Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park anmeldelser, Luray

Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park
Spillehaller og underholdningssentre • Minigolf • Strand- og bassengklubber

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Rising Sun, MD1 bidrag
Trash everywhere
jun. 2021 • Familie
Very dirty campground with trash left in many firepits along with dozens (maybe 100s) of slushy cups disgarded throughout the facility. Staff is rude and non responsive. Pool has no life guards and staff monitoring that area spent much of thier time texting. There seemed to be general dicord in the entire staff likely caused by the poor management of the facility as a whole. There were absolutely no COVID precautions or cleaning performed as stated on thier website.
Skrevet 22. juni 2021
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Virginia Beach, VA4 bidrag
Pretty view but too many disappointments
sep. 2020
This was our second trip here in the past couple of months. Our first trip was to tent camp. That was fine (although we did pay for a deluxe campsite but there was no water on our site). This time we did the Skyline cabin stay. The location was very pretty and we had really nice "neighbors" on all sides. The beds were actually super comfortable which was a nice surprise. Check in was long probably because it was Labor Day weekend. That is to be expected. We had enough amenities in the cabin to function. Now the negatives: The cabin smelled like mildew. It smacked us right in the face when we walked in. Literally everything that was paper or fabric was soaking wet within an hour of being in the cabin. We tried opening a window but that did no good at all. It make it really uncomfortable to sleep with everything feeling "wet". Clothes that we left out of suitcases overnight were damp in the morning. Never experienced anything like that before. There was no bathmat for the shower so we had to buy one at Walmart. The firewood that you had to use (had to buy from them) was wet. All it did was smoke. We were not told about the popularity of golf carts being rented out. Had we known we would have reserved one when we booked our reservation over the phone. That was never even mentioned to us. We checked multiple times to see if we could get one knowing people had turned them in or left early and they still claimed they didn't have any to rent. We were not aware that the waterslides had to be reserved just like the pool. That was never specified anywhere. In turn I had a very disappointed daughter that had to wait until early in the morning to use the slides when of course nobody wants those times and the water was freezing. Had we known we would have reserved well before getting up there. Finally we had no idea what to do when it was time to check out and the office was closed. We had a key to turn in but nobody to turn it in to.
I hate posting negatives but just want others to be aware of our experience. It's a really nice property and very pretty but we had more than enough disappointments. Having to wash literally everything in our suitcases even clothes we didn't wear because it smelled so bad did not make me happy. I would probably stick with tent camping at this location.
Skrevet 9. september 2020
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Ana R
Washington DC, DC127 bidrag
Camping to enjoy the outdoors
aug. 2020 • Venner
I am a rookie camper, but I know a thing or two about what to expect. We had a deluxe camp site witch included electric outlet,water pump you just need a water hose. The whole idea is to experience the outdoors. The setup was nice they have a store where you can buy little things. Don't buy the fire wood from them it's a waste of money it doesn't lite up.. Buy it at Walmart 7 minutes away. They have 2hrs time blocks for the pool due to covid. They don't have any safety precautions to prevent covid-19. The ladies restroom should be cleaned more often. Sadly the showers are next to the toilets and the bathroom stinks. It gets cleaned twice but its not enough based on the amount of guests they have. I think they charge too much the site is over $250 for the weekend and the golf cart is $100 a day. Especially when you can't enjoy all the amenities.😕 quiet time is from 11-8 so don't think about making noise after that time.
Skrevet 24. august 2020
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Joan J
49 bidrag
Nice Campsite
aug. 2020
We stayed at Jellystone Luray the mountain view sites. The view offered a nice view of the mountain. There were a lot of activities to do at the camp site. We enjoyed candy bar bingo. The pools were open with 2 hour time slots, due to Covid. The water slides were not open. But our girls enjoyed the jumping pillow. Their swings are study enough for older ages to enjoy the swings, and merry fo round. The people at check in were friendly, as well as the workers int he store. You have to buy fire wood from there, you can not use your own. But over all it was a fun time. On a down side we had no internet service, which can present a problem when strying to sign up for pool times. We als o enjoyed the ice cream shop, but because of Covid you have to place your order at the window, and they bring it out. The bathrooms could have been cleaner, and so could the laundry area. But we enjoyed it and would go again after Covid restrictions.
