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Zürich, Sveits264 bidrag
A lost place to reconnect
mar. 2020
I am only back from a week in KaliYoga. A really nice week made special by the people I shared it with.

The good:
- Yoga and meditation: Lely and Arantxa (yoga and meditation guides) helped me walk a little closer to myself. The yoga shala facing the mountains is astonishing.
- The People: There were 13 of us. of all different ages, experiences, nationalities, backgrounds, lives. Every conversation has been incredibly interesting and respectful. The people working during this week there were also really friendly. Specially Cora and Mar.
- The Space: From the venue itself – a place in the middle of nowhere – to the yoga shala (yoga room), the bedrooms, everything felt really welcoming and cozy. It made it easy to feel at ease and difficult to leave.

The more Demanding:
- The (so called) Healthy Focus: The absence of alcohol and coffee was no struggle for me, but the food was at times. Even being a vegetarian for more than half my life I felt that the meals abused so much of nuts that I can't take them anymore. There was also so much cheese in everything that the taste of food was often ruined.
Skrevet 8. mars 2020
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London, UK2 bidrag
Memorable yoga retreat
feb. 2020 • Alene
Kaliyoga is a very friendly intimate and positive place. I had a great time. Food was excellent and accommodation was comfortable. The only problem was my room was a little dark so if you are planning please book the small casitas not the room. May be I booked last minute so that was the only room available not their fault.
If you are looking for hard core yoga this place is not for you but if you want a perfect blend of hiking and relaxed yoga there can’t be a better place.
Two hikes were my high points and I will definitely go back for those.
Treatments they offer are excellent and the therapists are hand picked.
Thank you Kaliyoga for a perfect rejuvenating week.
Skrevet 27. februar 2020
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Guildford, UK9 bidrag
Transformational trip
des. 2019 • Alene
My week at Kaliyoga was transformational!

The embrace of everyone was so genuine and full of kindness.

Leah’s yoga was a perfect balance of teaching and practice, for all levels (rarely achieved).

A perfect antidote to the superficiality of commercial Christmas and the real meaning of the Season.

