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Palmieri's Restaurant

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Italiensk, Bar, Pub
Lunsj, Middag
Reservasjoner, Sitteplasser, Servitørpersonell, Tilpasset rullestolbrukere


Mozzarella Sticks
Lovingly referred to as “Cheese Twinkies” by our regulars
Zucchini With Cheese
Hand breaded and deep fried then smothered in our four cheese blend OMG!
Greens and Beans
The old world favorite translated to “Delicious” in today’s world
Stuffed Banana Peppers
Fresh banana peppers stuffed with Chicken sausage and Ricotta cheese then baked with our sauce and cheese blend
Seasoned garlic toast topped with tomatoes, basil and cheese. Nobody can top this one, way better and way more Italian
Shrimp Cocktail
Topping $+1.59
Pizza and Wings
Build Your Own
The Favorite Pizza
Pepperoni, Italian Sausage and Mushrooms
White Pizza Supreme
Aglio E Olio sauce topped with thinly sliced tomatoes, spinach and cheese
Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Chicken breast, Mushrooms, Broccoli and Tomatoes with Parmigiana and Provolone cheeses
All salads come with our lettuce mix, tomato, cucumber, olives, chi-chi beans, pepperoncini peppers and cherry peppers
Palmieri’s Special Salad
It’s an Italian Hoagie masquerading as a salad! Topped with Salami, Cappicolo, Provolone and then we threw on some cole sale and beets just to keep it healthy
Buffalo Chicken Salad
Chicken fingers drowned in our own buffalo sauce and sprinkled with bleu cheese crumbles. Vinny says if you can’t finish it he’ll do it for you.
Grilled Chicken Salad
Hmmm, who knew healthy could taste so good. Severed with Swiss cheese and ham.
Steak Salad
Succulent Sirloin topped with fries and cheese. According to Ashley, as long as you call it a salad it’s still healthy.
Chicken $+9.99
Caesar Salad
A classic Caesar topped with croutons and parmigiana cheese. This is one that Julius himself would be proud of
Soup of the day $+2.99
Incrusted Chicken Salad
Healthy takes an Italian twist here. Salad greens topped with Parmigiana incrusted breaded chicken breast, ham and shredded cheese
Italian Wedding Soup
Made fresh daily from our original recipe
Served with your choice of American fries or cole slaw
Grilled Chicken Sandwich
Because studies show we should have a healthy option on the menu
Italian Hoagie
This​ one is for Mikey! Ham, Cappicolo, Salami, and Provolone baked on Italian roll and drizzled with Italian dressing
Meatball Hoagie
Our very own homemade meatballs covered in sauce and cheese. Wow!! That’s a very spicy meat-a-ball! $7.99
Cheese Steak
We​ refuse to give any credit to that city to the East, this one is ours! Fresh shaved steak, chopped onions and Provolone cheese
Fish Sandwich
Our​ founder Antonio Palmieri started with this one back in 1956, and its been our best seller ever since.
Chicken Wrap
Grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese and ranch dressing, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla
8oz. Cheese Burger
Grilled fresh ground beef topped with your choice of cheese. Run it thru the garden.
Incrusted Chicken Sandwich
Don’t know where it came from but it’s here to stay! Parmigiana incrusted breaded chicken breast served on a focaccia bun with fresh Italian salsa on the side
Bourbon Burger
Our classic Burger topped with caramelized bourbon infused onions, bacon, pepper jack cheese and served on a pretzel bun.
Chicken Parmigiana
We don’t like to brag, but we have been told it’s the best gosh-darn chicken parm on the planet!! Just sayin’
Chicken Romano
Marisa loves this one! Lightly breaded and pan fried then topped with a lemon-wine-romano sauce.
Chicken Marsala
Marcus Augelius is said to have had this dish for dinner every night. And with chicken medallions and mushrooms sautéed in a Marsala wine sauce, who can blame him?
Pecan Chicken
For those who like dessert for dinner!! Chicken breast incrusted with pecans and breaded with gram cracker crust. Served on top of a potato pancake and a spicy Texas petal sauce.
Chicken Diablo
