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432 Grange Rd, Mount Pocono, PA 18344-7128
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Stayed 2 nights in a 'cosy cabin' . Check in was easy, Lisa very welcoming. Our cabin was a pleasant surprise , the term cost made me think it was small but it was actually a very good size and had everything we needed including a TV and air conditioning. The shower and bathroom were small but functional. The cabin was clean and had good storage space. At night the only noise you could hearwas the frogs and wildlife. The setting is lovely and very spacious. We actually thought we were the only ones there on the 2nd night, in the morning we saw couple of other people lol. We enjoyed our stay here alot and would recommend it.
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The staff, managers and owner [all of them] were friendly, warm and marvelous. We had a second family reunion here and the first was a couple years ago. It is nice to see the changes and updates and I can't wait to see what the future brings. This was our tenth annual reunion and we change locations each year. I can guarantee that we will be back to this location in years to come. Our group comes from all over the county, from PA, CO, NJ, NY, CT, VA, & MI, so it is great that we all stayed in different style rooms from the family flat to the cabins. Some who were local, just drove out for the day. It truly was a peaceful quiet retreat which was seconds away from any amenities in the Pocono Mountains that you may want to check out. A short drive around the corner for ice cream at Casino Theater & Malt Shop, and to Callies for Candy and Pretzels are definite "must dos" when you are here. Make sure and bring a football, wiffle ball, frizz-bee, corn-hole, spike-ball and anything else you can do in large grass fields.
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I attended my co workers wedding in October. I live in the Poconos and am familiar with Memorytown. I was very excited. It was my first time going there for a wedding.Because we work together closely, I knew basically her visions for the day and what she was hoping for. What a disappointment. It was overcast and kind of misting , The ceremony was very nice and her arrangements and attendants were beautiful. The outdoor rustic setting is definitely what draws you in. Everything after that was downhill. We walked over to a small barn with a front covered deck or porch. There were about 45 or so of us and we were very cramped. There was a bartender serving beer and wine. There was supposed to be red, white and blush but only red and white were served. They had fruit and veggies set up on a round table and 2 waiters passed around her hot hors d'oeuvres. I can't imagine even one more guest fitting into the space. Just too crowded for the bar tender to keep up and the wait staff to move around. On the positive the wait staff was very nice and friendly and the food served was hot and tasty. After about 20 mins we went inside to find our we go further down hill. It was still pretty light outside for early October ....however the barn inside was so poorly lit with only one string of lights in the front , our eyes could barely adjust. My table of 7 was in the back. We needed the flashlights on our cell phones to see each other . ..I kid you not . That dark. The food was again a high point for taste. You just couldn't see what you were eating and the waitstaff struggled to put the plates down. After our meal and some dancing on the extremely small crowded dance floor, the couple cut their cake and we had dessert. The cake table and cupcakes she had picked were to me pushed back so far against the wall they weren't visible until you were standing a few inches away..and again the whole venue was dark with the back of the barn extremely dark. Because it was so hard to see anything I wasn't too alarmed not to spot the Candy Bar she had planned. I recall the bride painstakingly picking out the old fashioned candy that was too be displayed in big glass jars etc. that the guests were going to be able to fill up in small bags to take home,. What I saw instead was a table again pushed back so far against the wall it was only visible to my table(with my cell phone flashlight) just like the Cake table was only visible to the table in front of it. On this table were a few mints and Hersheys kisses,not the elaborate display she described.. I didn't want to say anything to the bride that night except how beautiful she looked and what a great time we had. A few days later I found out Memorytown NEVER put out her Candy Bar. The few mints etc. were what she put out in a panic to cover the space!..They forgot!!!!..This was a highlight of the reception!. They also seemed to have forgotten a ton of set up. The attendants and Bride's Mother did so much of the set up and prep themselves. I have been reading other reviews of this venue and that seems to be a running theme...while the Wedding Coordinator is procuring new business the existing booked events fall thru the cracks. Family and friends are left to pick up the slack and do the Wedding coordinators job. I know my friend and her Mother met with the Owner and or coordinator to make things right and they offered some compensation..but you can't go back in time and fix a cramped dark venue that missed the mark on so many levels...I decided to write my review after reading so many similar experiences. They're focusing on new business. Prospective guests should notice all the good reviews on multiple sites are for the actual property. I can scarcely recall one positive review for a wedding. They are not delivering on what they promise.Buyer beware.
