Olomana Three Peaks Trail
Olomana Three Peaks Trail
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4,5 av 5 bobler138 anmeldelser
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Nikko Gandia
Monterey, CA316 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
sep. 2022
I hiked this & many other trails on 09/12 during my first visit to Hawai'i & posted a vlog! Search "Nikko Gandia Travels" on YT. Prepare for rock scrambles towards the latter half of the hike to the 1st peak. There are ropes, if needed, on certain sections. I'm not a mountain climber but did not need to use these ropes. If you need visuals for these climbing sections, they're in my vlog. ;) This trail is challenging in a fun way, I can't wait to go back and hike the other 2 peaks. Great views of east O'ahu and the Ko'olau ridge at the summit.
Skrevet 18. mars 2023
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Allendale, MI16 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2023
Advice on parking and safety for the trail (read other reviews about the beauty).

PARKING: Park next to the bus stop shelters on Auloa Rd. before the street turns into Loop Rd. It's 0.8 mile walk from the bust stop on Auloa Rd. just south of H-61. You'll pass the golf course guard station. Park off the paved shoulder. About 3 cars fit where we parked.

TIMING: We arrived @ 9am on a Friday with a slight chance of rain. Parked without an issue. We passed about 10 people coming back (as we ascended), but passed 20+ on the descent. Honestly not as busy as I expected.

CLIMBING: Make sure you're comfortable climbing! I suspect people get hurt/in trouble when they climb past their limits or go to fast. Stay in control. A few reminders:
1) Hike with someone for safety.
2) Come prepared: boots, water, first aid kit, bug spray/nets
3) Smart bouldering/climbing: 3 points of contact with the rock face or rope at all times.
4) On the steep descents--face the rock; don't face out. Facing the rock will allow your body weight to be more stacked over your hips and feet to prevent slipping (leverage the dexterity of your toes and the full foot tread of your boots). Use your hiking buddy to spot your footing coming down.
5) If you wear gloves--make sure they fit (gloves with wrist wraps ideal). Gloves may provide better grip and save your skin, but there can be less friction between your sweaty hand and the glove interior than there is between the glove and rope.

WEATHER: It sprinkled (very light) when we went up and it didn't cause much issue. BUT, there are deep ruts in the trail where you can see water will rush down. The red dirt is hard as rock, so water sits on top causing a slick surface versus a muddy one. We don't have a first-hand account of this, but we heard it's a $4000 helicopter ride to be saved from the top.
Skrevet 3. februar 2023
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San Jose, CA32 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
okt. 2022
Very challenging hike. In many places, you will be using ropes to climb. It is doable. We climbed part of the 2nd peak. One of the best views!!
Skrevet 12. november 2022
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania20 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2022
My wife and I are 63. We did all 3 peaks and we loved it! But we should say we have a lot of wilderness mountaineering experience and it only rained a little on our day; the orange Hawaii mud can be very treacherous when wet. The parking situation is maybe the scariest part for noobs. Old posts say to park on the road to the golf club, but those spaces are all illegal now. Instead, you go to the nearby bus stop around the corner to the left. And then there is another trick: the local law counts the shoulder of the country road as a "sidewalk" and will ticket you if your wheel barely touches it (with no warning signs!), so get all the way off onto the crushed gravel. LOL. There is some steep rock climbing with fixed ropes to the first peak, but no big deal if you are not in a hurry. The back of the first peak has a very steep section and when we were there the fixed rope was very abraded and questionable, so we didn't use it. While we were going up the second peak we heard somebody yelp when that fixed rope snapped for them, and they didn't go any farther. I think we were one of two groups who did the whole trail that day. Most stop at the first peak, which makes sense because the crux is going down the other side of the first peak. Anyway, doing the whole thing really made our visit to Oahu.
Skrevet 21. oktober 2022
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Andres C
Newington, CT550 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
sep. 2022 • Par
First, it’s important to note that this review is specifically for the a hike to the first peak. Some things I mention will likely be important to you whether you go past the first peak or not.