You can never underestimate the effect of love and consciousness on the lives of others!
Skrevet 2. januar 2020
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Köln, Tyskland4 bidrag
Great Yoga retreat in Andalucia!
okt. 2019
This week with Kaliyoga was exactly what I was looking for to escape the German rainy period. The atmosphere at the retreat was just so friendly and the setting so beautiful. You can’t help but chill sitting on the big Hollywood-Swing in the evenings feeling the sun go down behind you. I do not think I ever had equally colourful, healthy and delicious food anywhere else. We just flocked to the table like Pawlow Dogs when the food-bell rang. Loved the snacks and Mocktail served around a low table after the evening yoga session. It obviously helped that the bunch of people was really nice the week I went. I will sure come back (like many of my fellow Yogis did), maybe during a hiking&yoga week to see a bit more of this stunning surroundings and to enjoy some more treatments - they were soooo good! The Yoga sessions and morning meditation were beautiful and a good reason to be woken relatively early by a member of the team chiming a little bell in front of every room.
Thank you Jane an the whole team for this lovely time! I am leaving this place with a smile on my face.
Skrevet 9. oktober 2019
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Cork, Irland4 bidrag
A week of being pampered by incredible friendly staff!
sep. 2019
I am just after returning from the most relaxing and peaceful week I have ever experienced. I traveled on my own and met the loveliest bunch of people. Genuinely, I came away from the retreat feeling restored, relaxed, pampered and so well looked after by all the staff. The kitchen staff are so incredibly talented and served the most delicious food that I am still dreaming about! The yoga sessions were very relaxing and it was a relief that as I did not have a huge amount of yoga experience, the sessions were absolutely perfect. There was 14 people in my group, 7 of which were returning guests, even some who were returning for the 2nd, 3rd and even 5th time which in itself says everything about the resort. I am already planning my trip for next year :) If your thinking about booking it, go for it :)
Skrevet 17. september 2019
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dortmund6 bidrag
"Heaven on earth" - a world away from the world - a total energizer
mai 2019 • Alene
The location is isolated, surrounded only by mountains, a lake and fantastic vegetation and immediately let's you forget where you came from! being a frequent traveller and very demanding when it comes to "zen" places, Kaliyoga does not leave anything undone - everything is just perfect and after 6 days I went back home full of energy, lots of new insights in particular in menopause issues (Yoga, food and others) and finally with very clear ideas on how to best cope with this period of time in our lives! Always with a very positive approach, the staff all being highly professional and prepared in their matter it was almost like talking between friends, they managed to create instantly a very intimate atmosphere which also had an effect on the entire group (non of us knew each other except 2 sisters travelling together) and so we really felt like a big family and promised each other to definitely come back - all together! The hotel as such is just the right balance between functionality and design, embedded in a beautiful scenery of exotic plants, all huts are extremely well maintained and clean, the pool just as much perfect in it's position overlooking the mountains. The garden offers many "hidden" spots to chill out, underneath a huge mulberry tree you can lay in a hammock and relax while the berries literally fall into your mouth!
Detox Food - starting each day with a "green shot" protein drink, followed by some very healthy and tasty either chia seeds and fruit porridge, always some freshly squeezed juice and awsome vegetarian biological dishes, every days was a new surprise and always felt fresh and regenerated after each meal. For this particular menopause week the diet was all specific on the needs and gave some very good and easy to copy recipes (all available in the Kaliyoga book) - before dinner a "Mocktail" consisting of non alcoholic cocktail with healthy snack such as roasted nuts and many more). Each dish by itself was a real highlight! Thank you to the Kaliyoga team!
The yoga shala is another highlight, the large window front offers a stunning view on the mountains and you can see the sunrise in the morning hours! The shala is opened also early in the morning for who wants to practise before the normal yoga hours. The Yogateacher, Arancza was always paying attention on the various levels of preparation between the group members yet offering a great variety of asanas and relaxation. Morning lessons stars with a guided meditation which even for beginners were easy to dive into the yoga world, another afternoon session to slow down from the day. a wide range of Individual treatments from thai massage to energy healing are available on site, again by highly professional staff. This retreat is a total "energizer" !
Skrevet 10. juni 2019
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Thank you Heiki for your kind and detailed review. We're so pleased you enjoyed your week at Kaliyoga Spain and very much hope to see you again!
Skrevet 21. juni 2019
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Donna McLean
1 bidrag
Transformative experience!
mar. 2019
Kaliyoga is an exceptional retreat. The whole space is beautifully designed with lush gardens, an egg-shaped swimming pool and private mini break-out spaces dotted throughout. The cabins are really cute, light and airy with pretty furnishings and great showers. The yoga studio is spacious, well-equipped and has a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. The yoga teacher is brilliant: experienced and intuitive to the needs of each person within the group and accessible to all levels. The treatments on offer are excellent and so too are the therapists. I saw the nutritionist, the sound bowls therapist and the reflexologist –I learnt a lot of new information and came away from all of them feeling amazing. The food is OUTSTANDING and I have bought the cook book (Need I say more!). One last thing: the staff are wonderful and it’s their thoughtfulness and attention to detail that contribute so much to the whole experience and make Kaliyoga such a life-changing retreat.
Skrevet 19. mai 2019
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Elise VB
6 bidrag
Stunning place & adorable persons !
feb. 2019 • Familie
A stunning place where to rest, take care of your body, meet super nice funny and considerate persons, listen to little talkative birds, eat amazing food...

Rooms are perfectly clean, beautiful with big beds, all confort, little organic products.

There are yoga classes twice a day, some hikes (and the landscape is breathtaking). Food is all vegan and it's really very good (and i'm not a vegan). If your body hurts, you can chose curative massages. Nobody's pressing : you can also chose to do nothing, just rest if you prefer.

The only thing to be ready for is accommodating to some super ecological rules, but sincerely, it's easy and i did appreciate the staff cares a lot for these issues.

