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Bobby Flay Steak

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FortreffelighetsbevisVinner i 2015 - 2019


USD 60 - USD 120
Amerikansk, Steakhouse
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Our facials are designed to achieve maximum results. We focus on the face and spend time on your neck, shoulders, hands and arms.
Borgata Glow Facial
50 min/100 min available at both spas our signature facial includes an enzyme peel that brings new radiance to the skin, followed by a series of tightening masks that create the effect of a facelift. Perfect for most skin types. 100 min version includes anti-aging eye and lip treatment, parraffin on hands and feet, and extended massage techniques on head, neck and shoulders,
Total Radiance Facial 50 Min
Available at both spas extraordinary exfoliation is achieved with this 30% glycolic treatment. Especially effective on fine lines, acne, hyper-pigmentation and dry patches, it brightens skin tone while refining texture and shrinking your pores.
Men's Sports Facial
50 min available at both spas real men take care of their skin! A resurfacing microderm cream treatment leaves your sports ravaged skin behind. Moisturizers help protect and defend against the elements.
Hydra-Surge Facial
50 min/100 min - available at both spas an enriched thermo-corrective treatment, utilizing a mask of marine extracts and organic silicon, provides instant radiance by hydrating, soothing and brightening the skin while minimizing redness. Ideal as a post sun treatment or for those with sensitive, rosaceous or reactive skin. Also recommended for women who are pregnant. 100 min version includes the derm renewal clinical peel, anti-aging eye and lip treatment and extended massage techniques on head, neck and shoulders.
Time Reversal Facial
50 min/100 min - available at both spasturn back the clock and the years with this revolutionary treatment! Featuring cutting edge, plant-based stem cell technology, along with seven internationally patented ingredients. Instantly smooth out lines and wrinkles and help regain youthful, vibrant skin, without the need for cosmetic surgery. 100 min version includes the derm renewal clinical peel, anti-aging eye and lip treatment, and extended massage techniques on head, neck and shoulders..
(Cont. )
Complexion Boost Facial
50 min - available at both spas a unique clinical treatment designed to brighten, clarify and balance your skin. Using a blend of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids and oxygen complexes, this facial will refine the appearance of pores, remove dull skin and normalize your complexion. Ideal for unbalanced, problematic (acne-prone) or dull complexions. 100 min version recommended for problematic or congested (acne-prone) skin types. Includes an additional mask to remove impurities, ample time for extractions, and extended massage techniques on head, neck and shoulders.
Pumpkin Spice Facial
50‎ min/100 min - available at both spas perfect treatment for addressing acne and hyper-pigmentation. Using pumpkin, which is known to be the highest ingredient source of natural vitamin a, along with containing over 100 other beneficial vitamins and phyto-nutrients that have been shown to promote smoother, younger looking skin, this treatment will leave your skin feel noticeably softer with a fresh glow. 100 min. Version includes anti-aging eye and lip treatment, paraffin on hands and feet, and extended massage techniques on head, neck and shoulders.
Sea C Spa Facial
50‎ min/100 min - available at both spas an exceptional treatment that will balance skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A powerful antioxidant, anti-aging facial designed to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. This treatment is excellent for both pre and post-sun exposure. Ideal for people who live in urban environments with elevated pollution levels. 100 min. Version includes anti-aging eye and lip treatment, paraffin on hands and feet, and extended massage techniques on head, neck and shoulders.
Extend the benefits and increase the indulgence of our clinically formulated treatments by selecting from the following options. Our trained spa concierge and estheticians will help determine the best selections based on your treatment and desired areas of focus. All upgrades available at both spas. Upgrade will be incorporated into the time of your facial.
Derm Renewal Clinical Peel
Professional strength treatment that provides a rapid deep exfoliation, evening of skin tone, and increased cell renewal. The patented amphoteric hydroxy complex ensures slow diffusion of aha’s into the skin and offers the full benefits of aha’s without the irritation. *Offered for hydrasurge and time reversal facials only
Anti-Aging Eye and Lip Treatment
This corrective treatment incorporates the use of warm thermo plastic collagen to help reduce dark circles, puffy eyes, and lines and wrinkles around the eye and lip contours
Anti-Aging Neck and Décolleté Treatment
This unique treatment focuses on lifting and tightening aging skin, as well as treating undesired pigmentation.
Paraffin Hands and/or Feet
Warm aromatherapy infused paraffin provides in-depth moisture and hydration to dry, chapped or overly stressed skin.
Warm and Cool Jade Stone Treatment
Gentle neck, shoulder and forearm massage techniques are incorporated with semi-precious warm jade stones. Cool stones help soothe facial skin and reduce inflammation and redness.
Elevate your well being as our talented massage therapists guide you through a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
Healing Stone Therapy
100‎ min available at both spas; 80 min available at immersion only melt the tension away with warm stones, placed on key energy points of the body and used to massage and smooth away tension. Bring life back into your mind, body and soul. Must be reserved in advance
