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Dinnet, UK: Burn O'Vat
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Burn O'Vat (Thomas P, sep 2015)
“If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” -  Kahlil Gibran
The remains of this tree show it has been badly afflicted by the bracket fungus Fomes fomentarius , also known as Tinder Fungus and Hoof Fungus. It gradually weakens and kills the tree. Fisherman use the fungus to extract moisture from the flies they use as bait, to make them float. Also, if it’s processed it makes excellent tinder.
Loch Kinord framed by feathery ferns and Meadowsweet ( Filipendula ulmaria) , also known as queen of the meadow, which is a herbaceous plant. Meadowsweet was a sacred herb to the Celtic druids, and was historically used to flavour mead . It’s long been used in medicine as it has many healing properties.
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