It was lovely to meet all the persons working or staying there. We went to restaurant in town together and kept in touch. I loved the little mocktails near the fire. I totally - 300% - recommend this place !
Skrevet 17. mai 2019
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Paris, Frankrike228 bidrag
Don't think twice!! Book it now before someone else does!! Bring spouse, friend, family or go solo - just right for all!
jan. 2019 • Par
I can't say enough good things about this incredible yoga retreat. Maybe it will make a difference to say I took my husband with me, the first time he ever did a vacation like this, and he loved it too!

First of all, the pace of the place is just perfect. The way classes are scheduled, walks in the mountains interspersed, free time in chunks, and healing treatments offered onsite allow for the right amount of leisure and structure. Instead of some fitness-type spas which have you scheduled minute to minute, you can do everything you want here and still have plenty of time to breathe. Which you will want to do outside since the sun is shining every day, even when it's cold.

Secondly, the yoga teacher Lelly is also just right for what we would want. She pays close attention to each guest, learned our injuries, made adjustments, and kept classes both moving and soothing. Our time their kick-started us both to yoga in 2019 and we have kept it up every day since. Lelly also made time to talk to anyone that had questions about how they could use yoga in their life, or particular health challenges. Our morning classes (looking out over a majestic view of the mountains through floor to ceiling windows in the "yoga chalet") flew by - I never went to a 2 hour yoga class before without looking at the time. But with Lelly, you just want to keep on going. She planned and paced an ideal week that started gently and eased us into more challenging poses. Lots of props and assistance to try new things, but no pressure to go beyond your limits. She is really special.

Third - what took me so long to get to this - the food! It's all vegan and incredibly creative - and plenty of it to never feel hungry. Many of us were crowding around the kitchen asking for recipes whenever we got a chance. I didn't know Andalucia had such bountiful produce all around (other than oranges, of course) and it was so fun to see crates of fresh veggies sitting in the kitchen every day. A special thanks to Kate, Sam, and and all the kitchen helpers who knocked themselves out making sure I could eat safely as a person with celiac. They whipped up the tastiest of gluten free breads and pastries (even a mince pie for the holiday). Breakfast with Becs (the nutrition consultant) on our last day was a feast for the eyes and stomach, and her gluten free bread is something I will be trying to replicate at home ASAP.

Fourth (there is so much to say!)... Jane - the retreat manager - works tirelessly to make sure everyone gets what they want without much fuss as the whole point is to de-stress. So there is a system that is pretty easy for us - write our names on a board to sign up for treatments we want - but pretty time consuming for her to coordinate with the practitioners. So many of us were surprised by the incredible array of skilled practitioners in the healing arts who live in this part of Southern Spain. We had a choice of a full menu of reflexology, thai massage, sports massage, acupuncture, energy healing, osteopathic treatments, nutritional consultations and more.... and we all compared notes afterwards. I didn't hear one person who was disappointed in their treatment - only raves (or happy siestas with closed eyes in a perfect zen-like state).

Finally - the days we went hiking were fantastic. Beautiful scenery, informative and friendly guides, and a great chance to see the area and spend more time with the interesting people in our group.

Lots more I could write but basically - just grab the spot if you can. You won't regret it (and you likely won't want it to end:) And if you have a spouse, friend or family member resistant to try it, don't hesitate to encourage them. They will thank you for it.
Skrevet 10. januar 2019
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6 bidrag
Wonderful raw food retreat
aug. 2017 • Alene
I went to Kaliyoga Spain in 2016 and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I went alone, but I quickly made new friends as everyone were super friendly. The yoga classes were challenging, relaxing and FUN!

The food was absolutely amazing and I would go again for the food alone :-) When I went, the food was raw food, and even though I am normally a meat eater, I never missed anything. I did not have a single bad meal during my stay. There is a ‘mocktail’ hour after the evening yoga class and it is really nice.

There are various shorter trips you can book through the staff. I went on horseback riding (even though I had never been on a horse before) and it was a wonderful experience.

I highly recommend Kaliyoga Spain!
Skrevet 28. juli 2018
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