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The Pearl Tatman House

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Dette var mitt åttende år på rad for å bo 5 dager og 4 netter i den vakre og historiske Pearl Tatman hus i et viktoriansk haven kalt Eureka Springs, AR! Jeg elsker dette hjem. Det er et ekte viktoriansk hjem til deg selv, det er veldig rent, godt vedlikeholdt, et fullt utstyrt
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Min mann og jeg returnerte akkurat fra en weekend opphold på Pearl. Vi feirer vår 25-års bryllupsdag og bestemte oss for å dra et fint sted i helgen. The Pearl var det perfekte stedet å være! Huset er pent innredet med antikviteter og har alle de "viktoriansk sjarm" som omtaler
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Min mann og jeg har besøkt Pearl Tatman house hvert år i fire år. Vi har nylig oppdaget vi forventet og bestemte oss for at det skulle være noe annet sted vi ville heller tilbringe vår "baby moon" enn "Perlen". Fra den vakre viktorianske Gingerbread utenfor, til det er
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Vi bodde i Pearl Tatman hus forbi vår! Vi har familie bor i Missouri, så vi brukte huset som en pause fra familie som besøker i Mexico, MO område! Min mann og jeg nøt oppholdet vårt i denne sjarmerende viktoriansk hus! Vi fant det rent og vakkert innredet med antikviteter fra
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Min mor og jeg bodde her, og det var en svært skuffende opplevelse. Vi var planlagt for noen få en netter og huset var så skittent og i for eksempel forfall at vi bare bodde en natt og dro tidlig neste morgen. Vi forsto at det var ment å være "self catering." Men vi ble
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Svar fra arthappens, Owner på The Pearl Tatman House
Besvart 21. jul. 2013
Bonnie and I are extremely disappointed to have so completely disappointed our two guests. We certainly value reviews from all our guests, especially negative ones. We understand that real time feedback from our customers is s valid way to tell how we are doing and what we need to do to improve the experience of Pearl’s visitors. Certainly several items outlined by these two guests have helped us in this regard. First, we are going to install protector bars over the screen door, as the screen is easily pushed out and repairing it (as we have done too many times in the past) has not proven to be effective; it keeps getting pushed out. Also, there is in fact a rather old, and somewhat dated, outdoor wicker love seat on the upper veranda, and we are going to remove it, as its value (as we perceived it) as a nod to the past, has apparently outweighed its functionality. The rest of the outdoor furniture perhaps gives an erroneous impression of “disrepair” as it is all “shabby sheek”, but we purchased it four years ago, and I cleaned it personally several months ago. While it is all in good working order, the uneven nature of the fieldstone decking around the pond (which was noted by the guests) may make the furniture seem unstable if one leg is placed over a gap. As to dirty windows, we may have well been deficient in window cleaning in the past, and appreciate the heads up and will make that a regular inspection point from now on. The “broken tiles” outside the kitchen window are samples of the hundred year old former patio floor, which is carved limestone and was used extensively throughout Eureka Springs. We positioned them there so that guests could get a quick look at the old mason’s handiwork. They could easily be moved and we standby for input from future guests about that. AS to the cleaning and stocking deficiencies in the review (wet towels, dusty furniture, unclean kitchen, etc), we reviewed the observations carefully with our manager, Mr. Doug Breitling, owner and operator of the Arsenic and Old Lace Bed and Breakfast, and we of course agree that failures of that nature are completely unsatisfactory. He assures us that these important areas should definitely not be an issue in the Pearl, and he points to his crews’ record in the past to reassure us about the future. We have never had a complaint in this regard in the four years Doug has managed the Pearl and sincerely apologize for this unforgivable mistake. As to the floor plan, Bonnie and I always discuss the layout of the rooms with prospective guests, as it is unique, and we are mindful that our guests need to know that before a reservation is confirmed. We sincerely regret that the unusual three bedroom layout was a problem for these two guests. As to the furniture being described as “flea shop finds”, the couch and companion chair, the dining room table and chairs and hutch were all purchased from the late billionaire John Paul Getty’s estate by a previous owner. The rest of the furniture was purchased by Bonnie and I in antique shops on the West Coast when we purchased the Pearl in 2007. We bought each piece specifically for the Pearl, shopped carefully over a two month period, and hauled it all from Oregon to Arkansas ourselves. While apparently much of it is not to the taste of these two visitors, based on the reaction of our many quests, we just have to respectfully disagree with these folks opinions and, especially, their descriptions. We will be publishing extensive pictures on Pearl’s Facebook pages within ten days of all the furniture in the Pearl, so prospective guests can satisfy their curiosity about the furniture. As to the steepness of the steps to and within the Pearl, we are always careful to alert prospective guests of this, and agree that all guests need to be aware of the many stairs. As to their being “cracked”, we point out they are over 100 years old and many, many steps all over Eureka Springs are similarly “cracked.” We believe they are very safe. Vines do indeed grow over the walls in front of the house and the stair walls, but the vines obviously should not be over the handrails or on the steps. Thanks for giving us a heads up on that. We have a landscape attendant and have alerted him to be more aware of that possibility. As to the pond: 1. Algae is an integral part of a sustaining ecosystem within a pond, and our pond is managed professionally by Sean’s Fishy Business of Berryville, who also maintains the pump. The pump has failed in the past and has been replaced twice. Also proper water level is important to correct pump operation, and Sean is mindful of that possibility as he maintains the pond on a regular basis. No abnormality was reported or observed during this time period, but we are aware that the sound of rushing water down the two streams is detectable in the house, and perhaps we should inform guests that it is possible to silence the streams at night if the sound of burbling water is disturbing to them. Thank you for highlighting this aspect of the Pearl. We were unable to locate the “mismatched” curtains in the “drawing room.” The mat at the foot of the stairs is not missing its rubber backing, as it never had any, and we have conducted slip tests as to its safety. We were unable to make it slide, however we do agree that the possibility of a sliding mat is unacceptable, so we will take it up while we look for an acceptable rubber backed mat. Thank you. As to the mismatched towels, we indeed have not stressed to our cleaning personnel the importance of matching the color of the towels which they hang in the bathrooms. We are considering the import of this. We have instructed our cleaning crew to dispose of any towels which have been spotted with bleach. We apologize for this failure and thanks for pointing it out. As to the bathroom situation, we are careful to discuss this with potential guests. When we purchased the Pearl there was only one bathroom upstairs, so we added a water closet and dressing area in the small room which is two steps outside the kitchen door and we added a Jacuzzi tub four steps to the right in the cold room in the mountain. Many of our guests find the cold room, Jacuzzi tub an inviting and refreshing experience; a guest can relax in the tub and have a view across the pond to South Mountain across the valley. In closing, we sincerely regret the disappointing experience our two guests had at the Pearl. Our inability to meet their expectations is unsettling and we appreciate the effort they made to point out how we can make the Pearl experience better for our future quests. Rest assured we are making every effort to respond appropriately and constructively to their unfortunate experience. Thank you, Richard Speer. Owner.
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