Sautéed chicken medallions with mushrooms, hot pepper, red peppers, in a sherry wine sauce.
Chicken Napolitano
Assunta​ says you gonna like this one! Sautéed chicken with mushrooms, green peppers, red peppers, and onions. Served in a cherry wine tomato reduction.
Side Dishes
Soup, salad, pasta, blacked potato
Side Dishes
Home fries, American fries, fried zucchini, broccoli, green beans, rice pilaf
Side Dishes
Cole slaw, beets, apple sauce, cottage cheese
Choose two
Baked Potato
Home Fries,
American Fries
Fried Zucchini
Green Beans
All dinner entrees come with ANY two sides dishes.
Stuffed Eggplant Parmigiana
Stuffed with ricotta cheese. This has won us so many awards, we can’t even count ‘em all.
Pasta Marinara
Umm, yea, so we’re Italian, ands just kinda have to have this one our menu or they will kick us out of the club. Oh and by the way; YES our sauce is homemade, YES it is wonderful, and YES we also make a meat sauce. Angel hair, Linguini, or penne.
Penne Alfredo
Penne pasta topped with our rich and wonderful homemade Alfredo sauce.
This one is for Uncle Carmine. He loves out homemade crepes filed with a ricotta blend and topped with our marinara sauce.
Cheese Ravioli
It’s like eating little tiny pillows. Well, if pillows were gourmet quality., filled with cheese, and topped with sauce. Our Italian nephew Stephen makes these.
Ziti Parmigiana
Just like Grandma Mary used to make! Baked ziti with marinara sauce and our four cheese blend.
Angel Hair Ricotta
Fresh angel hair pasta topped with warm ricotta cheese and marinara sauce. Luigi would be so proud if you finish this one!
Linguini with Clam Sauce
It’s​ so good that Dominick refuses to anything else ever. You can have red or white sauce.
NY Strip Steak
14 oz of pure attitude!! “Hey, how you doin’ ova der?’ Broiled anyway you like it, but if you want well done, you’re on your own.
Filet Mignon
This one is classier, more refined. Ten juicy ounces of perfection.
Filet alla Palmieri
In case you haven’t noticed, we can put an Italian spin on anything. The filet is no exception!! sliced filet medallions sautéed with mushrooms, red and green peppers, in a sherry wine reduction. Dee-Lish!
Pork Siciliano
This one is Geri’s favorite, and for good reason. Tender pork loin, topped with romano cheese, mushrooms, sherry wine, and Italian seasoning. Served with a baked tomato.
Grilled Pork Loin
Yep thats what it is!!
Veal Parmigiana
If you like our chicken parm, and also like veal. Chances are you are gonna like this dish too! Dinner
Veal Romano
Marisa Doesn’t like to admit it, but she likes this one better than the chicken.
Veal Napolitano
Veal medallions, green and red peppers, mushrooms, and onions swimming in a sherry wine tomato reduction. Yes, Assunta says you gonna like this one too!!
Fried Shrimp
Antonio should have applied for a patent on his breading technique for this dish
Shrimp alla Antonio
One of our founders signature dishes. Sautéed shrimp in a seasoned butter sauce, a few secret herbs thrown in, and topped with crispy bread crumbs.
Seafood Medley
For those indecisive people in the crowd. This broiled dish comes with Cod, shrimp, and scallops. Prepared on out seasoned butter sauce and bread crumbs.
Broiled in our seasoned butter and breadcrumbs.
Broiled Tilapia
Simple, plain and absolutely delicious! Might be healthy too, who knows?
Fried Scallops
Picture if you will, the shrimp from earlier in this section. Now, imagine if those shrimp were scallops. Voualia! You now have fried scallops.
Scallops all Antonio
Pan-seared scallops sauteed to perfection with fresh garlic and seasoning.
Lobster and Filet
I mean really, can you ask for anything better? Our juicy 10 oz filet mignon paired with two 4 oz cold water lobster tails and served with drawn butter.
Sole Romano
It’s the healthiest of the Romano's. Because it’s fish.
Scrod Provincale
Michelangelo called, he says this dish is breath-taking. Fresh, flakey scrod, topped with tomatoes, olives, scallions and our seasoned butter.
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Anmeldt 20. mars 2014