Deep Tissue Massage
50 min/100 min - available at both spas; 80 min - available at immersion only got knots! The deepest layers of the muscle are targeted to increase mobility. Constrictions in the muscle tissue are softened to help with your healing journey. Recommended for those experienced in massage.
Rock Your Senses
50 min - available at both spas a combination of swedish massage, hot stone therapy, and the use of warm towels round out this all encompassing experience of relaxation. Must be reserved in advance
Traditional Swedish Massage
50 min/100 min - available at both spas; 80 min available at immersion only a light to medium pressure massage that relaxes your muscles, calms your mind, lifts your soul through the use of long gliding strokes.
Table Thai Bodywork
50 min available at both spas; 80 min available at immersion only this eastern influenced modality is often described as “assisted yoga” and is specifically tailored to each individual. Flowing rhythmic compressions are blended with various stretching techniques and breath-work to balance and harmonize your body’s vital energy flow. Invigorate your spirit and experience profound rest! Please wear light, loose fitting clothing or our spa concierge can provide you with proper attire.
Prenatal Massage
50 min - available at both spas enjoy a light, pampering massage focusing on specific areas such as neck, shoulders and lower back, while incorporating lymphatic drainage techniques to eliminate excess water retention. Available only after 12th week of pregnancy and up to 6 weeks postpartum.
Sole Revival
50 min - available at both spas your journey begins with an invigorating exfoliation of your feet. Enjoy a luxurious foot massage using a soothing peppermint glycolic balm and a variety of massage techniques to promote deep relaxation. Paraffin then envelops your feet to hydrate and soften. Finish your experience with a peaceful neck and shoulder massage; a truly balancing experience.
Balinese Massage
80 min - available at immersion only borrowed from the ancient traditions of indonesia, this experience uses a choreographed pattern of rhythmic massage techniques to both relax and reenergize. You will experience the benefits of both dry massage techniques inspired by eastern modalities, as well as western massage techniques using organic tropical oils. To bring you back to life, the experience concludes with a reawakening coconut back scrub.
Immersion Four Hand Massage
80 min - available at immersion only a rhythmic flow of four hands simultaneously massaging your body will create the ultimate feeling of euphoria. The choreographed movement envelops your mind, body and spirit, leaving you completely and decadently relaxed.
Our experienced spa concierge will be glad to assist you with determining the best combination to maximize your treatment experience. Upgrade will be incorporated into the time of our massage. Available at both spas. Liniment addition for sore and tired muscles–a must!
Paraffin Hands and/or Feet
Warm aromatherapy infused paraffin provides in-depth moisture and hydration to dry, chapped or overly stressed skin.
Warm Oil Scalp Treatment
(May be added to any body wrap or 100 min treatment only) nourish your scalp and hair with our aromatic oil scalp treatment.
Pamper your body and soul with one of our body experiences. Scrubs may be performed in either a standard or vichy shower. Please share with us any preference you may have.
Bamboo Lemongrass
50 min - available at both spas bamboo grains combined with essences of lemongrass are blended to make this foaming exfoliating scrub effective in sloughing away flaky skin on body, hands and feet. Hydration is replenished with bamboo lemongrass moisturizing body lotion. Stimulate cellular renewal, deeply moisturize and make your body glow with radiance.
Almond Body Buff
50 min - available at both spas pulverized almond grains combine with rich moisturizing almond crème to gently buff and smooth over dry flaky skin – head to toe. Skin is hydrated and moisture sealed with a rich almond infused shea butter moisturizer. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.
Deep Sea Renewal
50 min - available at both spas a yuzu sugar scrub exfoliates the body before a detoxifying ginseng and sea kelp mask is applied to hydrate the skin. While wrapped up, you’ll be treated to a lavender and eucalyptus foot massage. A moisturizing application completes this hydrating and detoxifying experience.
Grand Master B
50 min - available at both spas our body wrap uses the “magical healing” properties of propolis indigenous to the brazilian rainforest. Blended with the finest olive oil, this provides astonishing success in the repair and rejuvenation of the skin. To seal in propolis, warm coconut milk is applied to the entire body and gently massaged in, leaving skin protected, deeply moisturized and incredibly smooth.
Espresso Limón Slimming Wrap
50 min - available at both spas slimming oil infused with rich south american coffee oil, hints of italian lemon and madagascan cinnamon aid in purifying and toning the body. A refreshing enzyme body mist completes this slimming, beautifying experience.
Egyptian Milk and Honey Cocoon Float
50 min - available at both spas pamper yourself like the famous egyptian queen. This deep moisturizing treatment guarantees velvety smooth skin and a new level of relaxation. Skin is rehydrated with a sugar scrub. High-quality oils and goat milk-based moisturizing crème cover the body from head to toe as you float weightlessly cocooned in the warmth of our soft pack table.
Moor Mud Body Float
