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A.M.C. Three Mile Island Camp

Meredith, NH
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I have been going to Three Mile Island since I was 7 years old, (many years ago). It is a wonderful, relaxing, unforgettable place to visit and experience. It is an island in Lake Winnipesaukee located three miles out of Center Harbor (so named). It is an island which is over a mile around, has over forty two person wood cabins, a grand lodge serving three great meals daily. A waterfront supporting, swimming, sailing, etc. This entire experience is one you will remember forever and never forget.
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Three Mile Island Camp is about as relaxing a vacation as you can get. We visited in early August, 2016. It was our first time and we're very glad we went. Their website gives a lot of great information on the FAQ pages, but below is more detail. The pace is slow. There isn’t a lot to do, but there are things to do. There is no pressure to do anything. If you feel staff or other guests are encouraging you to do an organized activity, you can say no and not be judged. There is usually one organized activity per day, examples include a "Capture the Flag" game, a canoe paddle to an island for a hike, or volleyball game. The food was beyond expectations (not typical camp food like hamburgers and hot dogs). There is clearly a “bubble” around the Island. As soon as you enter the Island’s perimeter, everyone is happy. People move and talk slower. The air is fresher. I think they pump in highly oxygenated air to increase the euphoria. People don’t mind being disconnected from electronics (there is an emergency number to give family/friends). It’s clear the “bubble” has altered the relationship between space and time. The longer you’re on the island, the slower you move, think, and talk. At the same time, as you become accustomed to the altered space – time relationship, the walk from your cabin to the “Main House” seems to get shorter and shorter. The Island crew even has their own language. For example, they refer to themselves as “croo”, and the tasks they do are called “jobbers”. They’re all happy, energetic, smart, super friendly, get to know you a little, etc. They’re the kinds of people you’d want your kids to date and bring home for you to meet. In fact, I’m convinced the Camp “croo” are cloned. They’re perfect at what they do… I’m guessing that in the early years of the Camp the best “croo” members were cloned so only the best “croo” members would be available in the future. Food is important on any vacation. The main cook, Tim, does amazing things in the kitchen and with the Big Green Egg smokers. Leave your expectations for “camp food” (burgers and dogs) at home. The daily menus are set, but there are always alternate menus available (for example, vegetarian if the main meal is meat) and they will try to accommodate dietary needs. Example breakfasts include French toast, different forms of eggs, oatmeal, fresh fruit, one morning we had smoked salmon and bagels! Lunches included fish chowder, homemade tomato-vegetable soup and grilled cheese, Thanksgiving dinner, and smoked brisket. Dinner included fish tacos, BBQ chicken, and desserts… oh my, desserts! It’s really fun to see the server’s response after asking him/her “I need to know if I should save room, what’s for dessert?” If you have reasonable requests for meals or desserts, they’ll try to accommodate you (I asked for chocolate, and was not disappointed). All meals are made on the Island, and as much as possible food is sourced from local farms using sustainable practices. If eating meals "family style" with several people around you makes you uneasy, rest assured that people are understanding. You can sit at the end of a table so you’re not surrounded by so many people. There is always something to talk about, table conversation goes on for a long time after meals. Don’t let the lack of electricity or running water scare you. It becomes a non-issue after two days. Children seem to be less phased by this than adults. You are provided with a “solar shower” that heats up rather quickly, and the outhouses are generally well maintained (the odor may be a little strong during high peak times like first thing in the morning). The fresh water lake isn’t particularly mineralized so it doesn’t leave your hair feeling thick. (Note: You shouldn’t use soap in the lake, the biodegradable soap you use needs to be filtered through the soil as the water seeps to the lake.) Children are not overlooked on this island. There are daily activities to include them and help keep them from getting too bored. The island is safe, I let my 12-yr old roam around and explore and sit with who he wants during the day, but we “regrouped” each afternoon for a little happy hour and ate dinner as a family. If you’re sensitive to heat, you may want a battery operated fan (I had a $20 ten-inch portable fan from “O 2 Cool”, whatever you get shouldn’t have a wide base so you can slide it in front of the window). The battery lasted a week because 5 of the 7 nights got pretty chilly and I turned it off during shortly after midnight and pulled on a second blanket. If you’re a social person, most of the people there will be too. However, like I said, if you prefer to keep to yourself you can do that too. I read during the day, “regrouped” with my son in the late afternoons, and socialized during “happy hour” (5-5:50; though seemed to start earlier as the week went on) and during the evening camp fires. While many guests had a subtle competition over how many years they have been coming, the real proof is in the next generation visitors. For example, many people said they went there growing up and are now bringing their kids. That’s considerable evidence of how enjoyable the Island is (again, I’m certain AMC pumps in extra oxygenated air to increase euphoria). In closing, if you’re seeking a true vacation where time stands still, this is the place to go. It’s not as rustic as you think but still removed from civilization enough to have the desired result: relaxation. You’ll be well rested and well fed. I guarantee it.
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I love fall weekends at Three Mile Island camp. From the delicious meals served family style at the main house to hiking the island and enjoying the vibrant foliage, this is the perfect place to unplug. The cabins are rustic and beautiful, each with its own waterfront and private dock. Canoeing, kayaking and swimming in the still warm waters of Winnipesaukee make this one of my favorite fall getaways. I'll be back!
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Three Mile Island's fall weekends are fantastic. A private cabin to yourself, your own private dock (!!), three delicious meals a day, hearing loon calls at night... it's a rare combination of living in the woods and being taken care of at the same time.
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Extended family and I have spent a fall weekend at Three Mile Island for 6 years in a row. Rustic by my standards, with no plumbing or electricity, but that is tolerable for a weekend. Many more hard core campers/hikers would think it quite luxurious, I'm sure. Having the experience of "remoteness" and "camping" while having meals prepared for you is great. Nice people, very laid back and apparently run the same way for many decades. A great way to have quality, focused time with family. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is because the after dark night arrival on Friday evening is not ideal. I understand this is so the "croo" can arrive earlier and prepare, but I would be so nice to have an earlier boat, even 6pm, to allow for daylight arrival.
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