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Leeds, UK15 bidrag
jan. 2022 • Familie
I was very distressed at how I saw the staff deal with a potential customer yesterday. The lady was a childminder with several small children with her. I believe she was trying to pay for annual membership and enter on the same day. The staff were verbally aggressive to her shouting that she should read the terms and conditions. She was visibly upset. A bad example of customer service in front of children.
Skrevet 19. januar 2022
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Emily S
1 bidrag
jan. 2022 • Familie
As a childminder I emailed Willows to ask what options were available in regards to a membership because the children I would take with me would vary as I also have my own children. I recieved and email back asking me to call so she could go through the options so I did, I have to be honest the lady I spoke to had an appalling telephone manner and continued through the options, coming across extremely exasperated by every single question I asked which I don't believe were anything but standard and simple questions. When I asked about paying via direct debit I was told "it's for a minimum of 12 months and if you try and cancel the Direct Debit early we will just send debt collectors to your house to get the money so there's no point" which I found the most bizarre thing to say, never mind extremely rude.
Despite this conversation and against my better judgement, I continued with my plans to go to Willows farm this morning and set up the membership for three, in the car before the farm opened. I was told on the phone to fill in the form as usual and then attend the farm with proof that I was a childminder (registration certificate) and they would then change two members on the membership to an "unamed child".

I explained the situation to the girl on the cashier desk (who was very helpful and pleasant) and she sent for someone to come and get my certificate and make a copy. This girl then came back to me and explained I couldn't use the membership until the first payment came out 5 days later so if I wanted to enter I would have to pay for entry today, I felt this was a little unreasonable to pay £37.85 and then start a monthly payment of £39.50 monthly in just a few days...as a childminder I'm not in a financial position to be doing that. Whislt explaining this to my friends who were waiting for me on the other side of the gate a member of staff, I believe the same lady I spoke to on the phone, came over to me. She had no face mask on and made no attempt to socially distance herself from the children with me, or myself and my friend I was discussing this with. I tried to explain to this member of staff that it didn't make sense and she aggressively stated it was in the terms and conditions, which granted is my fault for not reading them properly but the manner she used to explain was disgusting, she was aggressive and dismissive infront of young children and simply would not listen to feedback that was given to her perfectly calmly and respectfully.

She then went on to say "You didn't fill the form out how I told you, you've named your children so you can't have a childminder membership anyway". The online form requires you to fill in the "name" boxes before moving on to purchase but it was at this point I decided I wouldn't be wasting anymore time and money on this farm and asked how I could cancel, again, perfectly calmly and respectfully to which she aggressively said "Yeah, maybe you should just cancel, you will need to call your bank, we can't do that" so I walked away because her manner was not what I wanted the children with me to be subjected to anymore.

I returned home to find that Willows had actually cancelled my membership and direct debit from their end not allowing me to make the decision myself of whether to go ahead or not.

As a mother of four and childminder I visit alot of venues, book tickets and have various memberships for settings but never have I come across such appalling customer service. Willows has always been an ext
auninately priced day out and from my previous experience it is usual for exatuninately priced company's to have impeccable customer service and exceptional standards across the board, from my experience this morning, yesterday evening and from reading the reviews regarding food and cleanliness at Willows, that is clearly not the case!!!
Skrevet 18. januar 2022
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Neil D
London, UK9 bidrag
des. 2021 • Familie
I’ve previously visited Willows Farm and during a normal weekend and I’d easily give the venue 4 stars out of 5 with only their poor food options to improve on. It’s a nice day out.

However, we took our daughter (5) to the Christmas event, which in total for 3 adults and 1 child came to just under £150 for the tickets and it easily ranks as the worst family event we have been to.

As a couple of other reviews have already mentioned, we waited nearly an hour to see Santa which was the most deflating experience for my little girl. On the bright side, Santa’s performance was really good and pulled things back quite well but then the included toy (part of the ticket price) which my daughter was allowed to choose was a collection of the kind of cheap plastic landfill even the most dodgy of funfairs would avoid trying to offer. This was a garden centre Santa experience - not a paid one.