100 min - available at both spas excellent for tired muscles, aching joints, and dull skin, this treatment revives the body by stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage. After a vigorous exfoliation, your body is wrapped in a unique mixture of mineralized mud that nourishes, detoxifies and rejuvenates aching muscles as our flotation table releases all pressure from the body. After a cleansing shower, a deep tissue massage will complete this rejuvenating experience.
Borgata Bliss
100 min – available only at spa toccare start with a refreshing full-body scrub. Then immerse yourself in a magnificent therapeutic bath followed by a full-body swedish massage. Simple, yet completely decadent!
Micro Infusion
50 min – available only at spa toccare for the ultimate in smooth skin. This state-of-the-art, tri-crystal microdermabrasion body scrub leaves your skin baby soft. An infusion of rosemary follows to stimulate the skin and awaken the mind. A superior exfoliating treatment! Not recommended for sensitive skin.
Become one with the universe through one of our ayurvedic experiences.These are available at immersion only.
Abyanga Massage
50 minour abyanga massage will balance your mind, completely hydrate your body, and totally lift your soul through the use of smooth, gentle, rhythmic, yet energizing techniques that were discovered thousands of years ago. A powerful recharger and rejuvenator of mind and body.
Bindi Body Rejuvenation
50 min nspired by the ancient kaya kapa rejuvenation rituals of india, we begin this ultimate transcendence with a body mask of exotic herbs and a dry brush exfoliation, followed by an herbal-infused warm oil massage and finished with a steamed towel compress for the whole body. The skin is radiant, the mind is relaxed and the whole being is realigned.
50 min an ancient therapy used for centuries to restore an inner calm and balance to the emotions and to rejuvenate hair and scalp. Your shirodhara journey begins with invigorating massage techniques for your back and shoulders. Then, a gentle stream of warm oil balances your third eye to quiet the mind and soothe the senses. The oil is then massaged into the hair and scalp providing superior conditioning. The relaxation is deepened with a calming massage for your face.
100 min in sanskrit, ultimate bliss is described as nirvana. This deluxe package is a synergy of the bindi body rejuvenation and shirodhara, transporting you to a transcendental state of bliss.
Two hearts become one soul as you and your partner experience complete relaxation together.
Traditional Massage
100 min - available at both spas tired muscles are eased through 80-min massages followed by the use of our luxurious, deluxe couple’s suite – relax, take a soak, and forget the rest of the world together.
Deep Tissue Massage
100‎ min - available at both spas deepest layers of the muscles are targeted to increase mobility and reduce stress. After your 80-min massages, relax in the privacy of our beautiful, deluxe couple’s suite.
Healing Stone
100 min - available at both spas heat generated by these warm stones bathed in essential oil will melt away tension and balance the chakras. Complete this relaxation experience with a calming soak.
Couples Deep Sea Renewal
100 min - available at both spas after a light exfoliation, a detoxifying ginseng and sea kelp mask is applied to hydrate the skin. While wrapped up, you’ll be treated to a lavender and eucalyptus foot massage. This detoxifying and hydrating experience concludes with deep tissue massages.
His and Hers Heavenly Immersion
100 min – available at immersion only after a brief exfoliation, slip into a relaxing soaking tub built for two. Swedish massages will truly put your bodies at ease before you float weightlessly side-by-side in this ultimate relaxation experience. High-quality oils and moisturizing cream will be applied to her while moor mud will target the aching muscles of his back and shoulders. Emerge from these rejuvenating cocoons refreshed and rejuvenated.
The Immersion Bathhouse
100 min – available at immersion only the ultimate sensual experience. Gently exfoliate your partner’s body with your choice of scrubs, awakening the senses and softening the skin. Soak all of your cares away in a luxurious japanesein spired hanoki tub for two before being treated to deep tissue massages.
Couples Javanese Lulur
100 min – available at immersion only based on a royal 17th century palace ritual, this experience begins with side-by-side balinese massages using jasmine frangipani oils. Your bodies are then polished with a unique blend of turmeric, rice powder, ginger root and fresh yogurt leaving you both with a golden glow. You are then left to soak together in the fragrant waters of a warm bath. This romantic experience is the perfect gift of love!
Experience enhancements are available at immersion only and are performed in addition to other services. Our spa concierge will help you select the enhancement to best complement your experience.
Full-Body Exfoliation
Give your skin a makeover with our full-body exfoliation, followed by the perfect hydration to seal in your new beauty.
Back, Neck and Shoulders
Targeting overly tired muscles, this massage will ease tightness in these commonly stressed areas of the body.
Warm Oil Scalp Treatment
Nourish your scalp and hair with our aromatic oil scalp treatment.
The following waxing services are available to be booked as an upgrade and will be incorporated into your facial experience. We recommend incorporating no more than two into your facial experience.
Lip Wax
Chin Wax
Brow Wax
Sideburn Wax
The following waxing services are available to be booked a la carte in timeframes equal to or greater than 60 minutes.
Back Wax
Chest Wax
Bikini Wax
Back/Shoulder Wax
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Anmeldt 1 uke siden via mobile enheter

