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Playa Potrero
200 mts Norte de Restaurante Beach House, Playa Potrero 38070 Costa Rica
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200 mts Norte de Restaurante Beach House, Playa Potrero 38070 Costa Rica
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Cuenta con una ubicacion estrategica frente al mar. Tiene la ventaja de contar con electricidad. agua potable y servicios sanitarios. El vehiculo se estaciona junto a la tienda de acampar en un lugar seguro. Excelente atención por parte de la dueña.
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March 4th or 5th I moved into the Camping Myra campground in Playa Flamingo. A few days later a strong wind came through and broke the metal support parts on my tent. I spoke with Veronica, the owner's daughter and manager, and she allowed me to use her shipping address to order new parts. A fews days later Veronica came to my tent and told me that her husband Rual has gotten stuck in the sand and if she can ride with me to go and pull him out. We go and I pull him out denting my truck in the process. The next day Veronica comes once again and says that Rual is stuck can we go pull him out. We go and I attempt to pull him out, but this time his wheels will not turn and I am not able to. A Jeep fitted for pulling trucks out of the sand is nearby and solicited to pull him out to the hard pack road. When Rual attempts to drive the truck the wheels will not turn. I hook up a chain to pull him, but am not able to - something has the truck locked up. With a little maneuvering back & forth we are able to get the truck to roll. I hook up a chain and tow him back to the campground. A mechanic is brought in and it is determined that the clutch, throw-out bearing, and pressure plate need to be replaced. With the truck disabled they have no transportation and solicit me to take the kids to school each morning and to pick them up later in the day to bring them home - two round-trips per day. No compensation is offered and I don't ask because I know they are short on money. About a week into it on the way to the school Veronica in a stressed voice says that they have no money for parts to fix the truck. I ask her how much they need - she responds $300. So on the return trip I stop at the bank and withdraw $300, hand it to her, and told her to pay me back on the up-coming big Easter camping weekend when the campground will be full, and they will be making good money. A few minutes after arriving back at the campground Rual comes to my tent and says that he needs $100 more. I give him another $100. The busy Easter weekend comes and the campground is full. On my way up to the house to get ice I see Veronica and she is very angry with me. I ask why and she says "You know why" and walks away. I go to the house and ask her brother Tony why she is so angry and he states '"You know why." I tell him I don't please tell me. He says nothing. Veronica passes near and I ask her "Please tell me what I did." She states: "The things to said to Rual." I give a shrug and state: "I don't know what you are talking about. I've said nothing to Rual" A day later I learn from Veronica's uncle that Rual had told her that I would trade sex for the $400. I then understood that Rual had created a scenario to make Veronica angry enough to have me evicted so as not to pay back the $400. The next day at 2pm Veronica calls the Police to have me evicted. I hear her on the phone and when she hangs up I say; "What about Gracie." my cat that spends all day out-and-about and does not return home until nightfall. Veronica says: "I don't care about Gracie." The Police come and give me fifteen minutes to get off the premises. Once I am loaded and out I went to the Police department and told them that I need to be able to go back to get Gracie; that she is my family, and that I know where her hide-out is and if I sit and call she will come to me. Sometimes it takes a few minutes, but she will come. Gracie is a one-person person and will not come to anyone else, and it is near impossible for anyone to catch her - she has to come on her own. The Police gave permission to go and get her. Her hideout is in a storm-drain on the border of the property of the campground and not near the house. I returned to the campground and spoke with Tony, Veronica's brother, and he gave me permission to get Gracie. I went to the storm drain but Gracie did come out. On leaving I told Tony I would return the next evening and he stated "OK". The next evening when I returned and am down in the draining ditch at the opening of the storm drain I look up and see Rual in a fast-pace towards my truck. I stand up and call to him. He turns and comes storming over and attacks with a machete. It takes all I can do to skip and bounce away from him and run and get into my truck. Rual is right behind me and starts attacking my truck as I speed away. I left and called the police. The next day four Police Officers escort me to the campground in an attempt to get Gracie. The Police go over near the house and I go over to the storm drain. Rual comes out of the house and starts screaming at the Police. I call for Gracie and the next thing I know there is Rual at the edge of the drainage ditch with a huge new guard dog ready to attack me. I jumped out of the ditch and ran to my truck. I have not been able to return for Gracie, and have left her food and a picture of her with a neighboring family. My losses are the order for the tent parts, $400 cash, and Gracie. Gracie lost everything - no food, water, shelter, home, nor companion.
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