Kashmir Valley
Kashmir Valley
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4,0 av 5 bobler135 anmeldelser
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Pravin M
1 bidrag
1,0 av 5 bobler
apr. 2024 • Familie
A horse Ride is very dangerous who is going First Time, Generally, if you are with Children Plz avoid it—every day Many accidents seen which comes with serious injury. helper also doesn't guide you properly they are just in a hurry to finish your ride.
Skrevet 9. april 2024
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5,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2024 • Venner
I and my friends travelled Kashmir in month of January, 2024. My experience was really really good, and even better because of assigned team captains.

Huge shoutout to captains who were the highlight of the entire trip;
Faisal : Thank you for the good playlist, I never bored because of you🤭. Your beautiful poems and shayaris/sher added more stars in late night born fire sessions. I never felt we were meeting for the first time.

Aditya : Thank you for updating/ letting us know about meal plans on WhatsApp group. Aditya helped us for selecting local food in a restaurant. Thank you for keeping our spirits high all the times, vibing with us.

I will highly recommend WanderOn for your next all upcoming trips.
Skrevet 12. januar 2024
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5,0 av 5 bobler
des. 2023 • Familie
Excellent beetab valley . But No flower has beeb showing in December .Gulmarg is best time to visit in December for snow. Presently no snow pahalgam.
Skrevet 19. desember 2023
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Debashis T
Dehradun, India2 299 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
nov. 2022 • Familie
My total itinerary is for 7 nights which I felt is longer.Our driver also told the same, but as I was guided by some friends so I had planned for the same. I had stayed at Hotel Akbar near Dal Lake. (Advise to not stay there, read detail in my review on Hotel Akbar). The owner had arranged my stay and travel as per my itinerary.First night we spent in their houseboat. If you ignore hygienic part and experience of staying n houseboat then spending 1 night is enough there.But do’t stay there in summer as there is no AC in the houseboats. Also advisable to stay 1st night in houseboat as there are no locker or almirah in the boat.So you may have less luggage and it is safe. Next day we went to Pahalgam, on the way visited avantipura and one apple orchard. We reached around 12 noon and rest of the day there. Here you do this in one day if you don’t go in any pony ride and visit only betaab valley and chandnwari as the other places there are not worth visiting.People do the pony ride in one half and tour to 3-4 places on next day.On third day we went to Gulmarg, which require one full day.Next day Srinager local sight seeing.Here also you can do this in half day if you start early and visit the major 2 garden and utmost Chesmashahi.Next day we went to Sonamarg which is also an one day affair.On last day we do shikara ride which we enjoyed the most and we may do it more than once.Second half we do some shopping and return next day.
All this you can do in minimum 4 days
1st day arrival, do shikara ride if time permits. Next day Gulmarg(you can skip it if there are no snow),next day Pahalgam,next day Sonamarg, last day Srinagar local and return by evening.
Why I wrote the subject line as tour without pony ride, because I heard from my friends that maximum bargaining is done there.They may quote the price 3-4 times higher than actual.So even if you hard bargain and able to down at 50% of quoted price then also they are in more profit.Add to that it is time consuming (in that time you may visit some more place by cab), and your body is also pain(back pain) by riding long hours in pony in rough and stiff roads. Everybody is expecting a huge tip from you after looting you to maximum.
Skrevet 29. oktober 2023
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Brinda F
Pune, India2 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
aug. 2022
Hello, so I visited Kashmir just went we were coming out of Covid situation.

