Mount Emei (Emeishan)
Mount Emei (Emeishan)
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Singapore, Singapore183 bidrag
1,0 av 5 bobler
mar. 2024 • Venner
I would have skipped this if I knew better. Can at lull period but the park is still pretty crowded. Long climb. We saw some jelly legs and a few people fainted along the way. Thick fog so it was a waste of time for me. Worst of all is seeing so many China people and park workers all smoking away despite the announcement saying this is a protected park so no smoking allowed. I think if the Chinese cannot protect their own park, there’s nothing else anyone can do.
Skrevet 15. mars 2024
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Mikael E
Stockholm, Sverige6 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
feb. 2024 • Par
Amazing experience if you also want challenges from the weather elements. It is overall worth the effort. // Mikael Eriksson
Skrevet 27. februar 2024
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7 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
des. 2023 • Par
I stayed at a hotel called Emei Grand Hotel at the foot of the mountain.
In the morning, the weather around the hotel was cloudy.
The weather forecast predicted cloudy (fog) in the morning and clear skies in the afternoon.
I took a bus to Xuedongping, and when I got off, it was foggy and the whole area was covered in silver, just as the forecast predicted.
I got on the ropeway with a sense of despair, thinking that if it continued like this, I would not be able to reach the summit (Golden Peak).
However, when I arrived at the summit (Golden Peak), it was not only foggy (fog), but there was no wind and I was surrounded by gentle sunlight.
There was a space at the summit (Golden Peak) that I could not have imagined when I left the hotel.
After that, when I finished sightseeing at the summit (Golden Peak) and returned to Xuedongping by ropeway, it was foggy because I was in the middle of a sea of clouds, and the whole area was covered in silver.
When I returned to the hotel, the summit (Golden Peak) was still covered in thick clouds.
I could not imagine the clear skies and sea of clouds at the summit (Golden Peak) from the hotel.
Skrevet 25. desember 2023
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Shanghai, Kina46 528 bidrag
4,0 av 5 bobler
sep. 2023 • Alene
One of the 4 sacred buddhist mountains of china and a UNESCO site

It’s 2.5 hrs by car from chengdu city to the foot of the emei mountain. Then you take a 1.5 hr bus further up to about 2,000m. After that a 45 min hike up to 2,500m. And lastly a short cable car ride to 3,000m where the temple and buddha statue are

And of course you can hike up all the way over 3 days

Today was non peak season and a work day and already fairly crowded. I suggest you avoid weekends and public holidays

Not that chilly even at the top. I was sweating wearing a light jumper

It was foggy so the views were not great as expected. And no monkeys
Skrevet 15. september 2023
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Manchester, UK70 bidrag
3,0 av 5 bobler
mai 2023 • Par
This would probably be amazing if the weather was good, however when we went it was cloudy and foggy, so all we saw were endless stone steps and some cheeky monkeys stealing handbags from tourist (which is entertaining!).
We had 2 days on the mountain and we're a bit too late starting on day 1 to do the 10 hour hike up to Leidongping, so we got the bus there and hiked around the area for the afternoon. The bus takes about 2 hours and is 50Yuan one way or 90Yuan return. There are shorter hikes from other stops on the bus route (starting from either Wuxiangang Park or Wannian Park). If you do take the bus don't buy your bamboo walking sticks (monkey deterrents) from the base of the mountain because you aren't allowed to take them on the bus for some reason-you'll see plenty discarded around Leidongping that you can use.
As we were off season the entrance ticket was 90Yuan (it's 180Yuan during peak season).
We hadn't booked anywhere to stay in advance, we just got to Leidongping and found somewhere really easily as there are a few options, but during peak season I'm not sure how easy that would be. On the second day we got up early to get to the summit for sunrise - it might be worth telling your hotel/hostel if you plan on leaving early as we got locked in and had to basically break out!
The walk to the summit takes about 1 hour 45 mins from Leidongping, and we thought it would probably be worth staying somewhere a little bit higher if you plan to get there for sunrise.
The summit would probably look incredible if the weather is clear, but we literally saw nothing due to fog, you could barely see the gold Buddha from a few meters away. The weather remained the same for the whole day, which made the hike back down to Wannian Park particularly demoralising. It was grim. Because of the weather we decided to take the more direct walk to Wannian rather than the longer but more scenic walk past Xianfeng Temple. From the summit to Wannian it took just under 9 hours...they were probably the most soul destroying 9 hours of our lives. We are late 20s/early 30s and both very active and physically fit, but the monotony of
Skrevet 4. mai 2023
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Jack S
2 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
apr. 2023 • Alene
My trip was a bit last minute, as I found myself with a few days in Sichuan to spare, but I was really glad I went. The views are fabulous and great infrastructure makes it easy to get there and up the mountain but without the crowds you see in other sacred mountains in China (except near the summit). There were sections where I didn't see another person for a few km at a time. Having said that, there isn't that much information available online in English as previous reviewers have noted so providing as much info here as I can. I went 4-6th April.