Skrevet 10. august 2020
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1 bidrag
Very little heat in cabins
nov. 2019
We paid $521.66 for two nights in what they call Cozy Cabin which is the smallest cabin available on November 1-2, 2019. It was a very cold weekend and the small heater in the cabin was not sufficient enough to heat the cabin. I complained to the front desk and was told that a additional space heater would be delivered to our cabin so we could have at least one comfortable night on the second night. I check back three times during the day and they kept telling me that it would be delivered. It never happened and I am convinced that they had no intentions of supplying the additional heater. I got no apology when I checked out and no reimbursement of any the $521.66. What a rip off. I was told that I would receive a call from the manager before 5:00 PM on the day I checked out. That never happened either. This outfit is only interested in the money and has no customer service skills. They don't care anything about your stay and experience they only care about their bottom line.
Skrevet 6. november 2019
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home19 bidrag
sep. 2019 • Familie
Park is great except for restroom/showers. Dirty and not enough of them. Lots for everyone of all ages to do.
Skrevet 19. september 2019
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5 bidrag
Not worth the waterslides
jul. 2019 • Familie
Stayed for 8 nights mid July 2019. Stayed at a premium tent site We were handed a park guide with events. I asked about the Sunday pancake all you can eat breakfast and was told they don’t do that anymore due to lack of interest from campers. Also in the guide was a helicopter marshmallow drop (supposed to be snow for Xmas In July) was told that there are things in the guide they don’t have. (Just Like the advertised petting zoo). The tree and surrounding ground at the site was infested in carpenter ants. Had to buy ant killer to alleviate problem. Camping store constantly running out of milk ice and orange juice. Bathroom - 1st shower is handicapped accessible. 2nd shower handle completely broken off could not use. 3rd shower entire fixture was hanging off the wall. There were flies everywhere. Tried calling desk to report issues, no answer. Laundry- takes quarters but has no change machine. Have to walk to camp store to get change asked why there wasn’t change machine girl said “I know it’s annoying I have to give change”. Mini golf- nice but they didn’t have the water feature on the water was sitting stagnant and brown. Lots of gnats. Quiet time was supposed to be 11pm-7am site next to ours had dog barking all night they partied and played loud music. Called front desk no answer. The waterslides were fantastic. The pools however were dirty and extremely sandy. Nathan’s famous was great food for a reasonable price.
Skrevet 30. juli 2019
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John T
Washington DC, DC79 bidrag
Wow, unimpressed
jul. 2019 • Familie
$960 for 3 days in the smelliest, mustiest dampest cabin you can find in Shenandoah. After checking in and realizing there is a drainage issue below our cabin we contacted the front office who said they can’t help. After a night of sleeping with our blankets over our faces and lighting candles due to smell we called again, they can’t help nor can we change cabins. There are empty cabins across the trail in front of us. Also the cabin was supposed to sleep 6, which it does not and they really aren’t interested in having that conversation either. The cabin looks to have had such a floor rot problem they’ve rearranged the floor plan to build around it. It seems they will change your accommodations whenever they see fit without letting you know and have minimal
concern over your health or the quality of your stay. We came with a group of families, have shared our details here and let them view and smell our accommodations and we are not being extreme with our expectations. We will not be returning.
Skrevet 5. juli 2019
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Angel C
Stafford, VA7 bidrag
Best Summer Retreat
aug. 2018 • Familie
Stay her quite frequently. Staff is great, water park has been updated and is great. Ice cream parlor is a most.
Skrevet 15. januar 2019
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William J
2 bidrag
Staff is lacking
aug. 2018 • Familie
We paid for a premium site (#184). The picnic table was broken. It had 2 carriage bolts sticking up through the seat so that one would be sitting on raised bolt heads. Not comfortable! It took three tries (two of asking the maintenance staff ridding around and a visit to the front desk to get this minor issue resolved). Why would it take this much effort (on our park) to get this fixed? Second issue: water pressure at the camp site. We arrived about mid-day on Thursday. The pressure was great, (no issues with taking a shower or flushing the toilet). About 8:30 AM on Saturday the pressure dropped to nearly nothing. No showers and could barely flush the toilet. We called the front desk to ask for help. They reported that they would inform the maintenance staff to fix this. We are still waiting. (they never showed up). I would guess that the maintenance staff is either under staffed, incompetent, or not managed correctly. If you stay here beware that if you have any sort of issue with the campsite you most likely won't get any help.
Skrevet 15. august 2018
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