Jeg hadde en flott opplevelse, hvis du er veldig sulten kommer dit tidlig fordi det blir opptatt. Jeg satt på salongen og vår servitør var utmerket og profesjonell, vi bestiller muslinger for forrett og de var litt tyngre da jeg trodde, men biffen vi deler...jeg må si var deilig veldig velsmakende, jeg vil gå tilbake til denne restauranten .Mer

Dato for besøk: mai 2019
Anmeldt 3 uker siden

Service - utestående. Hadde en reservasjon og det ble anerkjent ved ankomst og vi (en fest på 4) ble sittende raskt. Mottok umiddelbar oppmerksomhet med gitt menyer, fylt med vannbriller og hatt en fantastisk opplevelse som et resultat av å bli betjent av "Young" Frank...- som er utmerket på hva han gjør som han virkelig ser ut til å elske jobben sin, så det viser seg i sin omgang med kunder. Han gjør definitivt Bobby Flay Steak stolt. Som en gruppe likte vi et ekstremt fremragende måltid bestående av 2 å ha hummer og avokado forretter og 2 å ha østers skyttere - helt fantastisk. Entree besto av 4 bestillinger av Filet Mignon i Bearnaise Saus med reker (middels sjeldne) - Enestående! Vi delte deretter 2 Bakt Alaska desserter - over toppen! ! ! Drinker var kraftig å si mildt og verdt prisen. Ingen rushing måltidet men atmosfæren litt støyende. Jeg er i sekstitallet og har hatt massevis av gourmetmiddager i mitt liv, men dette var det absolutt beste jeg noensinne har hatt. Veldig fornøyd med at vi tok beslutningen om å spise på Bobby Flays biff på Borgata Hotel. Hadde tidligere spist på Gordon Ramsey's Pub & Grill på Caesars - ikke engang nært til tjenesten, mat og generell opplevelse du vil ha på Bobby Flays biff. En bestemt må prøve.Mer

Dato for besøk: april 2019
Anmeldt 4 uker siden

Natt 2 vi spiste her. Bacon forretten var til å dø for. Biff var bra, men sannsynligvis hadde litt for mye gni på den.

Dato for besøk: april 2019
Anmeldt 27. mars 2019

Helger på Bobby Flay på Borgata er "en scene" Spisesalen er pakket. Det er høyt, men på en morsom måte. Jeg foretrekker disse steker over Old Homestead Forretter er på de små side, så hvis du deler deg best får du noen få. Husets rø god. Reservasjoner er et must Kles ordentlig, og dette er ikke et sted å gå i gjerdsmålet ditt.Mer

Dato for besøk: februar 2019
Anmeldt 9. mars 2019

Fantastisk, vennlig service og bare ut av denne verden steker. Tilberedt til perfeksjon og brakt ut med et smil. Virkelig hyggelig meny med flere alternativer hvis du ikke er en biff elsker.