Our first halt was Srinagar, and we stayed in the house boat, which was not such a good experience, in the sense the bathroom had water leakage, but otherwise no complaints.
Our second stop was Gulmarg.
Gulmarg is an experience to be lived...the road trip to Gulmarg was heavenly, small quite town and it has its own beauty.
We enjoyed our Gandola ride, snow sports, Skiing, sledding, infact I wish I could have stayed there an extra day.
Our next stop was Pahalgam, we had a very short stay of 2 nights, I am not satisfied with everything I could explore. But whatever I could see, I loved every bit of it. The drives through Pahalgam are so pure and heavenly.
Our last stop was back in Srinagar and we had kept 3 days, from which one day we visited Sonmarg, I could not explore the place Sonmarg but I thoroughly my drive from Srinagar to Sonmarg, its just so scenic, and we enjoyed our little snow trek up in the mountains and eating maggie high up there and sipping hot tea, clicking million pics and facing almost an avalanche. The beauty was also up,close and personal...even after 2 years its all so clear in my mind eye.
The rest of the 2 days we spent in Srinagar, which could have easily been reduce to 1 day and rather use up these days at other points.
In Srinagar, we visited the Tulip gardens, which is Gorgeous. We missed out on seeing the Mughal gardens as they were shut. we did city tour, went to a carpet weaver, enjoyed the local food, drove around the city.
Over all I can sum it up, once in a lifetime one should visit Kashmir, as in true sense god has made it with fursat.
I wish and pray that politics and dirty mind set of people does not destroy god's own land.
Skrevet 13. juli 2023
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Vijay Patel
2 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2023 • Familie
1st day visit to Dal lake. Taken boat house at Dal lake and enjoyed Shikara Ride. Next day visit to Gulmarg and enjoyed Snow valley on Gondola Ride. Third day visit to Sonmarg and Enjoyed snowfall while horse ride. 4th day visit to Pahalgam and Explored Kashmir valley , Baisaran valley. Mini Switzerland was awesome and feels like heaven.
Skrevet 22. mars 2023
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Mumbai (Bombay), India3 bidrag
3,0 av 5 bobler
des. 2022 • Par
Hi folks, I'm about to share our recent experience of holidaying in Kashmir valley. Our itinerary was a regular one - Srinagar - Gulmarg - Pahalgam, 7 days in toto. We'd hired a car right from the airport and all our travels thereon were by a car.

After the lifting of Article 370, this community who feel they own Kashmir seem to have become very insecure. They want to protect the interests of their brothers and sisters and they are all living like one big family here. Whether for hotels or restaurants or cars or guides or any activity, they will invariably connect you to people belonging to their community. Nothing wrong in that. I'm not saying they are bad people (although they have peculiar characteristics which I have described below) but Article 370 was lifted for a reason. It opens up the land for purchase by other communities as well. If this community behaves like a closed group, how will a non-Islamic person ever be successful here? In fact, they will be targeted and be set up for failure. So, during our stay at Kashmir, we tried to visit places owned by non-Islamic people. We weren't successful most times but some places we were assertive enough to go against the wishes of our driver-cum-guide.

Let's talk a little bit about Kashmiris. They are very sweet on the face. They greet you really well. They'll keep asking if their services were good. But that's only to hear "Yes, it was wonderful." The moment you give them feedback about how some things weren't as good and could improve, their faces drop. They feel very offended. But the number of times they ask you for your feedback can be irritating and might get the truth out of you. All the best to you when that happens. But some of them are very hospitable. We came across one such guide. He took us to his home and hosted us along with his family in a very warm manner. Their strength is their people and their unity which they treasure above all. They are highly gender biased. So, as a female if you are asking a lot of questions, they feel offended. Do not expect too much customisation. Beyond a point they'll tell you this is Kashmir and this is how things happen here. You will notice a territorial tone there.

Some travel tips when you are planning your holiday at Kashmir:

a) They have a 'system' here. That system ensures livelihoods of people in all tourist locations at the cost of tourists. When you hire a car for your end-to-end trip, i.e., from and to the airport, you expect the very same car and driver-cum-guide to be with you throughout. But under the Kashmir system, every tourist location has its own car and driver. So, each time you are introduced to a new person who you pay and tip. And each time you hope you have been handed over to a trustworthy person. Some are good and some are better than your original driver too. But in the end, you end up spending a lot on your visits to these tourist places. So, budget for that. Again, there is strong brotherhood here. The driver is connected to all these vendors (including drivers) at tourist locations. When you reach there, you are suddenly surrounded by a flock of these people and remember, your driver is on their side. Even if you see them fighting for you, trust me, it's only for the sake of it. Would you ditch a family member for a stranger? No, right? It's the same thing. They are one BIG family. So, reasearch well before you land there and make informed decisions.

