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Country Surrey Inn

Lake Gouldsboro, Gouldsboro, PA 18424
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The only thing the last reviewer missed was the stench that came from the bathrooms. I couldn't believe how disgusting this place was! Two TV channels...snow and rain. The bathrooms were scummy, scuzzy and beyond filthy. There were so many dust bunnies in this room that I renamed the hotel "The Country Furry Inn." Haven't been back to that place since my trip in 2004. Even the NASCAR crowd, which she says doesn't have time for anything but the race, has better standards. It would've been cleaner to sleep in a port a potty!!!!! They had the nerve to leave an envelope on the dresser for the maid's tip. So I left a note in there saying, "Here's your tip: to deserve a tip you must CLEAN the room first!"
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Renovations look great. Keep up the great work. The new kitchens in the suites really work. The restaurant & deck overlook the lake.
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Where do I begin? Country Surrey Inn was the most horrible place in the entire world. I cannot believe they are still open for business. This place is not just condemnable, it is a safety hazard. This place gives false advertising a new name. First they want $140 per night and it is not worth 140 cents per night. They do not have a website, you cannot reach them by phone, and they do not accept Visa or MasterCard, only cash or check. They want $100 down in advance and now I know why. If they didn’t collect the money in advance, you would run screaming once you arrived. At least with the down payment, they make $100. My cousin, his son and my uncle stayed there for the Pocono 500 race. They sent a brochure to their home weeks in advance with amazing photographs of the lake, people getting married, boats, the restaurant and the room. The pictures made this place look gorgeous. So, we put down the $100 deposit thinking we were getting a steal. Oh my God. I can’t even begin to describe it. First, the room in the picture does not exist. You get a very small dirty room that looks about 75 years old with no upkeep. There is no phone and the sheets were actually stained yellow. They expected our 11 year old cousin to sleep on stained sheets. The television was from 1955 (with a dial and only had 2 channels). As for the lake…it was no longer in operation. It has been closed for years, with no preservation of the surroundings. It is an uninhabitable dirty swamp. Needless to say, they could not go swimming or boating. They also brought up their Playstation (which they cannot live without) only to find that the 1955 television set does not have cable hookups, so they were out of luck. This all pales in comparison to the worst or should I say, most dangerous part of the Inn. There was a glass sliding door leading onto to the “porch”. Well, this didn’t lead onto a porch. It led onto an open stairwell. So if you were not careful and opened this door to go outside, you would fall about 12 feet to your death! My cousin could not take another second. We were staying at a hotel about 30 minutes away. My cousin took a ride to our hotel to give us the disturbing news. We immediately went to talk to the 70 year old woman who runs the inn to demand a refund. This is the kicker. The first thing I said to her was, “this is beyond false advertisement, there is no lake or boats or even a TV that operates”. She said, without hesitation, “I can’t handle this”. It was like everyone who ever stayed there had the same complaints and she didn’t want to hear it anymore. It seemed she was expecting us to complain about it. I also noticed the place was deserted. We were the only fools there!! She immediately started fighting with me. I said, “As advertised in your brochure, my uncle and his grandson had plans to go fishing on the lake”. She said, “No one comes to the Pocono 500 race and goes fishing. You won’t have any time for that”. Then I said, “They brought playstation to play with”. She said, “No one comes to the Pocono 500 race and plays playstation. Don’t give me that crap! You are not going to have time for that”. She told us, “we were not here for that! All our time will be spent at the racetrack, so stop complaining”. She was giving us our itinerary, assuming what we were and weren’t going to do and basically insinuated that we knew all along this place was a dump, so live with it. She even went as far as saying we knew that there were no boats available (and again, “who comes to the Pocono race to go boating anyway, we will have no time for that”). Well, how were we supposed to know when the brochure told a completely different story? I just couldn’t believe it. It was surreal. She also called me stupid and she “knew my type”. And I was being very nice. I hate to see how she would be if I was unpleasant! It was obvious we were not going to reason with this woman, so we gave up. We told her to keep the money. It this point I told everyone to pack, we were leaving. She tried to stop them. She said, “what about my money. You stayed here for a day and you owe me money”. They only stayed there for 2 hours and she already had the $100 down payment, which is way more than she deserved. Luckily there was one room left at our hotel so everything worked out fine. This was a complete nightmare. You know those $39 a night hole in the walls you see advertised? Well those are luxury compared to the Country Surrey Inn! And at least you know what you are getting when you book it. When we arrived home, I checked out the brochure one more time. I noticed the married couple in the picture and the woman’s ‘80’s haircut. These pictures are from the 1980’s or earlier and I think the lake was from another section of eastern PA!! What kind of place sends you brochures from the 1980’s!!!! I have never encountered an experience like this in my life and I am sure I will never again. Please stay away! You have been warned!
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