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My wife was the maid of honor at a wedding at Memorytown back in mid October, the rustic setting of the venue is nice but other then that the service was awful!! I don't even know where to start! Unfortunately the wedding turned out to be a complete disaster for her best friend who spent a substantial amount of money on this venue. I wanted to wait to write this review because a certified letter was sent to the owner in regards to all the problems. Before I blast them on social media we wanted to be sure to do the right thing and give them a chance to respond. It is now mid December and ZERO response, apology, refund, or anything was given! Let’s start off with the rehearsal dinner which was Chicken Parm and was one of the sorriest excuses for Chicken Parm we had ever seen. For about 30-40 people they had ONE single bartender who was completely overwhelmed and couldn’t even close to keep up with the pace. I tried to keep tipping her to see if that would change anything but it didn’t. Due to the bar being such a disaster I figured I would just get a bottle of wine for the table, then we found out this place doesn’t even serve bottles of wine! How can you call yourself a wedding venue if you don’t even stock bottles of wine at your bar? When I asked for a bottle of wine for the table they looked at me like I had 5 heads, if the bar service wasn’t so atrocious we wouldn’t have needed them. I wound up getting them to give us carafes filled with wine just to make it easier, of course it took them forever to even fill a jar, everything we asked seemed to be rocket science to these people. Overall service was just awful and dirty dishes kept piling up on tables everywhere. Now let's move to the wedding day. Since there was a wedding the night before the place was filthy and the staff at Memorytown did nothing to clean it. My wife was emptying ashtrays, garbages, and even cleaning the damn bathrooms, this is after all the girls paid to have there hair and makeup done and are all dressed for the day. The venue wouldn’t even let them use extension cords for the lights they had and made them drive to Home Depot to get there own. All the lantern centerpieces had dead batteries as well so they wound up spending $80 just on damn batteries just to get these things to work. Lisa who was the wedding coordinator disappeared the entire day and was too busy giving tours to prospects rather than tending to the wedding somebody just spent tens of thousands of dollars on. To add even more madness to mayhem people that were checking into the cabins on Saturday and paid for them close to a year and advance had nowhere to get ready. No hotel I have ever stayed at charges the full amount of the room up front usually it’s a small deposit hold on the card and the amount is charged upon checkout once services rendered were acceptable and agreed upon. The ceremony started at 4:30 and people’s rooms weren’t even ready until 8 o clock, other people didn’t even have hot water so they had to take cold showers. Memory town didn’t clean or decorate a single thing that day, it was one of the most disgraceful displays of service ethics I have ever seen in my life. The ceremony itself wound up being quite nice and the bride showed up in a horse and carriage which was kind of cool. Unfortunately that 20 mins was really the only nice part of the whole day. After the ceremony you didn’t go right into cocktail hour we were told to go back to the bar where we had the rehearsal dinner the night before. So we basically had to go pay for all our own drinks before cocktail hour started which i’ve never heard of in my life. The bar was also still open to the public which made it even more odd so other people not affiliated with the wedding were just hanging out in there. Dirty dishes were piled up everywhere on the tables, I couldn’t believe they thought this was acceptable quality for a wedding day! We then asked them to put on the Penn State game (which is the main team everyone follows in PA) and of course there TV’s weren’t working, no surprise there I guess. Right as the clock hit 5:30 everyone stormed out of the bar and over to the cocktail hour. Once we got to cocktail hour I thought God there must be some kind of mistake, where is all the food?! We kept looking and they just had a big center table with nothing but two tiny fruit platters that looked like somebody just ran out and picked up at their local Shoprite. Everyone I was with was shocked they had never seen a cocktail hour with no food before, the room was tiny meant for maybe 50-75 people and we had 140 cramped shoulder to shoulder in this place. Eventually a few passed appetizers came out but they were pretty impossible to get, a buddy of mine chased down a waitress just to try and get one ravioli. The few things they had seemed just like cheap fried apps you would get in the freezer section at Walmart. There was a mashed potato bar which was a cool concept but the venue charged them extra just to have that, and of course they ran out halfway through the cocktail hour. Just imagine 140 people lined up in a 50 person room all fighting for there 1 scoop of mashed potatoes before they ran out since there was no other food. Then came the reception, I couldn’t wait to see what treat was next for us, LOL. The venue was beautifully decorated but of course my wife, the bridesmaids, and groomsmen had to do it all themselves with there own supplies and numerous Home Depot trips. The choices for dinner were Chilean Sea Bass or Prime Rib which of course was an extra up charge as well, the food was absolutely terrible. The salad’s were all already on the table at our place settings once we walked in the room which was weird, who knew how long they had been sitting there for. I ordered the prime rib, they brought me out this thin piece of fat smothered in this gross thick gravy. It was the sorriest excuse for a prime rib I have ever had, the Seabass was a tiny bit better but still awful that’s what my wife ordered. We heard the waitress saying that they were running out of prime rib, which is probably why it was cut so thin. How do you run out of food when you are given a head count and a meal choice ahead of time? After dinner was served we notice service got slow and nothing was being cleaned up. That’s when the bride's brother went across the street to the ready room and saw all the staff on break eating pizza including Lisa the wedding planner! No wonder why service slowed down everyone decided that an hour into a 3 hour reception they needed a break already. There was also popcorn bar that they paid extra for the the mother of the bride and bridesmaids had to keep tending to an refilling themselves. Just to put the icing on the cake 8 o’ clock rolled around and we went to the bar to get a drinks and they turned the lights off and walked away and said sorry bar is closed. I came back and told a few friends the bar was closed and they didn’t believe me. Many people started to walk back to the other bar that the rehearsal was and buy their own drinks again, just like before cocktail hour. At that point I was ready to leave, I think we wound up getting out of there around 8:30-9, the only thing I was thankful for was that I was staying at Mt. Airy Casino up the road which was completely beautiful and a seperate 5 star review. Most of us went back to the casino for an after party and had the time of our lives. Overall we did wind up making the best of the wedding, we laughed and joked about it and because we were with such a great group of family and friends we still had fun. However it’s no joking matter that when you lay out tens of thousands of dollars and plan this entire day for over a year and get treated like this. As a close friend to the bride and groom I felt it my duty to write this type of review to get a much needed response and/or partial refund. Nobody should have this type of experience or service on their wedding day, this is one of the most important days of their lives and the Memory Town Owners, Management, and Staff should be completely ashamed of themselves. The complaint letter was sent certified so we know the owner received it and chose to do NOTHING!!!! I am usually not one to write negative reviews unless it’s absolutely necessary since I know how much it can hurt a business, just about all my tripadvisor reviews are positive 4 stars and above. I will be sure everyone on every travel and wedding website knows about this disgrace of a venue, hopefully they decide to make right on there wrong!
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A small town built around a lake with many buildings. Great venue fir parties, reunions and weddings with lots of parking Nd and space fir picnics. Lots of trees and open areas. To party. In. It is very scenic and a number of commercials have been shot here.
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USAPennsylvaniaPocono Mountains RegionMount Pocono
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