Parking: Arrive early because parking for this trail is extremely limited. Do not, I repeat, do not park on the road leading up to the trail or even before the bridge. Some of these spots used to be acceptable parking, but there are signs prohibiting parking here and other parts are property of the golf course and you will be towed. We parked on Auloa Rd across from the bus stop. Make sure you pull completely into the dirt/gravel. There’s a “sidewalk” that is asphalt and a little deteriorated in some parts so it’s hard to make out the difference. You cannot park on it though, not even a little. You will get a ticket or towed. You’ll then need to walk about .5 miles to the trailhead from there.

Difficulty: It was about 6/10 for the most part, but what’s required to summit the first peak brought it up to an 8/10. I will NOT agree with others saying “it’s completely doable”. Sure, anything is, but I’m also aware hiking is an activity taken up by many people, of many ages, and different abilities. You’ll need to do some scaling to summit. It requires upper body strength, good balance, and some experience. With that said, if you’re in it for the thrill of the hike, I think you can still do the hike and trust your instincts when it comes to getting to the summit. If you have any doubts, don’t do it. The hike leading up to this portion will provide nice views and a great workout so you won’t feel the least bit bad to err on the side of caution.

Views: You’ll see plenty of views during the hike. The best view from the summit can actually be seen from a second location below as well. However, you won’t get a good vantage point of the other two peaks without summeting.

Time: The round trip can take 90 minutes to 3 hours in my opinion. It really depends on how often you stop for breaks and pictures.

Overall: Great hike and challenging. It was fun to take on some challenges I’ve never encountered before.
Skrevet 2. oktober 2022
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Uncommon Pairings
Dallas, TX78 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2022 • Par
I did this trail twice in 1980 as an 11yr old. Once with a friend and his dad, then I took my dad back a month or so later. We moved back to the mainland a few months later and this was my 1st time back to Hawai'i.

A lot has changed in 40yrs, including the golf course that houses the trailhead and forces you to park on a neighborhood street and walk 3/4ths of a mile to get to it. (Also, the reviews are correct, make sure you park way off the road! If you block any of the psuedo-sidewalk there, you will get a ticket!) I saw 4 cars with tickets on the windshields. Luckily, I read the reviews! 😉

While I probably wouldn't take my late elementary school aged kid up this trail now (it's a wonder us 70s kids survived childhood by today's standards...but we sure had fun!) it is actually a safer hike now as 40+yrs of tree and plant growth has covered much the exposed ridges and made more of a natural "safety net". But please dont misread this. The ridge is still pretty exposed and hazardous, if you do not respect it.

I was very excited to bring my wife back here to take this hike. I have been telling her about it for almost 30yrs! But after reading the reviews, we almost cancelled the hike. Maybe my 40yr memories were glorifying and forgetting the danger. (The hike did, in retrospect, scare my dad pretty bad.)

But we are so glad we didn't cancel! My wife and I, now in our 50s and way out of shape even by our standards, made the hike and we loved it. The rock scrambles, with and without ropes were challenging but fun. My wife did have to stop at the last rope climb (about 50 yards and ond pretty harrowing non-roped rock scramble from the summit.) There was a large step that her 4'11 frame just could not negotiate, even with the ropes. But she encouraged me to finish.

So I walked along the upper exposed ridge (now less exposed) and climbed the last 12ft or so up the rock face to the summit. And oh my! The views are spectacular! Just how I remembered! So worth the sore, aged muscles I have now.

All that said, this is a VERY CHALLENGING trail! And there definitely is some real danger involved. But it is doable. As long as you respect the danger and your limits. When faced with a dangerous situation, there is a fine line between bravery and stupidity. It is different for everyone based on there experiences but know where that line is for yourself. My wife did and she stopped at the last rope climb. I am glad she did.

I definitely suggest good hiking boots due to the muddiness in the 1st half and the rock climbs and scrambles on the second half. But I saw several people summit in sneakers. I read some reviews suggesting micro-spikes. That may be overkill. If you have them, bring them, but don't go buy a set for this hike.
Skrevet 29. januar 2022
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Los Angeles, CA2 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
feb. 2021
Here's the deal - this hike is extremely dangerous. You're risking your life to get a photo on top of the first peak. Past that it get's even riskier.

I read all of the reviews before my wife and I hiked it, and came to the faulty conclusion that all of the extreme danger came into play if you went past the first peak and attempted the second and third peaks. That is false. There is a section where you risk your life to make it to the top of the first peak.

