Ships Cemetery
Ships Cemetery
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Igor Onyszkiewicz
Wroclaw, Polen6 bidrag
nov. 2022 • Venner
Devastating example to what people’s actions can lead to. Though it’s not the easiest place to get and require some planning, definitely the cemetery is interesting enough for an endeavor.
Skrevet 13. november 2022
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Paris, Frankrike8 684 bidrag
sep. 2022
un des sites les plus impressionnants du monde. Ici fut la mer d'Aral et une des poissonneries les plus actives de l'URSS. Puis le détournement du fleuve Syr daria pour la culture du coton fit disparaître la mer intérieure en 50 ans. A la l place, il y a un désert de 40 000 kilomètres carrés. il faudrait faire 200 kilomètres si vous voulez voir la mer d'Aral. les autorités ont rassemble les bateaux restants. impressionnant de se promener dans ce qui fut le fond de l'eau.
Skrevet 19. oktober 2022
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Mirka P
Viareggio, Italia300 bidrag
mai 2022 • Par
Le stelle messe non indicano la bellezza del luogo. Un tempo il lago d’Aral si estendeva per 68mila chilometri quadrati, era pescoso, pieno di vita, e sulle sue rive si affacciavano villaggi abitati. Ora quel territorio è nella top ten delle zone più inquinate del mondo, un deserto arido e avvelenato sulla cui superficie barconi arrugginiti sono la triste testimonianza di uno dei più grandi disastri ambientali della storia. 😢😡
Skrevet 4. juni 2022
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Roubaix, Frankrike5 496 bidrag
mai 2022 • Alene
Plus de 20 ans que ces images des bateaux abandonnés sur le sable me hantait. Une première prise de conscience du massacre de la planète ( avant que l écologie ne devienne un enjeu politique). Double symbole de la stupidité de la planification et du productivisme. Pas certain que nous ayons beaucoup progressé depuis. Après l île de Pâques, Humberstone, je pense avoir vu l appétits sans fin de la race humaine. Ces 10 bateaux sont les monuments de notre stupidité .
Skrevet 1. mai 2022
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Sammy J
Haifa, Israel87 bidrag
sep. 2021
There are about 10 ships.
They are totally stripped of anything could be stripped. You can see teenagers "I love A and B loves me C" graffiti in Russian on every spot.
But still... one really needs to see that with the own eyes for otherwise the entire trip is incomplete..
Some ships are a bit stranded and can be best reached by short walking over the sands. I one hr you make this walk, admit that this is very very sad and u r done.
Hurry up, coz the local rule aims at scrapping the entire thing away.
Skrevet 30. januar 2022
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5 bidrag
nov. 2021 • Venner
Aral Sea
I would like to tell you about a recent trip to the Aral Sea. The trip was made at the end of November, in a rather cool season. Since we turned to the travel agency ‘Besqala’, the SUVs took us from Nukus at 9.30 a.m. Around 1 p.m. we drove to the Muynak and had lunch at a local family’s house. After lunch we visited the local history and Aral Sea museums. Next to the Aral Sea museum there is a ‘Ship Graveyard’, in which you can feel the whole tragedy of the Aral Sea.
Around 4 p.m. we left Muynak to the Yurt Camp at the Aral Sea. On the way, we admired the views and the beautiful sunset. If you have motion sickness, then I advise you to take medicine with you, since the road to the Aral Sea takes about 4 hours and you will drive off-road.
When we reached the Yurt Camp, it was already dark; we had dinner and at night we managed to see the starry sky. It was magical; I think everyone should see such beauty at least once in their life.
We spent the night in yurts, and they were quite comfortable and warm. Since it was almost winter, we watched the sunrise around 8.30 a.m., then we had breakfast and went to the shore of the Aral Sea. The shore was very close to the Yurt Camp, so we got there pretty quickly. The shore was very unusual, there was a lot of foam. I strongly advise you to visit the Aral Sea in the warm season, so you would have the opportunity to swim. On the way back, we visited several historical sites, and also stopped to admire the beautiful views.
Despite the tragedy, the Aral Sea is still extremely beautiful, so I highly recommend everyone to visit it.
Skrevet 14. januar 2022
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nov. 2021
Personally, travel to Karakalpakstan can be only imagined as traveling to museum named after Savitsky or Aral Sea, however I can surely inform that Karakalpakstan includes many other touristic places , of course majority of them historical areas , as ‘’ Mizdakhan’’ , ‘’ Gawirqala’’ or just ‘’ Khiva’’ . So in there I am in willing to describe one of the fascinating trips that we , students , made to some amazing touristic places of Karakalpakstan . Briefly the trip program covered investigations of Usturt plateau , Sudochi and all other byway places to Muynak region that is popular with its Aral Sea.
The trip started at 7 o’clock in the morning by leaving Nukus with two convenient transports marked as Toyota that were offered by “Besqala tour” agency which provides the whole trip requirements as map, information about places , lunch and dinner according to length of trip , also cost is affordable for majority.
The first destination was Usturt plateau which is located in the western part of Karakalpakstan. On the way to there you have to pass the regions Khodjeyli Khanlikol and Kungrad ( three dense-populated regions of Karakalpakstan) . Before arrival to destination along the way there is a little café called “Nayman chayxana” where visitors are able to have snacks and cold or hot drinks if you get hungry , additionally the price is comparably low .
As the destination is remote the way (asphalt) will create some troubles (ups and downs). Along the way you will get a chance of viewing the “Soda plant” and many salty areas of Karakalpakstan as salt is popular with the name “Snow of Karakalpakstan” . After many kilometers the tranquil picturesque scene of Usturt dessert begins. The cars drive you up 30 or 40 meters above the canyons where you may take extraordinary photos with eye-catching landscape of stones. Impressively the cliffs are definitely skyscraping . Also there you will confront numerus dessert species as deer, snakes, wild birds. One more merit of this place is the absolute silence, mainly there is no noise and a chance of escaping from hustle and bustle of real life, just nature.
Then the trip continued to Sudochi lake and Urga village along the mysterious cliffs of Usturt that takes approximately 30 minutes to departure. On the edge of arriving to Sudochi the attractive view of lake grabs your attention that leads you to feeling the power of nature. As our drivers(guides) mentioned that the meaning of the word ‘’Sudochi” is “suw” water and “ochi” true. You may relax by viewing the scenery in the height of 30 or 20 meters . Currently this lake is the shelter for some birds as flamingoes , geese, swans, cormorants and others.
The next place in our list of program was Urga village where people dwelled approximately in 1924 especially Pole and Russian people. Actually we were just surprised by seeing the old ancient houses and hospital that were built with the help of reed and mud. There is the first fish factory of Muynak near the village where you may meet several fishermen that are catching fish from the lake. They can also share with you any information about these areas. Moreover the fish factory owned its own fridge that was constructed under the earth was used to save fish as fresh. Such interesting new information lead us to next trip tour
And it was Muynak region (central area) that is well-known as fishing town in Central Asia .Firstly we had lunch at the home of one local citizen where we ate 2 traditional meals of Karakalpakstan. I consider that it is a superb chance of tasting or introducing with the culture, traditions, manners of local people. After then we made a visit to museum of Muynak and “Conjecture of ships” . Staring at Aral dessert we really wanted to re-fill the sea with water and imagined but in fact we can not do anything , we just took some photos there for memory . Muynak region is itself one of the small region and remote one throughout the country. But the authority is trying to develop the area and create the touristic atmosphere to welcome visitors from any part of world.