b) Sonmarg and Gulmarg are quite similar. In December, we saw snow in both places. There is however, a slight difference. Sonmarg offers you the beauty of snow-clad mountains all around you along with river. Gulmarg does too but from a distance. Gulmarg felt like this land of snow especially the place where you land after the Gandola Phase 1 ride. Gulmarg is a must-go destination in Kashmir. There is nothing like that place. There is Gandola ride, skiing, sledging, snow bike etc. to enjoy. It would be a different experience. You might want to skip Sonmarg, if time is short. We felt Pahalgam must be a site to visit more during Summers. The valleys (Aru and Betaab) look beautiful with flowers. Local folks might convince you for Chandanwari but if you have been to Gulmarg, you can skip this one too. Gulmarg also has skiing courses. If you are serious about the sport, it would be worth enrolling for some of these courses. All in all, we recommend 1 day in Srinagar (to experience the capital, its people, food and way of life), 1 day at Dal Lake (in Srinagar) and 1 day in Gulmarg. This is excluding travel.

c) Be assertive. Ask a lot of questions. Kashmiris, in our experience, are not great liars but tend to give you partial information. Let me share an instance with you. We were in talks with a vendor for a valley ride on ATV. He quoted 4k / person. We asked what was the duration of the ride. We were told it was 1.5 hours. We negotiated a little bit, not much because we thought 1.5 hours would be a long ride that too on petrol. In reality, the 1.5 hours included walking on the snow, a lot of forced photography and sitting at a small joint for refreshments. Would you pay 4k for this? No. So, we were cheated? Yes. Our probing question to them should have been what was included in the 1.5 hours stated by them.

d) Your car and driver are very important. Here, GPS can also fail you. So, you are literally dependent on them.

e) I wouldn't recommend exotic places for stay or even home stays like you would consider in other states. Find accessible places in lively locations so that you feel safe.

f) We experienced quite a few power cuts which affected the functioning of room heaters. In a cold weather, you might want to ensure some of things were in place.

g) If you plan to move places in the valley, be prepared for extensive mountain travel. Mountain sickness will restrict your movement in the valley to a great extent.

h) Srinagar airport have many additional security check points. Overall boarding process is cumbersome and time-consuming. Go 2.5-3 hours in advance of your flight departure time.

i) If you are travelling from Bombay, do carry a hair serum especially in winters. The climate there can be dry and with cold breeze, your hair is in danger for sure.
Skrevet 25. desember 2022
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M g
1 bidrag
1,0 av 5 bobler
aug. 2022 • Venner
Only place worth visiting in entire kashmir is Sri Nagar. Rest all is worst no arrangement from govt on tourist places. I saw almost 6-7 people falling from pony(horse) in pehelgam and gulmarg. Tangmarg is total waste place. Hardly any tourist destination place is good. And people also seems very bad there just hungry of money no hospitality.
If you plan just plan srinagar and return else you will regret or risk your life on pony rides. People come to relax instead brwak their hips, ribs and legs on pony and without pony you cannot see any place other than srinagar. So my advice is just visit srinagar and return.
Skrevet 18. oktober 2022
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Namita J.Malhotra
New Delhi, India31 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jun. 2022
The place is right out of a post card! It is simply gorgeous. Serene, green and absolutely awesome :))
Skrevet 24. august 2022
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3 bidrag
3,0 av 5 bobler
jun. 2022 • Familie
The place Pahalgam is very beautiful, but the pony ride is being a hassle for the visiting tourists. Everyone (your taxi driver, hotel owner, pony middlemen) will show a colourful boards with rates written over it with picture of the place.
But please don't get fooled. See the above picture. It's Govt rates for the dates written over it, valid till March 2023.
The points are fake points. If you'll visit till Dinow valley from Pony stand, then all the points will come along your way. Similarly, if you're visiting Baisaran valley from your hotel, then all the points will come along your way.
The colourful boards will show you a whopping rate of 2500 for only 4 points, but the actual rate is only 1320 for Baisaran valley and 1600 for Dinow valley visit with only 1 hour waiting charges which is very less as compared to the colourful board rates, which will be imposed upon you by all the locals. Though the extra hour waiting charges is written in the above board.
Accordingly bargain and settle the final rates before taking the ride.
Pictures of both the boards (fake & original) is attached here for educating all the upcoming tourists.
Best way to bargain is, first get rid of your taxi driver before starting to bargain. Tell your taxi driver to leave you for having some food at the market.
Skrevet 27. juni 2022
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