There are broadly two ways up, via Xianfeng temple or Wannian temple. The latter is shorter. Once you choose your route up you can choose to start from Baoguo temple (longest, what I did) or Wuxianggang car park (near Qingyin pavilion and shorter). If you're taking the Wannian temple route you can even take the cable car to Wannian temple and start there which probably is a day hike to the summit. You can get buses to Wuxianggang car park and Wannian cable car (I believe from Emei Shan station). Alternatively you can get a bus all the way to Leidongping parking lot but that's just a ~2 hour hike to the summit (or you can make it even shorter with the cable car to the summit - the most popular route!).

See in the attached photos the best two maps I found in English.

I took the Xianfeng temple route and started in Baoguo. Itinerary was Day 1: Baoguo temple - hike to Xianfeng temple (overnight). Day 2: Xianfeng temple - hike to Taiziping temple (overnight). Day 3: early start with hike to summit - cable car and bus down to wannian temple parking lot - cable car up to wannian temple - walk down to Leidongping parking lot - bus to Emei Shan station.

First day I hiked from 10am-6pm, second day 1030am-430pm and the last day started at 530am, left the summit around 9am and probably took ~4-5 hours to get down from the summit to Emei Shan station (including cable cars/buses/walking). I had a 7-8kg bag and didn't walk super fast and took lots of time to see all the temples and rest/snack when I felt like it. There are a lot of steps but if you enjoy hiking I think this is quite a relaxed 2 day hike up. To give a sense, I met some trail runners who hiked Qinyin pavilion - Jieyin temple in 5 hours, so you could do the whole hike in a day if you were very fit and going for it.

- The paths are all paved and there are loads of signs so you really don't need to worry about getting lost
- There does seem to be some confusion about the length of this hike with the official km (on signs etc.) being about 50% larger than lonely planet and certainly longer than my intuition. I think the official lengths are a useful guide for time however, so you do get a constant sense (from the signs with distances on them) how much longer you have to go.
- Accommodation - temple accommodation is great but varies. Xianfeng was quite nice but Taiziping is very basic. Neither had heating in the rooms which made Taiziping very cold at night (since it's higher altitude). Most (maybe all) the temples provide accommodation so if you're out of high season you can relax about planning where to stay and just stop at whichever is best for your pace.
- I recommend eating lunch at temples which seem to serve lunch around 1130-1230, outside of that you'll need to eat in a small restaurant/tea house. There are teahouses/shops very regularly (maybe very 30 minutes on average) so it's quite easy to refuel.
- I bought a bamboo stick as had been warned of the monkeys (Tibetan macaque) however I only saw them in their designated area near Qingyin pavilion and never had any come near me. Not to say others haven't had trouble though!
- I went in early April and the weather was quite warm on day one, around 20-25 degree Celsius, day 2 was cooler, maybe 10-15 degrees and raining. On the third day the summit was around 0 degrees in the morning and snowing. I was glad I had various warm layers, waterproofs, and hiking boots that day. It also rained a lot of the second day although you can easily buy ponchos
- I didn't have phone signal at some teahouses so useful to have some cash
- The Azaleas weren't out when I was there but nearly, I suspect second half of April/May would be perfect.

More detailed itinerary:

Day 1
- I left a bag at Chengdu East station and took the high speed train to Emei Shan station. From there I took a taxi for 20 rmb (I think the real price is 10) to Baoguo temple. I went into Emei Shan town to buy a general entrance ticket but that was actually unnecessary as you can buy one at the beginning of the climb near Fuhu temple.
- Arrived Baoguo temple at around 10-1030am.
- From Baoguo you follow signs to Fuhu temple (there is a footpath as well as a road) but before you get there you turn right to join the road to Leijin temple/Chunyang temple
- I got to Shenshui pavilion around 12-1230 (good place for lunch) and Qingyin by about 130pm. Between Shenshui and Qingyin pavilion there is a section on road not footpath.
- From Qingyin I headed left up the Xianfeng route and arrived at Hongchunping temple at 3pm. I was planning to stay there however a monk convinced me to head on to Xianfeng temple since it was early
- Arrived Xianfeng temple 5:45pm. There's a nice cave near Xianfeng that the monks can turn the lights on for with a shrine and a holy spring at the bottom (Jiulao cave?)