Vi er faste gjester her. Ledelsen, servitører og bartendere er førsteklasses. Vennlig, imøtekommende og dyktige. Mel er Kylling parmesan, uten tvil! Alle rundt best osteburger!!! Deilig sjømat måltider og beste fiskesmørbrød! Deilige hjemmelagde supper også! Vi elsker å være her og anbefaler det på det...sterkeste. Familievennlig, rolig og sjarmerende atmosfære. Om vi spiser med vår familie på 6 eller ha dato-natt i baren, vi nyter hvert eneste besøk! Kontroller at du har Donna få deg en drink. Hun er den beste bartender i byen!Mer

Dato for besøk: mars 2014
Anmeldt 21. september 2013

Hvis du ikke var på denne restauranten på en stund, prøv det, igjen, maten er utmerket. Kona og jeg hadde kylling marsala og kylling romano. Begge var perfekt stekt og sauser var fantastisk. bartender Donna var svært imøtekommende til våre behov og gjorde min hustru...en flott sjokolade martini som hun elsket. Siden retter med spinat og pasta var flott. Dette stedet er utenfor allfarvei i Plum men det var vel verdt det, du vil ikke angre.Mer

Dato for besøk: september 2013
Anmeldt 13. juni 2013

Vi besøker denne restauranten ofte og alltid kan nyte måltidet. I min forrige anmeldelse, jeg bemerket at de burde kvitte seg med papiret som dekker duker, og nå har de bare sett inn et lite papir på hoveddelen av bordet, så det er et stort...pluss! Servicen her er alltid veldig bra, drinkene (elsker de Manhattans) vis opp umiddelbart, og tjenerne kom ofte tilbake. Denne gangen vi bestilte noen forskjellige gjenstander. Mannen min fikk rekene alla Antonio, som han nå har erklært som hans favorittrett. Jeg prøvde Sole Romano, og jeg har nå to favoritter (fritert reke er fortsatt # 1)! Nydelig belegg på fisk - servert med finsnittet sitron infiserer hele befolkningen - vakker og smakte godt. Jeg liker også at denne restauranten faktisk baker sine ovnsbakte poteter, ikke innpakket i folie, men med skall stive. Elsker det! Dette er en av vårt "gå til" steder når vi ønsker å få et hyggelig måltid, i nærheten av hjemme.Mer

Dato for besøk: juni 2013
Anmeldt 17. mai 2013 via mobile enheter

Fantastisk italiensk mat Den beste kalvekjøtt retter i Pittsburgh området. Servicen er enestående Prisene er svært reasoable John daglig leder er ekstremt acomidating På toppen av bakken var maten er topp

Dato for besøk: mai 2013
Anmeldt 26. august 2012

Dette var vårt andre besøk og andre gangen min bestilling av reker. Jeg er nødt til å spire ut og det er så bra! Prisene er rimelige, vin hell bra og servitriser utmerket. Menyen er svært omfattende, salater stort og du får noen oliven og...crudités før måltidet. Det er avslappende, komfortabel og mat vi hadde var veldig bra. Det er ikke 5-stjerners men det er hva du er ute etter når du ønsker en "god" måltid. Det er ikke lett å finne disse dager.Mer

Anmeldt 20. juni 2012

Dette var vår tredje besøk til Palmieri 's , og den tredje gangen jeg bestilte den friterte reker. Virkelig bra reker. Baren gjør gode Manhattans, baren er meget bra. Fin salat med noe ekstra i det. Mannen min fikk fylte reker og likte det. Vi...skal utvide våre valg neste gang. Vi er bare forvirret at stedet er definitivt ikke trekker i våre - for det meste tomt bord på en tirsdag kveld. Kanskje det alle plukker opp i helgene. En av de mest irriterende ting vi har funnet er papiret dekker over sengetøyet duker - hva er opp med det??! Jeg tror jeg kommer til å be om at de fjerner papir neste gang. Sannelig de kan risikere å deretter vaske duker, spesielt på en treg natt!Mer

Dato for besøk: juni 2012
Anmeldt 24. mai 2010

Jeg anbefaler denne restauranten. Jeg virkelig setter pris på måten kjøkkenet vil tilpasse entrees på grunn av til mine preferanser. Fersk mat. Fin-servere. Alt er deilig fra smørbrød/pizza til biff og fisk-entrees. Wonderful hjemmelagde soups, også. De gjør en fin jobb med banketter og/eller familie...middager.Mer

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