Dato for besøk: mars 2019
Anmeldt 1. september 2018

Bobby Flays Borgata rivaler sin andre etablering i USA. Vår gruppe feasted på prime ribbeina, filet mignon og fersk sjømat, Super vinliste og ørkener. Anbefaler sterkt. Pete

Dato for besøk: september 2018
Anmeldt 1. september 2018

Så kasinoer tror de kan få folk i døren med lokke av en restaurant ved hjelp av kjendis kokkens navn. Det er åpenbart tilfellet i Atlantic City og mange store USA-destinasjoner. Borgata savner imidlertid merket, med Bobby Flay Steak-restauranten. * Menyen: begrenset. Veldig begrenset. *...Drikkene: svake. Ikke en tung "pour". * Maten: a la carte. Jeg var med en fest av folk, en av dem var fast bestemt på å betale med sine comps. Så, å være høflig, bestilte jeg en av de mindre dyre entrees, en kylling tallerken. Jeg oppriktig forteller alle som jeg ikke kan lage mat veldig bra. Men alt jeg kunne gjøre på kjøkkenet, ville langt overgå dette måltidet. Det var forferdelig. Ingen smak. Ingen unikhet. Det var tørt og manglet noen gjenløsende kvaliteter. Veldig skuffet. * Prisen / prisen: høy. * Service: utmerket. Serveren var "på toppen" av ting. Han var veldig rask til å levere middelmådige drinker og undermåltider. Men han var høflig og profesjonell, og kreditt må gis til ham. * Atmosfære: hyggelig. Flott atmosfære. Men ikke nok til å forføre deg til det punktet at du ikke skjønner maten du spretter i munnen din, er bare ikke så stor. Det bør bemerkes, andre gjester på festen min bestilte biffen, alle varierende typer, og bemerket at det var "bare OK". Ikke noe spesielt. Og her er noe for deg. . Ingen ferdig med måltidet / måltidene. Hva sier det? ! Og vi hadde noen ganske sunne spisere ved bordet vårt. Mitt råd: hopp over dette stedet. Det er ikke med pengene dine / comps. Gå et annet sted. Jeg kan ikke forestille meg dette stedet for å opprettholde sin virksomhet på lang sikt.Mer

Dato for besøk: august 2018
CathyBorgata, Guest Relations Manager på Bobby Flay Steak, svarte på denne anmeldelsenBesvart 13. september 2018


Anmeldt 30. august 2018 via mobile enheter

Min mann, datter og jeg hadde nylig middag på Bobby Flays og veldig skuffet i måltidet. Min mann hadde en filet mignon som var tøft og han har hatt bedre i andre restaurant. Jeg hadde en hakkede salat som ikke var hakket (derfor hvorfor navnet?)...Og hummerkrabbekake som hadde for mange sauser som kompliserte smaken av krabbekaket. Noen ganger må du la kjøtt, sjømat etc. snakke for seg selv. Asparges ble ikke grillet som spesifisert, og det var seigt. Den bakt Alaska var bra, men ble ødelagt av mengden sjokoladesaus poured over den. For mange sauser og krydder. . . . tjenesten var imidlertid utmerket. For dyrt for gjennomsnittlig måltid. Ville ikke gå tilbake. . . .Mer

Dato for besøk: august 2018
Anmeldt 27. august 2018

La meg først si at jeg er trist at de stoppet Sweet Potato-parabolen. . Jeg har prøvd og kan bare ikke gjøre det hjemme. Bestil den spesielle ribbenbiffen. . OOO min gosh ta en å gå også. . (Ikke så godt reheated som servering i...... men en nær sekund. Jeg foretrekker å spise biffen min godt gjort. Ikke gjør! Be om det godt gjort. Karboningen på denne biffen er utmerket. (Grunnen til at jeg vil ha min biff godt utført) Vennligst merk: Alantic cities Bobby Flay er det beste jeg har vært! ! Hendene ned. . Nylig prøvde jeg noen av hans andre virksomheter i NY, NJ, Conn-områdene. . Tips: Spis etter klokken 22.00. . mye roligereMer

Dato for besøk: august 2018
Anmeldt 21. august 2018

Jeg tok teamet mitt med 10 personer til å spise middag klokka 8:30 på en mandag kveld, og jeg var veldig fornøyd med tjenesten, så vel som støy og atmosfære. Noe jeg ofte ser etter på restauranter, er evnen til å snakke med folkene rundt...meg, og vi kunne bare gjøre det bra og sitte ute på vårt store runde bord.Mer

Dato for besøk: august 2018
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