Also included in the ticket was entry into a “build a bear” experience (bear included with ticket) where your child is given the components to make their own stuffed toy. While much better in quality than Santa’s offering, it was a generally unceremonious affair where a disgruntled employee dressed as an elf would hand over some fluff and a limp toy for your child to stuff whilst sat on a crowded bench with other kids. All this needed was a little fanfare, a little bit of excitement from the staff for the kids - but it was just depressing. The staff were clearly over it and they were projecting anger over another lost weekend at work onto everyone who entered their tent of contempt.

Then we decided to see the reindeer in the interactive/petting zoo area…what could be more Christmassy?!?!?!? I should say the animals here are clearly very well looked after and the staff allow kids to hold guinea pigs and rabbits, etc - this bit is generally very good and I’d recommend this as one of the best kind of animal areas in any farm I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a lot).

However, the reindeer were the two scrappiest runts of the litter I’d ever seen, no antlers, one was blind in one eye and they were both sat in a corner looking like they were waiting to be put out of their misery - this obviously isn’t their fault, all these creatures are beautiful BUT willows farm promised a roaming herd of Santa’s finest. They didn’t deliver the images they were advertising the event with on their website….

….and I could go in but this was the crux of my problem with this entire event. Willow’s promised big and quite frankly delivered the bare minimum to tick the boxes they listed. Everything felt like a cash grab and after the cost of the tickets I was just left feeling like I’d been thoroughly ripped off.

If it’s late in 2022 or beyond and you happen to see this review before buying tickets to Willow’s inevitable 2022 event - PLEASE weigh up all your options, see if there is any new opinions on social media, maybe question your friendship with whomever recommended this to you because in my personal opinion (if you hadn’t guessed already) it was absolute rubbish.
Skrevet 8. januar 2022
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Greater London, UK9 bidrag
jan. 2022
Have been twice to Willows this winter, having no experience of what they're like in summer. Overall it's a great day out for preschoolers and toddlers. The runaway tractor is a particular highlight, as are the rides. Really friendly staff running all of them. Easy to spend the day here with a little one, and honestly haven't encountered a better day out for them.

The staff at the Peter Rabbit shows and meet-and-greets are great, with both adults and kids.

The soft play is a mixed bag: impressive facility but understandably attracts the crowds, especially since it's in the same place as the only available refreshments (at least in the winter). So you end up with it being the only place that adults can get a break. On a weekend or bank holiday it can be a bit too busy for anyone to enjoy, but worth a shot if you can go midweek.

Cottontail Village, a fun role play indoors area with play shops and houses, is nice for little ones but a bit depressing because a lot of the toys are missing. That's the only really poor attraction, even though my little one enjoys it.

Sadly the cafe is the main letdown. Crazy that they have only one place serving food on a busy bank holiday weekend, yet are apparently so aware of the problem that they have a member of staff telling people they can take their food out from the cafe to the overflow marquee and even to the seating area of the other closed cafe! Both of which are a decently long walk outside, through doors that need operating with safety-release buttons. Try that on your own, balancing a tray of food on one hand and trying to keep hold of a distressed toddler (because hey, we've been queuing for half an hour to buy some food!) with the other.

And that's without mentioning the depressingly poor food range and quality, but I suppose that's a symptom of them having to serve so quickly with only a single outlet.

Highly recommended, but take your own food.
Skrevet 3. januar 2022
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Hemel Hempstead, UK201 bidrag
nov. 2021 • Familie
Have visited this farm 3 times now for Xmas with our young children - Nov 2019, Dec 2019 and Nov 2021.
Absolutely brilliant!!!!

Everything was just fantastic. The best family day out for us. So much to do. Loved every minute of it.

At their restaurant we ordered our food and got a table and relaxed while our children played in the soft play area at the restaurant. But the food choice is so limited. We had the tiniest sausage roll in the world so they really need to improve their menu.

Highly recommend this farm for young children (ours are under 7). The staff were all great. The activities were just so good such as the create a cuddle cuddly toy workshop or the gingerbread making workshop - oh my god we loved this place. The shows were great. Good rides. We will be going back for their other events like Easter and Halloween and any other days out...

