Kart over og turistinformasjon for Venezia

Offisielle koblinger
Venice Veneto Gourmet
S.Polo 2308
Tlf: 041-2750687
URL-adresse: http://www.venicevenetogourmet.com
E-post: info@venicevenetogourmet.com
Venice Veneto Gourmet offers an array of culinary experiences (in English, French or Italian) such as tours, classes and special events for lovers of food, wine, art and history who wish to explore Venice and the Veneto Region through its "Edible History." Where impressive artworks are, so too are good food and wine. The joy of tasting and eating becomes more meaningful when surrounded by beauty.  

Venecia en español
Via Castello 363
Tlf: 00393484737986
URL-adresse: http://www.veneciaenespanol.weebly.com
E-post: veneciaenespanol@gmail.it
Collective Tours in Venice exclusively in Spanish, no queues, and reasonable prices!Tours colectivos en Venecia exclusivamente en español, sin colas, y a muy buen precio!

Utleiested / timeshare / til salgs
La mia Venezia
URL-adresse: http://www.lamiavenezia.com
E-post: info@lamiavenezia.com
This elegant apartment is situated in the heart of the city, close to Piazza San Marco, the famous Teatro La Fenice and the most important museums of Venice. Refurbished in an elegant way, paying great attention to the use of high quality materials such as teak floors walls "Venetian stucco" and the wooden beams that adorn the ceiling, with large windows overlooking one of the most attractive channels City, where groups of gondolas on water flow by giving a performance that can be seen sitting on the comfortable sofas in the living room.