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Le logis de L'Epinette

19 rue de Barreau, 33500 Libourne Frankrike
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I'm not the type to write bad reviews of places nor want to hurt someone's business, but this situation warrants a warning to other would-be travelers. We arrived at the hotel around 3:30 PM, well before the 6 PM cutoff for someone to be at the front desk. Note that we travel by finding wifi in cafes, hotels, etc and do not pay for international cellular service. Upon arrival, there is a locked gate with a keypad, and we barely had room to pull up our rental car off very narrow road that cars speed down. I tried to press the gate intercom button and got no response. We had no way of calling the phone number, but shouldn't have needed to since it was well before 6PM. Thinking outside the box, I found a gap in the fence and walked over to the building; no one was to be found. The door was open, so I went in and called out loudly for someone; no response. Eventually after exploring upstairs and all around the building, we knocked on a shuttered back window and a woman came out. She spoke only a few words of English but we were able to communicate enough to get keys and a gate code. At this point, I had shown my pre-paid reservation email from a booking agency and everything seemed to be fine. The room was pleasant and clean (though we subsequently did find 2 large spiders and a pincher bug). The problems started when we returned with our take-away and were enjoying a picnic in the yard with a bottle of wine. At around 8:30 PM, the owner, Arasheid, aggressively approached us and demanded we pay him immediately for the room, or else we had to leave. Again, the language barrier was an issue, but he kept repeating that he doesn't do business with the website we used and only uses other websites. We had already paid for the room via the website we used and it was getting too late to try to find other accommodations, so we assured him the website would pay him. He refused this and told us that this particular website owed him 2200 Euros! We called customer service via wifi and WhatsApp. After long wait times and getting disconnected twice, we got an agent who tried to help mediate by calling the hotel and talking with Arasheid, but they did not have an agent who spoke French, and made little progress. It became clear that we were going to have to offer direct payment or leave, so I took our credit card and went with Arasheid to pay him while my husband stayed on with hotels dot com and negotiated a refund. I followed Arasheid (who was now shirtless) to his credit card machine. He found a crumpled up old roll of paper for the machine and attempted to process the card for the same amount we had previously paid. The card was declined. So now we had to call the credit card company, even though we had had no problems with the card anywhere else on our trip. Once we got through to Visa on the phone, we found out they didn't even have a record of the payment attempt! So I went back with Arasheid and tried again, and this time there was a processing error. I was out of options and out of Euros, so just wanting to get this situation over with, I offered Arasheid the equivalent payment in USD cash, which he accepted. The next morning, at around 9:30 AM, we were awoken to someone turning our room door knob and attempting to enter. Thankfully, I had used the key to lock the door because neither myself nor my wife were dressed. The person went away at that time, but shortly after 10 AM Arasheid was aggressively telling us we had to go, even though check out wasn't until 11. The take aways we learned in dealing with this hotel are as follows: While the accommodations are nice, expect an extreme lack of professionalism (no one there to check us in, aggressive hounding for payment on site and airing of dirty laundry with, failure to process CC payment, kicking us out before checkout). On the plus side, Arasheid was very apologetic about the situation with the payment and gave us beers while we were sorting it out. That being said, it was clear he does not want to accept reservations from Certain website companies, so if you booked through that, I would have extreme second thoughts. If you booked though another service, go for it as long as you know what you might be getting into; you've been warned.
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En route de Belgique vers le pays basque, un belle découverte que ce logement dans une maison d'hôte : une chambre magnifique (bien mieux que sur les photos !), un petit déjeuner agréable et surtout un patron aux petits soins, attentif et chaleureux, le tout dans une région exceptionnelle ! A retenir pour un séjour plus long qu'une simple étape !
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Accueil chaleureux bien que nous soyons arrivé en avance, le propriétaire nous offre un café en attendant que la chambre soit prête. Nous admirons la qualité de la restauration de cette maison de pierre du XIXe récemment décorée sobrement avec beaucoup de goût. Le quartier est très calme bien qu'à proximité du centre-ville. Excellent petit déjeuner familial, Cet une adresse à retenir et à conseiller.
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