Honey Bee Haven

Honey Bee Haven anmeldelser, Samlesbury

Honey Bee Haven
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York, UK9 bidrag
des. 2016 • Forretning
We combined a trip to the Honey Bee Centre with Samlesbury Hall and glad we did. Fascinating, knowledgable guides with a clear passion for their subject. A definite must, well worth chatting and learning in a friendly environment. A lovely gift shop range too, something for everyone! Thanks for a great visit!!
Skrevet 15. desember 2016
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Accrington, UK949 bidrag
sep. 2015 • Par
We had been visiting Samlesbury Hall and were about to drive home when we spotted the Bee and Heritage centre. Although it was open, it wasn't yet up and running fully (this was August 2015), but we were welcomed by the beekeeper, Damien, who happily chatted away to us about the black bees and how to create a bee friendly environment.

He invited us back the following weekend for a hive inspection, which we were thrilled to get the chance to do.

The following weekend, the Hall was closed to the public for a wedding, but we were able to meet with Damien at the centre, where he briefed us on health and safety rules, before getting us out suits.

Once suited up, we left the centre and ventured outside to the hives.

The suits offer great protection and we were never worried about the possibility of being stung, especially after Damien checked and double checked we were all zipped up. Although a few bees landed on us, they just had a wander and then decided we weren't very interesting and flew away!

All the while, Damien explained to us about the different parts of the hive; the feeders at the top, the supers underneath and showed us the frames and how the bees build the honeycombs onto them.

The volume of bees in the hive was astounding; we were amazed to see how many were in each hive. We learned the difference between workers and drones, males and females. Although we didn't see a Queen, we knew she was there as Damien pointed out the larvae that had been laid in the combs.

The bees at the Centre are Cumbrian and Lancashire black bees (rather than the stripy yellow and black bees we are used to seeing in our garden; we learned that these are Italian bees), and just like the local, they are really friendly.

Since our visit, hive openings are held regularly at a cost of £18.50 per adult and £9 for children. Advance booking is recommended, either via the Honeybee haven Facebook page or their website www.honeybeehaven.co.uk.

For those who are wary about bees, this is a must do experience, as you quickly realise they're not at all interested in people, they're far too busy working.

Sure, they buzzed a little when the hive was opened and the frames were disturbed, but it was a gentle buzz, rather than an angry one.
You can be as involved as you wish, depending on how confident you feel with the bees. Damien's happy to handle the frames while you watch, or he will give you the opportunity to hold a frame full of bees too.

If you really don't fancy getting that close to the bees, there is a viewing gallery inside the Centre (fully sealed from bees) and a camera in one of the hives so you can see them from a safe distance.

Personally, I'd recommend getting in there as it's an almost zen-like experience; it's strangely relaxing and therapeutic watching and listening to the bees.

Our visit inspired us to be more bee friendly in our garden and we've planted a few things based on Damien's suggestions to attract more bees to our garden. Since doing this last summer, we now have a hive of bees living in a hole in the wall!

There are forthcoming events planned, for adults and kids alike, so it's worth checking the website for updates. Better still, why not sign up for the newsletter?

In summary, miss it.......miss out!
Skrevet 22. august 2016
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Accrington, UK29 bidrag
jun. 2016 • Par
Had the most amazing afternoon here. Was a great educational visit and Damien was the perfect host. The opening of the hives is a great thing to see. We got kitted out in the supplied bee keeping suits and headed outside. It was an incredible sight as the hive was opened. Damien was very enthusiastic and answered my many questions.

Honey Bee Haven is situated in the grounds of Salmesbury Hall so there's other things to see and do whilst you're there, including a great restaurant & a wafflery (which even serves my fav bubble gum ice cream). Great day out.
Skrevet 21. august 2016
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og ikke fra TripAdvisor LLC.
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