Day 2
- Started at 1030am - ate lunch at Yuxian temple (11:40)
- Reached Xixiangchi (elephant bathing pool) at 1300.
- Jieyin temple 1530
- Taiziping - 1700

Day 3
- Started early 530 to reach summit by around 6:10
- Sunrise was at 6:50 but the monks did some rituals before that which was nice to observe (also the cable car hadn't started so it was dark but deserted
- I don't enjoy downhill hiking so got cable car/bus down to Wannian car park and cable car up to Wannian temple.
- Walked Wannian temple - Wuxiangang parking lot from where I got a bus back to Emei Shan station - this walk was really nice and not too steep - I thoroughly recommend
Skrevet 14. april 2023
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Samuel S
Hongkong, Kina1 168 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
mar. 2023 • Alene
這個景點入場費是160元人民幣,如果閣下是60歲上可以免費入場,峨眉山好多條路線主要分最長報國寺上,要好好體力要花一日時間,途徑有好多景點和野猴子,要有三個人左右結伴和不要投餵,也要小心被牠們攻擊,否則要選擇巴士登山50 元車費,當然失去了一些风景,可以選擇 五顯岡 萬年寺登山,不過一樣有野猴子,如果步行登山 祝君好運。
Skrevet 2. april 2023
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5 bidrag
4,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2023 • Alene
I wasn't planning on coming to Emei because I didn't know about it when getting to Chengdu. I was planning on going to the Leshan Buddah, but when I decided to do both, it didn't make sense to get a train from Chengdu and back twice. So I had to think. I didn't find a great deal of information on Emei, at least in English, and although I did get lots of information in the end, it was all from different sources. I hope to compile my experience and itinery for future traveller's to answer the questions that I had.

Rather than taking multiple trips to and from Chengdu, I decided to book two nights at the foot of Mount Emei, in a hotel at Baoguo temple. I came across the Teddy Bear Hotel a few times during my research, but apps said they were fully booked - from now all the way up to August, which seemed odd to me. I ended up booking at the Emeishan Moonbay hotel, which was pretty good, has a nice young girl (probably the owners daughter) who had enough English and ended up being right next to Teddy Bear. (That hostel seemed to have only the odd person strolling around and definitely wasn't full. I wonder if they lost their foreigner license) I went during the winter and to be perfectly honest, you probably don't need to pre book a cheap hotel there. You could probably just rock up, have a look around and pick a hotel that is to your liking and I'd imagine they'd have rooms available. (probably wouldn't recommend just rocking up during the summer though) The room was 80 kuai a night at Moonbay, which I thought was respectable for a single room.

I booked at Baoguo temple to go to Leshan, assuming there would be tourist busses to the Leshan buddah from the bus station, since the attraction is pretty close by. There weren't... My hotel said public bus 601 goes there and that it would take an hour and cost 11 kuai. Baidu maps however said that it would take 3 hours and 20 minutes. So I didn't risk it and instead took a didi to Emeishan train station (6 kuai) bought a train ticket in the car on the way (15 kuai) and a second didi to get to the scenic spot from Leshan Station. (30ish kuai) The whole trip took about 90 minutes door to door, including waiting for the train. If you have a Chinese speaker with you, then you could definitely try to look into if there is a better way to get there. On the way back, I got off at Emei station (not Emeishan) and headed to McDonald's. The literal only western food available in the vicinity it seems)

One of the things I found utterly no information about online, in terms of the mountain, was luggage storage. Most hotels seem to offer a free luggage storage service while you're on the mountain. I saw other signs outside advertising this service too, so no need to worry if you're coming to Emei with a bag that you don't wish to lug up the mountain.

The actual hike itself. I started the hike at 7:30am and began by completely failing to locate the ticket office... I looked for an hour and couldn't find it, so I just thought "sod it" and started the hike thinking that you must buy the entrance tickets at the top.

The hike is difficult and long. I did the longest and hardest route (taking the left route from Qingyin) and my total moving time was just over 11 hours, spread over two days (I read that this route should take between 10-16 hours). The whole route, according to my phone, was a little over 28km. About 20km of this is more or less climbing flights of stairs. It's tough.

