Kendall Katwalk
Kendall Katwalk
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Diane H
Edmonds, WA6 bidrag
sep. 2019
Though some rate the trail as "difficult", and the sign on the trail fork was labeled "most difficult", for these two sixty something hikers, this trail was what we would call moderate, with beautiful forest and vistas the entire way. We saw a bear foraging for berries, picas, mountain vistas, streams. We missed the summer flowers, which we hear are magnificent. The katwalk had beautiful views and was wider than some of the rest of the trail. It is definitely not a trail for children, but anyone else who loves to hike should put this trail on their bucket list! Wear good ankle supporting hiking shoes....there are roots and rocks.
Skrevet 19. oktober 2019
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Kirkland, WA106 bidrag
jul. 2017 • Alene
Kendall Katwalk trail

As only one very small part of the Pacific Crest trail, Kendall Katwalk trail is an astounding, beautiful, and breathtaking journey across just about every natural "feature" one could want in a trail excursion. And while the destination (the "Katwalk") is spectacular, the journey to it is rife with astounding views. Today's visit (7/29/17) was nearly incomparable, my only caveat being that I'd wished to not suffer so much the day after, my feet, knees and lower back all complaining. But worth the price? Yes - FAR worth it.

Arriving at the trail at 8:45, the parking lot was full; get there early, and have a Northwest forest pass, or pay a fee. Fortunately, an adjacent lot just north provided a single spot that I was able to squeeze into. It's a short walk to the trailhead, equipped as most better ones are, with restrooms and an information board. The Forest Service does an incredible job of maintenance on these trails!!

Having traversed the trail, it's easy to "dissect" it into three distinctive sections, across a distance of just over seven miles (one-way), ascending 3,833 feet. The first 3.5 miles are most pleasant, drawing the hiker through thick forest canopy, mostly sheltered from the sun, on a nice gradual climb. This took me two hours. At 3.6 miles, the trail "splits", and can be deceiving; as you exit the woods and come out into the open, you can climb some rocks in front of you, and continue on, or go to the right, which remains a nice dirt path. GO RIGHT - which is the correct path to the Katwalk.

Shortly after the split, you again enter the woods into what I refer to as the "second section", also covered in canopy. Here, you will encounter steeper, smooth switchbacks that curve their way through the forest. The trail itself is relatively smooth, though there are several outcroppings of roots and rocks along the way. The most interesting part of this area is being able to look up at the trail and see people well above you on the switchbacks, knowing that you have to make it up there, too! After two miles of uphill climb, you break out into the open, onto a massive rock bed.

On this particular day, with bright sun in the sky, I saw some people up ahead looking towards the hill. There, perched atop a rock about twenty feet above, was a large marmot, casually watching the hikers below. It was my first "encounter" of one of these animals, just another discovery in a series of adventures. More importantly, I was in the third and final section, having only about 1.5 miles to go.

But here, the real magic begins. Turning to look towards the southeast, the horizon was graced with the massive beauty of a snow-covered Mount Rainier! What a lovely surprise, and an incredible backdrop for photographs. It was both an unexpected and wonderful delight, obviously a highlight of the trail, as many folks were stopped in this area, looking beyond.

With interstate 90 appearing as a narrow ribbon in the valley below, the height of the climb became obvious! After a short break, and a snack, I trudged forward, as the path led around open curves, and beautiful vistas of the valley and ridges that surrounded the path. Wildflowers abounded, in all shades.

There is a point where the path no longer parallels the valley, but turns and takes you to the other side of the mountain, onto new ridges and overlooks. There are a number of places to stop and take photos, with sharp, stony ridges and even remnants of snow, lingering here late in July. It seemed like I would never reach the Katwalk, though I was told by several hikers that I was "getting close".

A few more twists, turns, a flattening of the trail, some shaded spots, and there it was! The Katwalk, so named because of the sheer drop on one side, and a cut rock face to the other, is a short (40-50 feet) expanse. Fear not, however; it's about eight to nine feet wide, which exits onto more pathway that leads you farther into the wilderness, and as I'm told, to some alpine lakes beyond.

But here my journey ended, a four hour trek, as I stopped to rest and have lunch. As I sat and pulled out my sandwich, birds took a sudden interest; these are the infamous "Grey Jays", or more appropriate "camp robbers", known for their tendency to readily walk off with edible items whenever they surround a camp site.

As I sat and ate, I pulled bits of bread from my sandwich, and tossed them away, with the birds swooping down on them. I then held a piece in my fingers to see what would happen; one of the birds immediately flew onto my hand, grabbed the food, sat for a few seconds, and then flew away. What a great experience!!

The trek back in the warmer mid afternoon sun took two hours and fifty minutes, with the total trek adding up to nearly 7.5 hours. Of all the trails I've encountered to date, the majority having waterfall or lake destinations, this one was the longest (14.5 miles round trip), offered the best changes in terrain, and had the most outstanding vista views by far.

If you get the chance to visit the Pacific Crest Trail, this section is a most worthwhile choice. Enjoy!!

Skrevet 4. august 2017
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Loren G
Victoria, Canada35 bidrag
jul. 2017 • Venner
A moderate to difficult hike and some of the trail was very narrow though much wider at the Katwalk than I thought it would be judging by pictures I saw previous to the hike. to the Katwalk The amazing views made it so worth while enduring the climb to the top! Take lots of water, you will need it!!
Skrevet 31. juli 2017
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Marco W
Seattle, WA1 724 bidrag
jul. 2017 • Familie
If you enjoy hiking, this is certainly one you should put on your list.

It is a 12 mile round trip hike with 2600 feet of elevation gain but no special equipment is required if you go after the snow has melted. This is a section of the Pacific Crest Trail so you will find everything from day hikers to people backpacking end to end on the trail. In fact, if you are ambitious, there is no need to stop at Kendall Katwalk and you can continue onward to Canada:-) We hiked up in 3 hours and down in 2 with a few stops for pictures.

You will need a permit if you plan on camping overnight and they are difficult to get due to forest service limits on the number of people camping in the Alpine wilderness.

In July, there are many wildflowers which makes this a particularly pretty hike. There are also great views of Mount Rainier in the distance as you ascend in elevation.

To get there, take the Snoqualmie West exit off I90 and head North where there is a large parking lot and a dry toilet. No water is available at the trailhead. There is no public transportation to get there from Seattle area. There are no services in the immediate area although there is a gas station, brewery and restaurant a bit over a mile away at the base of the Snoqualmie ski area.

Check the Washington Trails Organization or the forest service website for the latest trail reports , trail conditions and specific details. In general, this is not a hike for most people once the snow starts to fall. It isn't a hike for strollers or people needing assistance walking on irregular surfaces.

If you're going in the hot summer months, make sure to bring sunscreen and plenty of water. This is a popular hike so get there early or you might be walking with quite a few other folks.
Skrevet 28. juli 2017
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