It is a cool hike, and you get a great workout because it's all uphill. But you end up having to make a ridiculous choice at the end of the hike.

There are four or five roped sections because the incline is so steep - nearly vertical in some places. If you fall on one of these sections, there's a high probability that you'll break a bone. Of course, if you hit your head, it could be fatal. That's pretty bad, but just wait...

The most dangerous section is at the very, very end. When you're about 20 to 30 feet from the top of the first peak, you have to climb a giant rock section to summit in order to get your picture. It's nearly vertical, and if you would slip and fall, you will die. There is no rope, and the fall is hundreds of feet down. You're on the knife-edge of the ridge, and you have to do short section of straight-up free climbing. It's ridiculously dangerous.

Of course, you'll want to risk it to get your picture since you hiked for hours to get there, and you're just about there. And you've seen all of the pics online of the folks who have summited. And you can't get the view and picture from the spot you're in. Maybe there's even some folks coming down from the peak - they did it, so why can't you?

So we scaled that section to get the picture, but the whole time I knew that it was stupid and risky. Coming down from the peak is even worse because you can clearly see that you will absolutely die if you slip even once. Your nervousness does not help.

Then coming down the roped sections becomes worse too because you can see that you'll break a limb or crack your head open if you fall.

The fact that so many people summit the first peak without fatal consequences must show that when your life is on the line, you will tend to rise to the challenge out of an instinctive will to live. But why take that chance for a picture?

But make no mistake, you are risking your life and the lives of your family/friends/partner/etc.,... if you do this hike. That last pitch to the first peak should technically only be attempted with a harness, ropes, and a belay partner. It's true rock-climbing with deadly consequences.

Obviously, we made it back o.k but I told myself that I'd write a review to warn others that you do indeed have to risk your life to summit the first peak. It's just stupid.

Attempting the second and third peaks is even more dangerous.

Google Olomana Trail/Olomana Mountain to read all of the stories of people losing their lives or having to be rescued with helicopters.

There are other hikes on Oahu that give you spectacular views of the ocean from up high. Even though it's also an intense workout to get to the top of the other hikes, you don't have to risk death to get the picture and have a great day. I would recommend choosing one of the pillbox hikes instead. We did those too, and I think that the pictures are even better.

(I rated this hike with five stars in the hope that more people would read it).
Skrevet 26. februar 2021
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Honolulu, HI13 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
aug. 2020 • Alene
If you are a healthy, strong, and somewhat smart person, this trail is highly recommended. Hiking to the first peak is definitely fun, but not for everyone, the peaks get harder and harder to ascend and more and more risky. But as an 18 year old with no fear, that was the best hike of my life, at the top of the 3rd peak you will feel like a king. Be safe.
Skrevet 10. august 2020
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Oahu, HI6 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
apr. 2020 • Venner
This was by far the most challenging...yet rewarding hike I’ve ever done. Plenty of rocks to climb, ropes to ascend and descend, but the views are absolutely priceless. I’d suggest bringing gloves if you have em, spikes help for the descend.
Skrevet 6. april 2020
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Boston, MA8 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
feb. 2020
I went on this hike somewhat reluctantly after reading the reviews, but I'm glad I did. We only went to the first peak, which took us about 4 hours (including the 0.75 mile walk to & from the car). The trail entrance is on a private road leading to a golf course, but we parked near the bus stop on the main road and walked from there. Note: we got a ticket for not leaving 3 feet of "sidewalk" aka road shoulder to the side of our car, so don't make that mistake. It starts out muddy (hadn't rained in at least 2 days prior to our hike, and it was still really muddy), and then dries out and gets pretty steep. There are multiple areas where you have to climb up 8-10 feet rock walls, and there are ropes to help you. The final rock wall right before the summit is about 12 feet high. If you have zero experience rock climbing (I have minimal experience but have been to climbing gyms several times before), this hike will be tricky and potentially dangerous. If you have microspikes, bring them! They would have made the trek back down much easier. However, the terrain, elevation, and panoramic views of Oahu make this a unique and rewarding experience that I'm glad I was talked into doing.
Skrevet 20. februar 2020
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