I managed to get to Leidongping in 9 hours or so from Baoguo (moving time that is, about 12 hours with stops). So unfortunately, I have no information on the quality of the temples offering beds and food along the route. Though at Qingyin pavilion, a little old woman pressured me into an early lunch and it was fantastic. So, if a little old woman trying to sell you monkey food at Qingyin asks if you're hungry, I'd recommend taking up the offer! However, the Xixiangchi and Yuxian temples looked decent, even if I only walked through them. (I had planned to sleep at Yuxian, but I arrived there at 4pm, lol)

In terms of the hike, you really have to know your own ability. If you are an extremely good hiker with lots of stair endurance, it may be possible to reach the summit in a day doing the toughest route, but that would actually be pointless, because you'd have to spend 2 hours getting back to Leidongping for the bus, which stops running at 6pm. You'd have to leave before 4am for this to really be possible in any sence and it wasn't particularly well signposted at the start of the route.

But, I lost an hour looking for the ticket office, another 30 minutes because of being intimidated by monkeys (seriously, we had to wait for enough hikers with walking sticks to basically scare our way past about 20 territorial macaques) another 30 minutes because of somehow finding a lost child on the mountain and having to locate his parents, as well as snow/ice up on the top, which really slows you down. I definitely think that a 1 day hike is doable in favorable conditions, If you're in fantastic shape and don't stop very often, because I got to Leidongping in a day with at least 2 hours of stoppages. You would still have to sleep on the mountain though because it's just not going to be possible to backtrack to the bus unless you start the hike in the middle of the night.

That said, I probably wouldn't have made it Leidongping without the group of hikers that I got stranded with by the monkeys. They were headed to Leidongping from Qingyin and had booked hotels there. So they helped me book one (600 kuai!!!!!!!) and we just went together and got there when we got there. Note: to go so far, it's dark. You'll need a head torch, your phone torch doesnt cut it and if you go in the winter, you'll need clampons for the snow and ice. It's impossible to climb the steps past Xixiangchi temple without ice grips on your shoes. They sell them on the mountain (20 kuai) and they get the job done, but just so you know.

From Leidongping there's a cableway. But if you walked all the way there, you may as well finish the job. And yeah, it's great. Congrats. You're at the top and you didn't even buy your entrance ticket! I tried to take the cableway down and found I couldn't get on without the entrance ticket... Uh oh. I was advised to go back to Leidongping. So... Walk back down the 2 hours (actually going down wasnt so bad) and headed to the bus station and there you go, you can purchase your entrance ticket along with the bus ticket. All good.

Emei shan is a wonderful, challenging hike with good views along the way and I totally recommend it to anyone who wants a tough day and a half walking challenge. I didn't get to see the sea of clouds because of fog but that wasn't really why I went. In the winter the temperature was comfortable, but the snow and ice really started to irritate me and I imagine it's too hot for this in the summer. Probably a good spring time excursion.
Skrevet 14. januar 2023
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carolinafzs d
Rio de Janeiro, RJ492 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2023 • Alene
The place is fantastic! I am a foreigner and could not buy any ticket online, however I had no issue going to the ticket counter and getting my ticket.
I took the train from Chengdu to Emeishan. Getting to the station there were free shuttles to the Emeishan ticket place. There I got the ticket and hop the bus to the top. The bus trip takes about 2h. There was a stop mid way for toilet and some snacks.
At the top I got a plastic cover for my shoes as everything was covered with fresh snow. I went to the cable car place through the road, and it was beautiful. At the cable car place I had to buy new tickets. The cable car line was about 2h!!! Finally I got to the top. It is just breathtaking!!! To go back down, the cable car line was huge then I chose to descend through the mountain path. It is about 6km back to the cable car origin place. It is easy walking but it was very slippery due to the snow. I fell twice! The bus ride back to the bottom was 2h and I struggled to get a train ticket back to Chengdu. Make sure you book the train return ticket in advance.
This is a must do trip when visiting Chengdu!
Skrevet 7. januar 2023
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Chengdu, Kina440 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
nov. 2022 • Venner
I believe the most important is to be LUCKY with the weather. I have already visited E'Mei Mountain during winter but fog was so thick I could not see anything. this time weather was 'perfect' not too hot, not too cold and the view was stunning!
Skrevet 2. november 2022
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