Like this temp we went back to Nukus at about 16:00. And then our trip reached its end at 19:00 in Nukus.
For all these opportunities I am really thankful for American Embassy that sponsored the whole project an the project itself “Next stop Nukus”
By this way I just want to invite you to our country to see all these places with your own eyes. We will wait you in there.
Thanks for reading 😊
Skrevet 7. januar 2022
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okt. 2021
Travel to Muynak.

If you are traveling in Karakalpakstan, and you are a supporter of long trips, then you should definitely visit such wild places of this country as: Sudochye Lake and the Ustyurt desert plateau and see with your own eyes the whole scale of the Aral Sea tragedy. In this review, I want to share with you my emotions and travel tips.

Perhaps you are wondering how to get to these places? In this case, I can recommend the company "Besqala tour agency", which has many years of experience in such transportation. What I liked was comfortable, spacious, passable transport such as: Toyota Land Cruiser 100 (4x4), which will be cool in summer and warm in winter. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are also included in the price of the trip.

One thing worth noting is the cost of travel. The price of the trip is not fixed, in one season it can grow, and in another it can decrease. The reason for this is a sharp increase or decrease in fuel prices.

The trip begins with a departure from Nukus at 7 o'clock early in the morning.On the way, you will meet three populated cities - the first is Khodjeyli, then Kungrad, which is about two hours away. Speaking of Kungrad, when you leave the city there is a nice place called “Nayman Chayxana” where you can have a coffee or a good snack if you get hungry. A large number of different goods are present in this cafe, from household items to motor oils.

Coming off the asphalt, we are moving to our first main point - the Ustyurt Plateau, through desert fields where you can often see wild horses and camels, the road is unpaved, if you do not tolerate sudden displacements, I recommend that you transfer to the front passenger seat, so there is less chance that you seasick.

Along the road there is a view of the Soda Plant located on the plateau.

Having passed the "Raushan" canal, which feeds the Sudochye Lake, we climb up to the plateau. From this moment a beautiful view of the valley opens, it will be even more spectacular if you go to the cliff over 40 meters high. There is an awareness of how humanity can destroy nature.