Absolutely brilliant thank you. Loved being able to choose a free toy from Santa’s shop
We had an issue with our Santa visit the first time we visited which was promptly dealt with by customer service - amazing customer service response - thank you so much.
Skrevet 23. desember 2021
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Little rose
1 bidrag
des. 2021 • Familie
We have been here for Santa Spectacular for a few years and always felt this to be good value for money. We were excited to be able to return this year but unfortunately have left disappointed. The increased price (£50 a child) could not be justified and the queue for Father Christmas was so long (1 hour and a half) with no attempt to enforce/encourage social distancing. Face mask signs were visible but very few visitors was wearing them. The children still had fun and are pleased with their gift and build a bear but I don’t think we’ll be returning next year. Our £160 could have been better spent elsewhere.
Skrevet 20. desember 2021
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London, UK28 bidrag
des. 2021
Terrible Christmas experience. Queue for Santa visit was over 1.5hours. Rides are more suited for toddler age (under 3 years). Build a bear tent was very full.

Not worth the £100 for a family of 4.
Skrevet 14. desember 2021
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1 bidrag
des. 2021 • Familie
The entire organisation of the Christmas event is extremely poor. We booked a time slot with our ticket which I assumed meant we would be automatically allocated a slot for Santa’s Grotto, to avoid long queues and to keep everything ‘Covid safe’, but this was not the case. We had to queue for 90 mins with two children age 3 and 1, as you can imagine, it was a nightmare. Lots of children were extremely bored, frustrated and upset. It ruined the whole experience. Not to mention, no social distancing enforced at all.

We have been to similar events at other farms where we have had a ‘Christmas/Santa experience’ from start to finish - you are allocated a time slot and put into groups of around 20 people and guided from one event to the next (i.e. gingerbread making, Santa’s grotto, elf show etc.) no queuing or waiting. At Willows, everything is very separated which means you are constantly having to navigate yourselves around the site and with young children, that can be quite cumbersome.

Really disappointed with the whole experience and won’t be returning, unfortunately.
Skrevet 11. desember 2021
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Simon L
1 bidrag
des. 2021 • Familie
While some features of the Christmas land are ok..... But just 'ok'. ( gingerbread making, write a letter to santa, elf show) the whole set up needs to be lit more and at least have some festive music playing..... Its not rocket science.... So don't understand why this could not be done.....

2 hour que for SANTA is NOT acceptable for adults... Let alone little legs.... Disgusting.... Especially at this price.....

After asking a few staff... It seems its been an issue this year yet nothing has been done about it....

Elves were not happy and smiling.... ( apart from elf show girls)

No time to see 3D festive movie...

Food quality and prices are awful... And believe me I am not a fussy eater.....

Would not recommend.... Also it seems Covid does not affect Willow Farm!?

Skrevet 5. desember 2021
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London, UK34 bidrag
des. 2021
Absolutely fantastic day out. 10/10. There is so much to do, many farm animals to see in large in lovely large surroundings. For the Santa spectacular there are four different 15 minute long Elf shows in which the actors are superb, there’s also an adorable must see polar bear show, then grab your 3D glasses for a 3D Xmas film, there’s gingerbread decorating, letters to Santa, ice skating, snow ball canons, funfair rides, meet and greats of Peter rabbit characters and a husky dog, a really fun tractor ride where you sing a long and play a long with musical instruments, indoor soft play, outdoor playgrounds, bounce pillows, and then there’s a visit to big man himself where he gives you a token to pick your own toy to pick from his toy shop, the grotto is decked out stunningly and lots of photo opportunities to be had (don’t forget your camera), and too top it all off, kids get to do a build a bear cuddly toy that they keep. Everything apart from food and drink is all included in the price. The whole place is superb from beginning to end.… and there’s even fake snow showers! Thank you Willows for a truly magical day, we’ll definitely be back soon. Ps: the hot chocolate in the cafe was delicious.
Skrevet 5. desember 2021
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We're so glad to hear you had such a great day! We will pass on your message to our elves who will be delighted! We hope to see you back at Willows soon :-)
Skrevet 22. desember 2021
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