with Santa.
I can truly say that we should have picked up my grandson and walked away the minute he got close to that 'man'. He was very unfriendly and acted as if he was doing us a favor. He did not smile with my grandson or was even the least bit friendly. My grandson is 19 months, and is a very happy, playful and lovable baby, and immediately responds to a smile or any gesture of kindness. I felt like we had just put him on the lap of a strange man on a bus. The whole scenario seemed and felt weird, so I kept my eyes peeled on this 'strange man' dressed in a santa suit. I pointed it out to the staff who was taking the pics and the ones who got the pictures ready. If this Santa was placed at a NYC mall, he probably wouldn't last a day. It just seemed like it was a chore to him. Why was he placed in that job, I have no idea. I still get a cringe when I look at the picture, and feel like I did a disservice to my grandson by placing in the lap of a 'strange person'. My grandson's christmas picture taken with santa in dec 2007, was a happier memory.
A few minutes after we left a few men with women in short black cocktail dresses showed up. They seemed REALLY happy, flirtatious, and boy! you should have seen the smile on Santa's face. He was 'REALLY' happy.
Who is 'THIS' Santa Claus anyway? and who hired him?
Otherwise the mall was great.
Skrevet 11. januar 2009
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