Moving to our next point, I want to add that drivers are passionate about their work, they know these places like the back of their hand, they rarely use navigators, as they drive along these roads every day. It is interesting to conduct a dialogue with them, as they tell interesting things about these places. For example: Lake Sudochie is translated from the local language as “Suvdoshin (suv- water, shin- true.”.

After driving through the desert area for more than 30 minutes, an old stone structure catches the eye - a former lighthouse that served for navigation of ships entering the port. Under the lighthouse there was an abandoned Russian-Polish settlement of Urga, which can be immediately understood from the Christian cemetery. Going down below, you can see an abandoned school, hospital, houses and a fish factory. In the settlement to this day you can meet fishermen who fish, in addition you can talk to them and ask about their life.

The coast is overgrown with reeds, and the water is moving farther and farther from the old place. Now Sudochie has become home to numerous birds. More than 230 bird species were recorded here, including swans, pelicans, flamingos, herons, golden eagles, cormorants and many others. A large population of flamingos was included in the Red Book of Uzbekistan, and the lake itself received the status of the "Most Important Bird Area".

Leaving Sudochie, we move towards Muynak, along the high walls of the plateau, fascinating views. Muynak was one of the largest fishing towns in Central Asia. There was clear water with river fish, beautiful beaches with numerous recreation areas. Now the city is located by the dry sea, and once it was possible to get to the city only by sea or by plane. Despite the lost glory, the city remains an interesting site for tourists and explorers of the seabed. There you can see and visit: Ships' graveyard, Yurt camp "Muynak", Museum of Local Lore of Muynak, Aralkum Desert.

The endless Aral Desert can be a great place for photography! When will you visit a place like this? Great shots can be made at the Festival of the Elements! This international festival takes place once a year and attracts a huge number of visitors from different countries.

The ship graveyard, located near the city, can rightfully be considered a landmark place in the region. Tourists fly from all over the world to see these places with their own eyes.

In the end, I want to say that I really liked this trip, I had a good time, met new people, visited beautiful places. I would like to thank the American Embassy for sponsoring and special thanks to the Next stop Nukus project for this opportunity.

Hope you enjoy these places!
Skrevet 7. januar 2022
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Jihu Park
Usbekistan13 bidrag
okt. 2021
If foreigners want to travel in Central Asia, they want to go Aral Sea and Muynak. Because it is known as environmental problem all over the world so that we also wanted to go there. Unfortunately, any kind of transportation can not go there. There are some traveling agencies like “Besqala Tour Agency”,which has suitable transports to travel in deserts such as Toyota Land Cruiser. It is fast and comfortable. If you want, agency can add apartment, breakfast, lunch and dinner. In my opinion, 1 day is not enough to travel to the Arall sea. Cost changes according to people’s plans and seasons. If you do not know where you want to go or do not know about places, agency will plan your traveling. However we had a 1 day traveling plan.
About 7 am our cars came and we went. After 2 hour way we got hungry. There is a good place to have rest called “Nayman Shayxana” in Kungrad. There are good national foods, drinks and snacks. From this place it starts deserts. We went these places first time so that we asked a lot of things that we had interested. As a joke they pretended we had gotten lost in the desert. Then they said “We can go to Muynak with closed eyes”. In the desert there are a lot of animals like camels, deer, snakes, lizards and birds. About 1 pm we went to Ustyurt Plateau. On the top of the plateau we saw very big spaciousness. The height of the plateau is about 150 meters. This place is beautiful and amazing. We left there and passed “Raushan” canal which is connected with “Sudochie Lake”. Drivers described the meaning of “Sudochie”. It is translated from local language as “ Suwi Duzshi” (suw-water, duzshi-unleavened). I can not believe there is a place like this in the desert. The next place was an old Lighthouse near the “Sudochie”. The height of the lighthouse is about 5 meters. We climbed on it. Because of the autumn yellow reeds around the lake looks like beautiful. We tried to go closer to the lake. There is an old hospital, school, fish factory named “ Aral Vostok” and ancient destroyed straw houses. But houses are almost nuance. There is also cellarage. It is very dark. Entering with phone flash is good but bigger light will help to see clearly in it. In the past people used is as fridge to keep fish fresher. At 3 pm we went to the Muynak and went to lunch in local houses. The host was very friendly and prepared very well. After leaving houses in 15 minutes we went “Graveyard Ships”(local people called ships on the sand, because they think ships are not ships without water). We walked here and took photos and we left. At 7 pm we came back Nukus. I can say that watching in photos or videos can not give emotion like within with your eyes. It was wonderful.
Skrevet 3. januar 2022
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Василий С
Kazan, Russland146 bidrag
okt. 2021
Несколько ржавых кораблей на дне бывшего Аральского моря. В стороне, справа, стоят ещё три посреди дюн, включая один деревянный баркас. Обзорная площадка находится на обрыве, откуда открывается захватывающий вид на Аральскую пустыню. Среди песка можно поискать ракушки и следы современных жителей. Все дюны полны мусора, бутылок, масок, банок.
Skrevet 4. november 2021
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