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Nyumbani Hotel

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Nr. 7 av 14 hoteller i Mwanza
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PRISON BREAK Having not received any answer to my internet booking request, l tempted my chance and got easily a "De Luxe" room on the 7th floor and, being resident, l was authorised to pay upfront in local currency the 360.000TZ for 2 nights with breakfast. Carrying an important amount of valuables with me, l insisted to have a safety deposit box, which the kind receptionist assured there was in each room; upon entering it there was none so l refused to stay and asked for another one which they gave me immediately but the safe was so ridiculously small (see picture) that it could hardly contain more than a wallet and travel documents; no-way to put a small laptop in it and the electronic system didn't work, actually never worked even after a manager and 2 other house-keepers came along to try to repair it; so l had the burden to carry everything with me all the time and fell quite insecure. I was the only guest present in their restaurant when l arrived at 8 p.m. The tomato soup was served after 45 min. I had never eaten a tomato soup that tasted like mushroom in my life and don't ask me how they managed that miracle but, though a bit watery, it wasn't bad after all and the colour was red. Ordered a bottle of S.A. Claret that the waitress probably fetched at the bar on the 9th floor because it took her 20 min. to bring it and she probably used a corkscrew for the 1st time in her life because I had to show her how to open the bottle. The lamb chops l ordered rare were completely carbonised (see picture) and, not being able to cut even a tiny bit off it with a dented knife, l sent it back, refusing to break my expensive implants. The Chef came immediately to inquire what was "wrong"!!! He offered me to prepare a fillet of Tilapia fish which l accepted and, though insipid, it was decent. I paid cash too tired to checki my bill. I had started a malaria and just wanted to be in bed. Upon arrival in the room, l immediately received a telephone call from the waitress saying laud, word for word, "HEY, RAFIKI" (hey, my friend), "YOU DID NOT PAY FOR YOUR SOUP" in such a tone as if l was a thief, to which l answered that l would pay HER omission at breakfast in the morning, which off-course l did. 2h40 min to be served a very simple but bad meal, reluctantly served by a waitress that preferred watching a very loud soap on the telly placed in the middle of the dining-room and chat with her colleague rather than caring for me and 2 other guests that arrived later-on, believe me that it's very long but l needed food after a long journey from Zanzibar without anything in my stomach. Should you go, better take ear-plugs with you. Breakfast buffet was correct with the exception that l would have preferred fresh brewed coffee rather than individual pre-packed portions of instant one. The rooms are very clean but the hangers are recuperated iron ones from a laundry shop and one could be very easily electrocuted with all the loose electric wires all over the floor. At the door of the bathroom there is an electric wire on the floor on which you could easily stumble, the same at the end of the bed and l leave to your imagination what could happen should your feet be wet or humid! The only night-table light had no end to plug in and there was not even a socket nearby; loose sockets are hanging from the walls, 2 windows that were open have their handles removed and you broke your nails to close them. This is not an hotel, it's dead row with a waitress that has been trained in Treblinka. Never again. AYOR or you are suicidal!
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Jeg flyttet hit fra tilapia, og jeg er glad for at jeg gjorde det. Vennligheten og oppmerksomheten til de ansatte er 100% bedre, og sjefen selv møtte meg uten å måtte bli tilkalt for en klage ! Maten var god, og rommene er svært komfortable, litt små hvis det var 2 på rommet, men for et kortvarig det er ikke noe problem. God varm dusj og gode fasiliteter. De ordnet drosjer å ta meg og plukke meg opp senere når jeg gikk ut, fikk meg lokale SIM-kortet og registrerte det og ga meg en ordentlig kursen på dollar jeg skiftet ! Vil definitivt bo her neste gang jeg er i byen
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I spent a night at the Nyumbani hotel and resort in Mwanza's CBD and everything form the service, food, room (wish they were larger), design was excellent. It provides a captivating view of L.Victoria and the entire city either from the rooms on the 7th flr or from the swimming on the 9th flr. I'll certainly be back soon!
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My husband and I stayed at Nyumbani Hotel in Mwanza after a couple of weeks of heavy bus travel. It was like a dream. (I laughed when I saw the logo, "they nyumbani of your dreams" but have now come to joke about how accurate that is). The rooms were very clean. The showers were always hot, and the water pressure was very good. We also had air conditioning. We stayed in a standard room, and even though we are wazungu, they charged us the same price that they charge for locals. The staff were all very friendly and helpful, particularly the manager and the head chef. We went for a walk to the New Mwanza Hotel and the Gold Crest Hotel just to check them out, and they were not as nice looking, yet a lot more expensive! Also, just outside of those two hotels is one of the worst places in the city for being hassled by touts. We much preferred the peace and convenience of being just two blocks down the road. Also, we visited Tilapia for lunch and a meeting and had a very annoying encounter there. In Mwanza, the taxis are not marked with a stripe as they are in Dar, so it is difficult to know for sure if you are going with a registered taxi or not. After lunch, the person at the Tilapia's front desk told us that they don't even supply hotel taxis to their residents, just a hotel shuttle to the airport. You are supposed to just use one of the random cars outside the gate. I said, but how do we even know they are really taxis? And the person at the Tilapia's front desk replied with a shrug, yeah there is no way to tell. Then someone there offered to help us by walking us to the gate and making sure we went with a taxi driver that he knew. I asked him in Swahili as we approached the car, Ok, what is this driver's name? He looked at the driver and asked him his name in front of me. Then he said, see his name is John. I said, yes, but you don't know him. Finally, he had to admit he didn't know him! Mwanza is not a city that is particularly geared for foreigners, but of all hotels, I was told Tilapia was good about that. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case. Don't pay the extra money to stay there. We declined the ride and turned around and called our driver from Nyumbani who was there within 5 or 10 minutes. Save yourself a lot of headaches and stay at Nyumbani. It is cheaper AND nicer than nearby hotels!
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My wife and I have stayed at Nyumbani a couple times. Overall, we've been pleased. It has a guarded, underground garage. It's in a great location for access to town, food, or the waterfront area. Lakeside rooms have a great view, even though it's not located directly next to Lake Victoria. The Deluxe rooms we've stayed in (95,000 Tanzanian shillings per night) have had beds which are on the harder side, which my wife and I have different feelings about. The AC works great and there's a nice TV with many channels, making the rooms a comfortable place to spend time. Some of the rooms are a bit smoky, but not too bad. The rooftop pool is tiny and located next to a bar with seating areas, but it's fairly deep and refreshing. Breakfast is good. Service is certainly acceptable. And the price is much more affordable than other local options with comparable facilities. Eat dinner at the Tilapia Hotel down the road, but stay at Nyumbani!
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